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Gotham 1×18 – Everyone Has a Cobblepot

“You tell yourself I’ll just do this one bad thing, all the good things I’ll do later will make up for it. But they don’t.”


On the very off chance Gotham delivers truly outstanding episodes in the next and final four episodes of the season, I can still honestly say I’m almost fed up with this show.

All the hard work and effort the writers are putting to show us how “dark” the storylines can be are coming out as cartoonish and comical instead. That is mostly obvious whenever Fish Mooney is saying or doing anything. Her storyline has gone from weird and unnecessary to boring and difficult to watch. Forget the cringe-worthy image of Dr. Francis’ former office manager screaming at the sight of lady parts being sewed up to his body, Mooney’s entire existence is just pointless. I wish I could have at least cared about her blue eye, but instead I was just wondering why she hasn’t died yet—and where to party when she does.

Sadly, Fish’s storyline isn’t the only thing weighing this show down. The music, the terrible editing and the outrageously predictable dialogue has gotten worse week after week. Did the lines “he looks just like a bird” and “you’re the guy who likes riddles, right?” really happen or am I imagining things? And to top it all off, a woman just randomly murdered her own husband just like that (in what was perhaps the worst choreographed scene ever) before the final twist that cracked me up revealed that Penguin was mind-fucking her because he only had one bullet. Then bamn, he kills her too. I feel like my IQ plummets when I watch Gotham.

So the show is still as disturbingly lame as predicted. If you’re like me, you can still find some entertainment out of it because the ridiculousness of the plots and events that happen on Gotham can indeed be amusing. In fact, the first 15 minutes weren’t so terrible when the show didn’t seem like it had a case-of-the-week and was trying to break the Jim/Bullock dynamic. But as the episode progressed and random characters suddenly reemerged with tacky dialogue (hello, Harvey Dent), it became clear that there’s no way you can take this show seriously. Not now, not ever.

Bat Bits

– Loved Bruce reading to Alfred at the hospital, and I’m so glad Alfred is alive. But why for the love of God didn’t their storyline progress more?

– I even enjoyed Selina and Bruce’s scene and their heartfelt hug. But did she tell him “you know how to find me” when history has proven that he can NOT find her?

– Another amusing moment: anything Ed Nygma.

– No Barbara this week and yet I’m still not happy.

– Horrible scene with Jim, Bullock and that girl who was locked upstairs. It was too long, I was literally rolling my eyes and sighing heavily.

– I don’t even care about Jim’s new position because McKenzie’s performance is starting to get on my nerves. I was surprisingly touched by Bullock’s story though.

– Does anyone care that Fish is on an island? Was that supposed to be a cliffhanger since the show is taking a month-long hiatus?

– So, am I the only one horribly entertained yet rolling his eyes at this show? We have more than a month to recover from this mess before the show airs its final four episodes of the season. And all I can say is thank God it’s almost over.

Cracks From Gotham

Jim: How you feeling?
Alfred: Had a slight puncture. Leaked a bit.

Alfred: Just pass me my robe.
Bruce: Get back in bed! That’s an order.

Bullock: Penguin’s gonna come asking for that favor. Be careful.

The dumb writing might produce some entertaining moments, but that’s far from saying this show is any good.

Chris Rating


  1. Hhahahaha positively PRICELESS review. I agree withe very single point you mentioned. This show. THIS SHOW!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH

    I have no words.

  2. Chris, reading your reviews is making my decision to not watch Gotham regularly after the first episode feel more and more justified. If it makes past its first season, that would be a miracle. But it's the FOX channel. The same channel that has the TV show Bones going for 10 seasons instead of letting a good thing die with some dignity. So unfortunately a Gotham second season is possible.

  3. Haha yes don't even get me started on FOX and their ridiculous scheduling. I'm still not over what they did to Enlisted, a small and EXTREMELY underrated comedy.

    Gotham has been getting very mixed reviews. This episode for example, so many other reviewers found it riveting! Not me and Nadim though lol, so check out the show. You might end up liking it!

    And Bones is still on the air?

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