Suits 4×16 – Not Just A Pretty Face

"A lot of you don't know this, but the truth is, I hated Norma. I hated her clogs, her mustache, her stupid seasonal sweaters."


Talk about an underwhelming ending,

First, the good stuff. The flashbacks in Not Just A Pretty Face did a pretty great job of showcasing the moment Harvey and Donna met (and their initial interactions) in a believable and organic manner. It sure helps that Gabriel Macht and Sara Rafferty’s chemistry is enough to power the entire show on its lonesome. Off-screen, the two have been friends for decades, and that kind of camaraderie (and flirtatious banter) is undoubtedly the show’s secret weapon. However, while Harvey and Donna are Suits‘ endgame couple, it’s painfully obvious that the show absolutely refuses to put them together before the series finale. Maybe that’s a wise choice from a storytelling perspective, but it’s going to get old fast if the show doesn’t find creative ways to keep them apart moving forward.

Which brings me to the finale’s cliffhanger: Donna leaving Harvey for Louis. This development was telegraphed quite early in the episode, and it’s nowhere near the kind of jawdropper Suits should have pulled off before bookending the season. After a really great return to form (I wasn’t very fond of season three), it sort of feels like season four went out with a whimper and certainly not with a bang. That’s just unfortunate.

Suits‘ biggest misstep this year was making Louis so darn unlikeable. Seeing him abuse Rachel and harp on Mike so incessantly made me loathe the character ever more (if that was even possible). The finale tried to rectify this by earning him some sympathy with Norma’s death, but I don’t think it was entirely successful. Still, Rick Hoffman tried his best in conveying some sort of vulnerability on Louis’ part.

Ever since Suits put Rachel and Mike together, the former became a shell of her former self. It looks like that unfortunate character decline will continue now that the couple is engaged. I’ve been trying to pinpoint why the character has become so useless lately and the answer is plain to see: she’s become Mike’s girlfriend, and that’s made her whiny, annoying and dull in the process. It would do Suits a world of good to recognize Rachel as a singular entity in her own right. Writers, it’s time for some damage control!

Finally, can I just say that Jessica was completely under-utilized in the season closer? The character’s recent breakup with Jeff provided the sublime Gina Torres with some incredible material in recent weeks, but she was totally relegated to the sidelines in the finale. Why?

Pearson Bits

– I really don’t like Forstman. He’s not a villain I enjoy watching, and I’m hoping this was the last we saw of him.

– Gem of a scene: Donna cornering Harvey in his office and asking if he loves her or not.

– Louis breaking down while urn shopping came off as a tad forced for me. It sure looked like Rick Hoffman was laughing in between takes! Maybe he couldn’t take the material seriously either?

– Great moment with Harvey calling his brother at the end and checking up on him.

– If only the camera lingered a bit longer on Harvey during those final moments because he definitely looked like he was going to start sobbing like a baby. Oh Donna what have you done…

Firm Quips

Donna: But today’s your lucky day.
Harvey: And why is that?
Donna: Because it’s the day you get to meet Donna.
Harvey: And let me guess. You’re Donna.
Donna: Oh, you have no idea how Donna I am.

Harvey: Okay, enough about me. Let’s talk about you.
Donna: Ooh, my favorite subject.

Rachel: She was a sweet woman.
Louis: She was a frickin’ battle-ax is what she was. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t want to rip out one of her varicose veins and strangle her with it.

Employee: Have you made a decision, sir?
Louis: No, I haven’t made a decision, you shyster dealer of death.

Mike: That’s genius.
Rachel: Thank you.
Mike: Now I really don’t understand why Harvey doesn’t respect you. (She glares at him) It’s too soon. It’s too soon for that joke. Too soon.

Forstman: Harvey, this isn’t over.
Harvey: Words spoken by every loser I’ve ever met.

Must-Download Tune
Colour My Heart by Charlotte Cc

A highly entertaining hour that’s let down by a supremely anticlimactic ending.

Nad Rating


  1. I hope there is a resolution to the unresolved romantic tension between Harvey and Donna soon. Dragging it out until the end of the series would only harm the characters and the show. A meaningful change must come out of this situation. It would be interesting if early next season, Harvey and Donna do get together but, to avoid any complications they would have if Donna had remained Harvey's assistant, Donna continues to be Louis's assistant while Harvey sticks with whatever new assistant he ends up selecting. Donna would still help Harvey out from time to time because how can she not.

    I'm conflicted over Louis. Part of me is disappointed that Louis's aggressive direction after he learned the truth about Mike petered out a few episodes later. It had great dramatic potential and was an interesting way to upset the status quo. The other part of me didn't want Louis boxed in as the bad guy. He's such a complex character.

    I didn't quite like Rachel's complaint about not being respected by Harvey this episode. It came out of nothing. I never felt Harvey didn't respect her or maybe it's just me.

    I thought the Mike-Rachel proposal scene was sweet with Mike giving her his grandmother's ring which is a big deal. But I did see your point about Rachel being reduced to being the girlfriend.

  2. Totally agree about never even feeling Harvey disrespecting Rachel. That SERIOUSLY felt like it came out of nowhere. So bizarre.

    Always great to read your thoughts suncore 🙂

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