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Grey’s Anatomy 11×12 – The Great Pretender

“It's her song. So, get off the stage and let her sing it.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
Well that was light and fun.

The bond that is slowly forming between Maggie and Meredith really showcases the effort that both parties are putting in making this relationship work, and it’s surprisingly heartwarming. This week, Meredith returned from her trip and we quickly learned that she did not actually go see her husband. In fact, after being confronted by Maggie, Meredith confessed that she was too scared to take the plane and instead stayed at a hotel. Later on, she admitted to Alex that while she definitely does not want to leave Derek, she doesn’t want to be with him either for fear of the constant fighting. While Alex and Meredith’s relationship is far older, I can definitely see Maggie becoming Meredith’s “person” one day. Keeping in mind that the relationship between Alex and Mer is mostly a one-way thing, the focus is always on Grey, so maybe Maggie can later on balance things out.

Elsewhere, Ben struggled with the discovery of his little brother transitioning into a woman. Even though Bailey’s character is no longer what it used to be, it is was endearing seeing her step in to help Ben’s family and trying to put things in perspective for him. Great work from Chandra Wilson this week for sure!

Owen and Amelia finally shared a sweet kiss. Both characters deserve some happiness, so I’m really glad the writers decided to pursue this pairing and keep Owen and Callie’s dynamic purely platonic. Pushing the latter two as a couple would have definitely been a mistake. Well done writers.

Bits & Scalpels

– I really enjoyed the new cheerful Dr. Herman; her character is much more likeable this way.

– Alex declaring that he will marry Jo one day reminded of April’s wedding day when he sort of proposed to Jo. Are we ever going to see a normal wedding on Grey’s?

– Anyone else hoped for a second there that the person Meredith really went to see was Cristina?

Grey Banter

Dr. Herman: My life is so much better now that I have nothing. I can’t recommend a tumor, but you should try it.

Alex: Where’s Pierce? What is she… morning shift? I get nights?

Must-Download Tunes
Angus & Julia Stone – A Heartbreak
James Bay – Let It Go
PRIORY – Weekend

A light and enjoyable episode especially after last week’s heartbreaking hour.

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