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Grey’s Anatomy 11×13 – Staring At The End

“Life will out.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
The countdown has begun.

Herman’s story was given the spotlight this week as she took over Mer’s voice-over narration and set the tone for the episode. The weekly progress of her condition really helped ensure my investment in her story. In addition, her bond with Arizona is now stronger than ever, and it shows a much more appealing side to her character.

I couldn’t help but admire Amelia’s speech. The respect she displays for the tumor, comparing it to a living fetus, and detailing her plan of attack is impressive. It would be such a shame to have this case end in utter disaster. Amelia has long been living in her brother’s shadow that she is not even willing to ask for his help for fear of hearing the “smugness” in his voice. Can you really blame her? Derek’s ego has been on full display in recent episodes that you can’t help but hope that Amelia proves herself. This is not easy especially given that she is constantly reminded of the subject, from Edwards suggesting that she asks for his opinion, to Callie bluntly questioning her ability to pull off the surgery by herself. Will she ever ask for Derek’s opinion on Herman’s case? I guess we will have to wait for the next episode to find out.

The final minutes revealed that the time has come. The highly anticipated surgery is quickly approaching as Herman’s fear and vulnerability were brought to light. It’s at this moment that I realized just how much I started to like her character. The writers did a good job at making her a character you would root for; let’s hope they don’t kill her off in the next episode.

Bits & Scalpels

– I thought it weird that not all the doctors were present during Amelia’s lectures, at least for encouragement.

– I know Amelia and Owen’s relationship is still in its first stages but that coffee scene was super awkward.

– The plastic treatment mask scene was very uncomfortable to watch and I am not even claustrophobic. One can only imagine what a patient in this situation would be feeling.

– The cafeteria scene between Meredith, Alex, Callie, and Maggie was entertaining. It reminded me of earlier Grey’s episodes.

Grey Banter

Dr. Herman: They put clouds on the ceiling to distract you. Least they could do is put something interesting up there, like porn.

Amelia: It’s not just a tumor. It’s ingenuity. It’s strength. It’s adaptability. It’s poetry. It’s one of God’s masterpieces. It is alive.

Amelia: He has transcontinental smugness.

Callie: Oh, my God. Am I seriously wishing for a sexless relationship where I don’t have to groom myself?

Dr. Herman: You are making me feel like I’ve already died. I’m sick. I’m losing my hair. I refuse to spend the last few months of my life feeling like a pile of crap. No more. That’s final.

Robbins: It’s like divine justice.

Amelia: My genius is flying around this room right now, trying to find a clear path to land on me, but I can’t clear the runway for landing because I can’t find any quiet because some idiot resident keeps talking to me!

Amelia: But at some point, I am going to slice into Dr. Herman’s brain, and I have this sick feeling that when I face that tumor, I will discover that I am not just the other Dr. Shepherd… I’m the wrong Dr. Shepherd.

Amelia: ‘Night, ‘night, tumor baby. It has been lovely, but we are done.

Dr. Herman: In order to do that, in order to be remembered, in order to leave something significant behind, you have to leave.

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Odessa – Grow
Hollow Wood – Seasons

The Amelia-Herman centric episode proved to be interesting as well as quite essential in light of next week’s moment of truth!

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