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Grey’s Anatomy 11×15 – I Feel The Earth Move

“You have a happy marriage with no husband in it.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
Grey’s Anatomy seems to be back to its regular structure trying to involve all of its characters in every episode.

What was supposed to be a regular phone call turned into an attempt to help a little girl save her mother. Amelia and Owen joined efforts to guide Ruby throughout this difficult time. It seems the show is constantly reminding us how good Owen is with children. The story didn’t just result in the pair helping the daughter save her mother’s life, but it brought them closer all the way to the on-call room which we haven’t seen in a while. And how creative was the show’s use of “Stayin’ Alive”?

Elsewhere, Meredith seems to be on a “streak” ever since Derek left. Watching her go on and on about how perfect everything seems to be and how she is much better off without him seemed very arrogant so I was really caught by surprise when she ended her speech by saying that she did not want to end her marriage; she simply wanted to share her success with her husband. The big surprise however was that last phone call. After all the confidence and clarity that she gained throughout the episode, that call was like a real slap to the face. So is Derek really cheating on Mer? I don’t think that is the case. It is easy to say that Derek did this once but the case with Addison was different. I feel at this point that having the woman on the end of line be a woman Derek is getting involved with seems very predictable so maybe this will turn out to be just a misunderstanding? Although for some this might be predictable as well especially after that episode which hinted that Mer didn’t go see Derek but rather spent the weekend with someone else. The pair are having a difficult time with their marriage but it is very easy to play the cheating husband card so I really hope that is not the case. Derek did hit rock bottom before he left but I don’t see his character as one who would cheat on Meredith.

But again if this is a misunderstanding, why did the woman hang up? She must have known that it was Derek’s wife calling. Maybe it is all part of a secretive thing with the President. It is difficult to guess how the writers are going to play this one out.

Bits & Scalpels

– Jackson reviving the “plastics posse” was a beautiful homage to Mark Sloan.

– Happy Callie is always entertaining to watch. “Poke your hontas”! Hilarious!

– I was disappointed we didn’t get a small peak at Dr. Herman in her present situation.

– Anyone else recognized the old patient with the hip surgery as the grandma from Charmed?

– I like the continuity with Ben’s sister storyline. Also a hint at Bailey’s OCD.

– Meredith bringing up Alex’s old relationships was funny especially the nurse with syphilis. I remember George being involved in the situation as well.

Grey Banter

Callie: You and Ethan. Is that a thing?
Maggie: Oh, no. I’m not. No, he’s not my type.
Callie: Sure. Right. You’re not so into cute, smart, or funny?

Callie: Let Ethan… I don’t know… Razz your berries. Goose your gander. Tickle your tail feathers. Cup your coconuts. Rock your rump. Poke your hontas. Wallop your wonderland!

Must-Download Tunes
Ed Sheeran – Photograph
Banks – Goddess

Essentially advancing a number of storylines, this was a fairly entertaining hour of Grey’s.

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