Arrow 3×16 – The Offer

"Why confine your crusade to a single city... when I can give you a whole world to save?"


That was mighty enjoyable.

The Offer achieved great strides with regards to its exploration of Oliver’s mindset. His doubts regarding his purpose were painfully realistic, and they helped paint a grim picture of a hopeless hero on the verge of accepting a supervillain’s unsettling offer. Ultimately, I was very satisfied with our hero coming to the realization that his crusade does indeed have a purpose: he gets to ensure that the innocent don’t lose their loved ones (unlike his grave losses). Stephen Amell was certainly up to the task and he tackled Oliver’s identity crisis with a real sense of weight and gravitas. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the guy has come a long way since the first season where he sometimes struggled with the show’s heftier scenes.

But my personal favourite element in The Offer was the incredible Laure/Nyssa dynamic. Can I just say that I NEED a spinoff starring these two right now? Their interactions are off the charts, and that last scene with Nyssa offering to train Laurel had me completely pumped for what their partnership might bring. I do hope Katrina Law joins the Arrow cast full-time because not only is she downright gorgeous, but she brings the perfect dose of ferocity and vulnerability to the part. That moment where she faced off with her father? Absolute fire. The hurt and anguish on Nyssa’s face as her father proceed to hand her legacy over to Oliver Queen was terrific. Nyssa is the wild card this year, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

After 15 episodes of empty threats, it was great to see Ra’s Al Ghul get proactive and cause real damage. The episode’s final moments with Ra’s arriving in Starling City and murdering the thugs while dressed in Arrow-garb was tremendously intriguing. Arrow‘s third season finally feels like it’s moving towards a tangible endgame, and I couldn’t be happier.

Bits & Arrows

– Why does Nyssa keep getting captured? I hated that Roy tranquilized her so effectively. Thankfully, she beat him and Laurel without breaking a sweat (after they wrongly assumed she was attacking Thea).

– Arrow, Arsenal, and Canary’s attempt at stopping Murmur’s diamond robbery was really sloppy wasn’t it?

– Oliver’s scene with Ray and Felicity was delightfully awkward. I still think Felicity has become unlikeable this year though.

– Laurel visiting Thea was another memorable bit. I continue to love how she hasn’t pursued a blind vendetta against her for killing Sara since she wasn’t really responsible. A lesser show would have created some needless drama here.

– The Lazarus Pit and its magical properties were finally confirmed this week; Ra’s healed his hand after Nyssa tried to strike him like the utter badass that she is.

– Touching moment between Thea and Oliver as little Queen remembered her mom. Sadly, Thea (much like Felicity) has been nagging way too much. It’s getting tiresome in every way.

– The flashbacks were absolutely worthless. So Oliver tried to keep track of Akio, and then ran into Shado of all people. What the hell?

– Yet another gem of a scene between Laurel and Quentin this week. The fact that he refuses to forgive her is just beyond gut-wrenching.

– Brilliant continuity: this is the third time someone utters the statement: “Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world.” Tommy said it in the pilot, and Sara said it in the season three premiere. I do hope this doesn’t mean Quentin will follow in their footsteps and perish. I’ve surprisingly grown fond of the guy (a far cry from how much I hated him in season one.)

– How great was it to see Nyssa come to Laurel’s rescue in the police stations and then join the team in kicking ass?

– Murmur was a pretty negligible villain. A pity.

– Nyssa and Laurel walking off to have their “dinner” was perfect in every way.

– I feel like the writers don’t have the best handle on Maseo and his purpose this season. However, his threatening Oliver at the end was certainly a step in the right direction.

– Thea making her way to Roy’s place at the end was so very touching… not!

Super Liners

Thea: (to Oliver) Really need to stop having these “thank god you’re not dead” reunions.

Oliver: You still need training.
Laure: When are you going to stop telling me that?
Oliver: When you no longer need training.

Oliver: One of them had his lips sewn shut.
Felicity: Is that a real thing?
Oliver: Apparently.
Felicity: Ugh. If only I had known I have that option.

Felicity; What did Lance say?
Oliver: Some variation on “Go to hell.”

Thea: There’s something broken inside of me just like there’s something broken inside of him. Nothing can change that.
Oliver: Where are you going?
Thea: To go buy my evil dad some soup.

Felicity: John might have told me about your employment offer from Evil Incorporated. He also might have told me that you may be considering it, which is, by the way, insane. There’s a League of Assassins. That is not the name of a nice group.
Oliver: I’ve been an assassin. There is more than one path to justice.
Felicity: There are a lot of different ways I can answer that. All varying on the theme of you’re crazy, but I’m going to go with, what makes you think that you’re not already on the right path?
Oliver: ‘Cause it’s been over two years. You tell me. What have I really accomplished? My mother’s dead. Tommy, Sara. Crime’s not down, and my sister is in ten different kinds of pain right now.

Felicity: I don’t believe you’re the Arrow so that people can say “thank you.”

Lance: What, are you waiting around for a thank you?
Oliver: That’s not why I do this.

Felicity: Ah, a “thank you” and a “you were right.” I should really be recording this.

Felicity: So… that means a pass on becoming the most handsome Demon’s Head ever?

Nyssa: During the fighting, your technique was competent.
Laurel: Why do I feel like that’s your idea of a compliment?
Nyssa: Could certainly be improved.
Laurel: Is that an offer to teach me?
Nyssa: I have nowhere else to go.

With a clever script and some genuinely exciting developments, The Offer is an excellent hour of Arrow.

Nad Rating


  1. Haha “like the utter badass she is”, totally agree. Nyssa is by far the most intriguing character on this show right now! I also agree about Felicity, she suddenly started to annoy me this week! This never happened in season 2 where she was the most likable and charming character of the bunch.

    Speaking of season 2, was it just me or does the Shado-reveal seem annoying? The biggest storyline of that season was built around her death and Slade's I really hope this is like her evil twin sister or something. That would be hilarious 🙂

  2. I feel like that's all Felicity's done this season, she's like a catalyst. Only there to provide Oliver with insight and to bring him back into reality. It's always sweet and amusing, but starting to come off as a bit contrived. I want to see Felicity being badass again and charming. Or get her in a costume or something 😛

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