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How To Get Away With Murder 1×13 – Mama’s Here Now

“Don’t you know a VIP when you see one? …Your boss came out of my V and her daddy’s P, so show a little respect for her mama.”


Wow, those were some stunning performances.

Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson blew me away with their mother/daughter banter that elevated the hour and made everything else seem absolutely abysmal in comparison. I never thought the appearance of Annalise’s mother would have such an impact on the quality of the show, but boy was I wrong.

The minute Ophelia (Annalise Anna-Mae’s mother) showed up with a strappy, fierce attitude I suddenly felt like I was watching something entirely different. I loved how she kept calling her Anna-Mae, how she was much more powerful than Annalise, how she kicked Wes out of her bedroom (more on that awkward scene later), and just basically every single Ophelia/Annalise moment. It wasn’t particularly shocking to hear about Annalise’s disturbing past, but it was still absolutely riveting from start to finish. And then there was Sam Keating. It’s not right to still loath a dead man, but finding out that he was Annalise’s therapist really was the tipping point for me. The way she talks about going into his office to deal with her childhood abuse and how he used her vulnerability…that scene alone should earn Viola Davis MULTIPLE awards. These two women deserve even more screen-time together because their dynamic is captivating to watch.

While all that was happening, Bonnie was being a complete failure in her attempt to become Annalise 2.0. It was hilarious, really, and yet simultaneously sad. As always, the legal case-of-the-week made little to no difference to the episode as a whole, but Laurel and Wes getting some screen-time together was an amusing change of pace. I’m so glad one of the most annoying characters on this show (i.e. Wes) is finally realizing what a total creep Rebecca could be. His delivery of the line “what if I was wrong about her the whole time?” was good though. Yes, Wes. You’ve been SO wrong.

I’m thrilled Murder has become better these past couple of weeks. Davis’ performance is still the highlight of the show most of the times, but even the C-subplot this week involving Connor introducing Oliver to his “friends” was entertaining. Connor has developed into a much more likable character than we first saw him back in the Pilot when he was sleeping with guys just to get ahead in class. Plus, he was totally honest when he said “they’re not my friends” because, really, they all still loath each other.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– Still not sure where Annalise and Nate’s storyline is going. But it was predictable that their scene was a fake.

– About Wes being in Annalise’s bedroom, and in her friggin’ bed: I still get so uncomfortable when their faces are too close because you can never tell how crazy this show is—they could be lovers you know!

– Asher is still so goofy and clueless.

– Bonnie screwing up at court will never get old. I want to see that scene in a meme. How is this woman a lawyer?!

– “Humpr” returned but no one cares because Annalise and Ophelia were being spectacular at home.

– I really loved Annalise and Michaela’s little scene at the court talking about an innocent black man (Nate) going to jail.

– Next week is the 2-hour season finale! Let’s hope the writers know what they’re doing.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Ophelia: Men take things. They have been taking things from women since the beginning of time!

Ophelia: I wiped your ass, and I will call you anything I want.

Ophelia: Anna-Mae, did you do it?
Annalise: Do what?
Ophelia: Kill Sam. You can tell mama. God is the only judge.

Bonnie: You will find my client guilty. (Pause) That was a slip of the tongue; I meant to say ‘not guilty’.

Annalise: My sorry-ass husband may have been a cheater and a low-life, but he saw me why I am this way.
Ophelia: That man understood nothing.
Annalise: Sam knew exactly what happened to me, the minute I stepped into his office. Everything! He said this thing that happened to me, what you ignored, is why I am the way I am.

Connor [about Bonnie]: She’s no Annalise.

A captivating episode due to some compelling performances by Davis and Tyson. If only there wasn’t any case-of-the-week stuff.

Chris Rating

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