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Grey’s Anatomy 11×11 – All I Could Do Was Cry

“Show up for her please. Show up for April.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
No one does drama like Grey’s Anatomy, and having already seen this episode’s promo, I knew we were in for an emotional ride.

April and Jackson’s heartbreaking story reached its tragic end in this hour. The progress of their sad story along with the flashbacks of their once happier times and the candle lighting was very beautifully executed. It showed how one moment of darkness can overshadow all the happiness in one’s life. The return of Catherine to be by April’s side was perfectly timed as well, and it gave April exactly what she needed.

Throughout this plot, April’s faith has been put to test, and the character’s pain and anger towards the unfair situation was poignantly portrayed by Sarah Drew. This is definitely Sarah’s best performance so far. The raw emotions displayed truly tugged at the heart, and you can’t help but feel her pain. Being handed your child’s death certificate is definitely a tragedy no one should have to endure.

Not having Jackson completely change his beliefs (or lack thereof) was an interesting move from the writers’ side. This portrayed him as the loving and supporting husband who despite everything, was able to be there for his wife as she needed him to be. In the end, the couple had the chance to hold their baby even for a short period of time giving them the closure they needed to find peace amidst the darkness.

Bits & Scalpels

– The fact that Meredith was totally detached from the storyline felt wrong.

– Owen and Amelia make a really cute couple!

– Anyone else got nervous during the surgery of the pregnant lady? It has been a while since I got invested in a medical case on the show.

– Fun Fact: Sarah Drew pitched the idea of the baby storyline to Shonda Rhimes.

– Although no actual songs were played during the episode, the music in the background was very fitting.

Grey Banter

Ben: And why were we pointing a shotgun at our wife today?

April: It isn’t just. And I have spent my life believing in a God who is just. He gave me a calling, and I followed it. I save lives every day. I feel like I’m finally becoming the person that he wants me to be. And then this… to be handed this? It’s cruel. I feel like God is laughing at me. If this is a test, I fail.

Jackson: God I don’t know. If you’re out there or not, um, or if you can even hear people who don’t know if you’re out there. Or if you give a crap about what they say. But, um… God, Yahweh, Buddha, E.T., whatever… April… Knows. Right? She believes. And she needs you.

Amelia: If you aren’t willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed.

Such a heartfelt episode, the title says it all. A true Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Tagouga Rating


  1. AND how weird was that fake nurse storyline? It was def intriguing and carried a good sense of mystery as they tracked her down.

    LOVED the musical score. Wish we could find it. It kept repeating and it was gorgeous!

  2. An incredible episode. I can't believe how emotional the entire hour was!

    Haha yes that fake nurse storyline was VERY unusual, especially how the camera kept focusing on her throughout the epi. It was equally heartbreaking though.

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