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Once Upon a Time 4×13 – Darkness on the Edge of Town

“It’s time the villains got their happy endings.”


Guest Review by Panda
Darkness on the Edge of Town was Once Upon a Time doing everything right. The dialogue felt comfortable, the character interactions natural and the new arc was set up in a fun and interesting way that makes it feel different to everything that’s been done before.

It’s been tradition for a sole villain to plague the series for an arc, but bringing together three bad guys (both new and familiar) gives the show an opportunity to go in multiple directions. Each villain has a lot of exciting potential in terms of history and past encounters with the established characters as well, if that ominous meeting between the Charmings and the Queens was anything to go by. I hope it’s something super seedy; make Snow and David interesting again, show!

Even though those two feel like a drain right now, almost everyone else is working incredibly well together. In particular Regina and Emma are a powerhouse when they’re brought together. Rumple’s warning about Emma’s potential for darkness could mean she and Regina will find even more of a reason to bond, and that’s a very good thing.

Rumple building himself up from the bottom is an interesting concept, even if it’s one that shouldn’t have been able to happen in the first place. That opening scene with him and Ursula cramped into a tiny New York apartment just goes to show how far he’s fallen, but like he said, he managed to bring himself and his team back from the dead, so to speak, and all without his magic and nobody to help. Who knows what he’ll do now that he’s back at full power.

He Said, She Said

Ursula: “How are you?”
Regina: “Mostly wondering how a plate of undercooked calamari ended up with the Dark One’s cell phone.”
The best fish pun of the episode.

Regina: “What make you choose yellow?!”
Emma: “What?”
Regina: “Your bug? Yellow? Bold choice.”
Emma: “I like yellow…I stole it…Is this really the time to question my taste?!”

I like this fresh start. We’ve entered a new chapter in Once’s history and I feel like it could be a lot of fun if it’s done right. Judging by this premiere I really think that’s possible.

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