Revenge 4×16 – Retaliation

"Well... I guess there's a silver lining to not killing me after all."


Is that it?

I don’t think it’s wise of the writers to bring in Gina Torres (Natalie Waters) and her explosive screen presence only to waste it on two measly episodes. While I love that she didn’t really fall for David Clarke and was simply screwing him over (in a twisted attempt to fulfill Conrad’s vendetta), Victoria foiled the villainess’ diabolical plot far too easily. Here’s hoping the writers know what they’re doing and they have something bigger in store for Miss Torres. The actress’ imposing height and fiery delivery makes her a force that can genuinely match Victoria’s venom. Make her a series regular now!

I want to say I was intrigued by Lyman falling to his death, but everything from the cinematography to the tone felt straight out of a Mexican soap opera. I like to pretend Revenge is a bit classier than that, but there’s not much I can do to defend this atrociously cheesy subplot. Props to Elena Satine though for pulling off that final scene and conveying Louise’s guilt as Nolan unknowingly stood by her side.

The less said about Emily and Ben saving the latter’s ex-wife the better. I was immensely bored by this storyline, and we didn’t even get a good fight scene with Ems kicking ass to make it all worthwhile. Moreover, I felt absolutely nothing when Jack was hauled off to jail at the end and his son was taken away from him. Is this the kind of “thrilling” development the show calls an ending these days? Ever since Malcolm Black left the show, Revenge has been sorely lacking in momentum. Let’s just pray this is the final season.

 Vengeful Bits

– Nolan’s hologram was hilarious. But the”Nol-bans”? Revenge could make millions off this item in merchandising if they were to follow through with it.

– Seriously, all of Natalie and Victoria’s face-offs were deliciously fun to watch.

– Touching little moment with Emily bringing up Aiden. I don’t miss him though.

– More awesome contiinty nods to the show’s past: Natalie mentioning Lydia whom she labels a “whore”.

– I really hate to harp on a specific actor so much but James Tupper (who plays David Clarke) is just horrible on every level. I don’t understand how he was cast in such a pivotal role.

Devious Delights

Victoria: (to Lyman) You told me that you were a pitbull, but you neglected to mention that you’ve been neutered.

Natalie: Oh, this must be hard for you, considering this party’s always been a Grayson tradition.
Victoria: Well, it still is, considering that you’ll be using stolen Grayson money to throw it. Or maybe you found another suitor to swindle. Should I check the obituaries?

Natalie: (to Victoria) Considering how you served me papers the other day, I think you’d be perfect to spoon out the hackleback. That’s caviar, dear.

Nolan: Their little road trip was more… revenge than romance.

Nolan: Rule of the red sharpie… It’s hard to put that cap back on.

David: I guess this is technically your fourth of July party now.
Victoria: Not with this decor.

I was far from riveted this week. And Emily was no fun. Disappointing.

 Nad Rating


  1. I hope this is the final season too. The show seems to be constantly tossing out one storyline for another to fill up space. I frankly don't care about whether Emily and Jack will get together or if Emily and Ben are meant to be. Nolan and Louise's relationship has me mildly interested but nothing more.

    Season 4 has fallen so far from its initial concept which was Victoria's turn at revenge against Emily. I thought this entire season was going to be about Victoria ruthlessly dismantling Emily's life piece by piece while Emily fights to put down her mortal enemy for good. But sadly I was wrong.

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