Scandal 4×15 – The Testimony of Diego Munoz

"It's okay to be afraid. Sometimes, fear keeps us safe. Sometimes, it holds us back."


Now that’s more like it!

After Olivia’s horrific kidnapping ordeal, this is the kind of episode I wanted to see last weekOur Liv is traumatized, and she simply can’t go back to normal after everything she endured. In this hour, Kerry Washington perfectly embodied the nuances of a broken Olivia – whether she was gulping down wine on the floor, or nervously pacing her apartment with a gun in hand. In Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes always explored the ramifications of trauma on her characters, and I’m pleased to see that we’ll be delving into Olivia’s damaged psychology going forward. The episode’s final moments were particularly stunning as Liv finally threw out the wine-stained pillow and tried to build herself up again with her signature bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine, Of course, it’s all about baby steps, and our gladiator also placed her trusty new firearm on the table. Perfect.

Contrary to last week’s jarring tonal clash, Artemis Pebdani was downright phenomenal as Susan Ross. The woman is just immensely likeable, and I absolutely loved watching her navigate the intricacies of the media avalanche that befell her new VP spot. Even more amusing is the fact that Mellie is confident she’ll be able to beat her down the line, while we can undoubtedly see that Susan is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. The woman’s just so damn bubbly!

I was also pleased to see that Lois, Olivia’s murdered neighbour, was not forgotten. Bringing back Rose was an inspired move that allowed Olivia to deal with whole lot of guilt as a result of the collateral damage her crisis created. I don’t know about the rest of you but I didn’t even consider the fact that Lois and Rose were a couple, and that revelation was suitably heartbreaking and affecting.

Although I shudder to hear the words “B613”, the return of Huck’s wife and the files gave the narrative a good jolt in the arm. I’m not such a fan of the Huck character, but Guillermo Díaz’s performance was astounding as he recounted the horrors of the hole and the importance of a “routine.” Alright David, let’s see what you can do.

 Scandalous Bits

– I honestly cringed and could barely look at the screen when Susan messed up her speech and then proceeded to make things worse with her nervous piggy laugh. Hilarious.

– Liv defending Rose from the landlord through the peephole was awesome. A gladiator even behind closed doors isn’t she?

– Susan on Jimmy Fallon? Priceless!

– I’m not really invested in Abby and Leo. Perhaps that will change in the future.

– Abby visiting Liv with bacon salad as a bribe was pretty darn cute.

– Loved Susan’s speech about being a smart and “thoughtful” person.

– Liv telling Fitz he made “a mockery of democracy” was extremely satisfying. It was also interesting to note her standing in the background as Abby and Cyrus conversed with him.

– Barely any Mellie this week. Not cool.

– There was an intriguing parallel with Huck choosing to tell a harsh truth, and Liv hiding behind a beautiful story. The juxtaposition of Liv flashing back to the infamous beach while describing Lois’ seemingly “perfect’ death to Rose was spot-on.


Olivia: I was kidnapped and held hostage by a team of mercenaries.
Cyrus: And now you’re back. You did that whole thing with the dad and the shotgun.

Olivia: Her friend Rose is looking for her.
Quinn: The “where’s the black lady?” Lady?

David: I’m sitting there, and some nice woman comes in and says the single most terrifying sentence I have ever heard… “I have B613 files.” “I have B613 files.” “I see dead people.” “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

David: I’m out this door if you talk about murder.
Jake: Fine. Fine. Let’s just find the guy that I’m not going to kill.

Huck: I’ll take care of it.
David: You? You got us into this! I’m not saying that critically. It’s just, you know, factually true. You’re taking it critically, aren’t you?

Quinn: Look. I have been patient. I haven’t asked questions even though you’ve been extra weird and super-huckie.

A twisty and gripping hour from Scandal that was a welcome return to form after last week’s misfire.

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  1. I just hope this is the beginning of the end of B613 and I mean the entire mess which includes Olivia's father and mother. The show really needs to put this in the past where it belongs.

    I like how Huck seems slightly relieved after his wife kisses him and he walks away. It's like telling the truth has lifted a weight off his shoulders that he has been carrying for far too long.

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