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The Good Wife 6×13 – Dark Money

"I was bad today."


Boy did I miss The Good Wife.

 Dark Money‘s most impressive accomplishment is how effectively it showcases the fall of Saint Alicia. The old Alicia would have never accepted money from a sleaze-ball like Redmayne, but season six has been hellbent on conveying Alicia’s transformation. Today, she’ll do whatever it takes to win, even if that means selling her soul for getting ahead and crushing her opponents. The final scene between her and Grace was particularly powerful, as the latter comforted her mother and called her the “best person” she knows, a statement that undoubtedly feels off with everything Alicia has done in recent weeks. I’ve said it a zillion times before and I’ll say it again: The Good Wife absolutely thrives when it explores the intricacies of what make a person good or bad, and its insight into how we all exist somewhere in the middle (well, except for Redmayne because he’s a dirtbag on every level). I’m genuinely really starting to feel bad for Alicia and how much she’s had to compromise for her campaign. It makes for riveting television.

Now as much as I love The Good Wife‘s amazing array of guest-stars, I think we’ve had enough of Collin Sweeney. Maybe it’s just that we’re starting to repeat the same story beats over and over again? I honestly still don’t know if he really did kill his wife (he did right?), but the show seems intent on never giving us a clear answer. That’s fine, but let’s give Sweeney a fresh case if he’s going to keep reappearing. Dylan Baker is too good in the role (as evidenced by his turn this week), and I’m a huge fan of his complicated dynamic with Alicia. They bounce off each other beautifully.

And as Kalinda’s departure draws near, the writers continued to ingrain the investigator deep within Bishop’s dangerous world. This week’s subplot started out with promise as Kalinda became Dylan’s pseudo-bodyguard, but the sense of urgency ultimately fizzled out. Nevertheless, I’m more certain than ever that Kalinda will be killed off by the time the season finale rolls around. And will she do so trying to save Dylan’s life? Or maybe even Bishop’s? Time will tell.

Cases & Bits

– Brilliant little scene with the guys teaching Alicia how to ask for money from Redmayne.

– So Dylan Baker also played Bernard Loomis in the fake TV show. Damn that guy’s good.

– Obviously my favorite scene of the week was Alicia’s meeting with Redmayne. The entire thing was perfectly acted as the old fossil kept trying to get grabby with Alicia. And the worst thing about it all?Redmayne’s trashy daughter just sitting there and fiddling on her phone as her homophobic dad kept ranting on. You could literally see Alicia’s dignity dying when she accepted the contribution.

– A reviewer online pointed out that Alicia’s brother is gay and Alicia still accepted Redmayne’s money. I totally forgot about that!

– Renata’s back! Can’t say she’s that interesting of a character at this point.

– I genuinely felt like slamming my fist through the screen and punching Redmayne for all his derogatory remarks about Alicia. Calling her a “$5000/night whore” was not cool.

–  Hilarious touch: the girl playing Alicia in the mock-show displaying a whole lot of cleavage and being sexualized through the camera angles.

– Chumhum to save the day! Woohoo!

– Didn’t Alicia seem like such a villain when Prady visited her at the end?

– Seriously, Alicia sobbing always gets to me. But how weird was that country song at the end?

Good Lines

Redmayne: I got the testicles of a 20-year-old.
Alicia: Where? In your briefcase?

Redmayne: Get the hell out of here.
Prady: You’re disgusting!
Redmayne: Right, but I’m rich, so it really doesn’t matter does it?

Prady: (to Alicia) I think campaigning is a lonely profession. And the only one who shares that loneliness… is you.

Although I’m starting to tire a bit of Collin Sweeney, Dark Money succeeds thanks to Alicia’s ever-absorbing journey.

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