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Gotham 1×17 – Red Hood

“We’re never gonna catch a crew no one wants us to catch.”


Wow, that was AMAZING. That’s something I have never said about Gotham yet—and while I’m not 100% sure I’m saying this now because the show has set the bar so low in the past, I am certain this was one of my favorite episodes so far.

For one, we got to know a little more about Alfred. I’m glad we weren’t treated to a whole bunch of background story (because it leaves some much-needed intrigue with regards to the show’s best character), but what we learned was still fascinating. I wasn’t sure what this Reggie Payne person’s intentions were when he first arrived at the Wayne mansion, but I loved his ongoing banter with Alfred at the dinner table.

And then there was that jaw-dropping stab that almost killed me—and Alfred, of course. The show hadn’t been very skilled at producing heartbreaking moments up until this point, but Bruce crying at his buddy’s side as he called 911 was EVERYTHING. I loved how the lighting paralleled Alfred’s eyes, fading in and out as he went unconscious. While killing Alfred will be a little unlikely (especially this early on into the series), this was still a brilliantly shot scene and hopefully a turning point for a show that’s been treading water for so long.

Even the case-of-the-week was intriguing because it didn’t just involve a single villain with the Red Hood (as I initially expected) but rather the concept of being powerful when putting on the hood. This storyline took a particularly staggering turn when the bank robbers realized that the poor citizens of Gotham were expecting them to help out every time they committed a robbery. It’s the kind of ridiculous yet dark plot that only Gotham can make (almost) believable, and I’m starting to love this eerie universe even more. And I loved that someone else found the hood in the end, and imitated shooting with a gun using his fingers again – so ridiculous yet compelling. I’m kind of shocked, really.

Fish Mooney didn’t have so much to do other than pull out her friggin’ eye in a violent and sadistic scene that, again, can only happen on Gotham. This storyline hasn’t been my favorite so far but I wasn’t bothered by her presence because that gory image of Fish’s eye on the floor, stomped by her own damn shoe, was insane and amazing at the same time— two words that perfectly describe the show at this point.

Bat Bits

– Fascinating cliffhanger this week with the reveal that the board at Wayne Enterprises hired Payne to steal everything Bruce found (basically not much though) on the company. A great Big Bad is what this show had been missing so far, and I am hopeful about where this is going (for once).

– Penguin didn’t have all that much to do here except find out that all the booze at his club comes from Maroni. Boring.

– Honestly, I would have preferred a scene with Ed Nygma or Leslie over anything Penguin/Butch this week.

– I was very unsettled when Barbara was walking closer and closer to Selina. That would have been a major WTF, jump-the-shark, kill-me-now moment for the show.

– Heartbreaking yet amusing: Bruce crying “my friend has been stabbed” when he calls 911. There is nothing better than an Alfred/Bruce moment on this show. NOTHING.

– Thank you, show, for listening to our thoughts and giving us some Alfred backstory. Can we have some more, please?

– Bruce and Payne’s training scene was terrific and intense. Now after seeing what the man has done to Alfred, I’m kinda glad Bruce got to punch his sorry-ass face.

– Hilarious moment when Selina shoots down Barbara’s beauty-can-be-a-weapon advice. Why is Babs still on this show?

Cracks From Gotham

Barbara: Your appearance can be a weapon as powerful as any knife or gun.
Selina: Oh yeah? What good has it done you?

Bullock: We’ll never know how much cash was lost, but I just saw a bum eating oysters at Madeline’s.

Payne: There was a sandstorm. We got separated. Two of us were captured.
Bruce [to Alfred]: You?
Payne: He fought 12 of them off before they cut him down. Didn’t you, Alf?
Alfred: I’m here, aren’t I? That’s all that matters.

Payne: Why are you hiding from him what you really are, who you really are? You’re a war-dog, Alfie. You’re a cold-blooded, lethal war-dog, is what you are.

Payne: I see them at night when I’m alone. The faces of those we killed.
Alfred: Do you? I don’t have to look for them, Reg. They find me.

Bruce: This is Bruce Wayne, I need immediate help at Wayne Manor! My friend has been stabbed.

Bruce: I can’t lose him. He’s all I have.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this show because this was an amazing hour. Let’s hope this kind of momentum continues in the final episodes of the season.

Chris Rating


  1. So I just watched the last three episodes and yes this was def MUCH better. I'm so afraid of getting too excited and the show sucking again next week so I'm gonna keep my expectations in line for now.

    And seriously Babs and Catwoman – what the hell? That was really pedophilic and creepy for a second there!

    And Fish scooping out her eye was a jawdropper. It didn't feel earned, very shock-value-isn but still horrifying. I”m shocked they went there. So she's' gonna be an eye-patch villain now? Can't say it will help me take her even the little bit seriously 😛

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