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Grey’s Anatomy 11×16 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

“He left Addison when the marriage got hard, moved to Seattle, met me in a bar. What if he’s doing the same thing now?”


That was some great buildup to even more Mer/Der drama.

In typical Grey’s fashion, Meredith spent the entire episode worrying and obsessing about the woman who answered Derek’s phone while literally moving this story nowhere, only to have him come back home in the end and utter a few words. It’s frustrating that we had to go through all that because it was predictable (the show has done it endless times before), and even worse is that there’s no telling what that Derek/Meredith face-off at the end even means. The way he says that he knows Meredith called and a woman answered could easily be interpreted in several different ways, but I’m still expecting the writers to go down the mistress route. And surprisingly, I don’t think I mind.

But for a filler episode, this was still a highly enjoyable hour. Meredith, Alex, Callie and Maggie had amusing and equally heartfelt moments here, and a tight-knit group of friends is exactly what this show had been missing since Cristina, Izzie and George left (among many, many others). And what a fantastic symmetry Meredith made here, comparing Derek to a cheater because that’s how her relationship with him began in the first place when he cheated on Addison with her (remember that jaw-dropping season one finale?). For some reason, I never thought about it that way and that’s what makes this storyline much more captivating than any other infidelity we’ve seen on this show.

While Jo still hasn’t gotten a proper storyline this season (or ever), I loved how this week’s patient seemed to affect her. Her breakdown was heart-breaking, and I’m not ashamed to admit I almost shed a tear (I said ALMOST). April and Jackson on the other hand, finally stopped making us cry for real, and had sex in a car (and it was a hilarious change of tone). I hope we’ll see more of them having fun in the future because having them constantly arguing and struggling becomes tiresome.

The way Richard worried about Maggie not getting her head checked was genuinely heartwarming, and I really enjoyed their father/daughter bonding. It’s a miracle that this show can throw in new characters each season and still make me care for them like they’ve been here all along.

Bits & Scalpels

– Sadly, I don’t care much for Owen and Amelia and I don’t understand why all the doctors at this hospital must have sex in the on-call rooms all the time. Why do these people even pay rent?

– Loved Callie’s speech to Meredith about rooting for Team Mer/Der.

– A single Callie is so much more fun than married Callie. Now that she’s back into the dating scene, it should provide us with some hilarious moments, and I can’t wait!

– The Alzheimer patient (or at least what they thought was Alzheimer’s at first) was a fantastic subplot. I haven’t cared about patients’ stories since probably Denny, but this was a brilliant way for Maggie to bond with Richard a little more.

 – Loved seeing that old hangout spot again where Meredith, Alex, Maggie and Callie discussed their personal lives.

Grey Banter

Callie: You and Derek are living proof that love exists. That it works, that there is hope. You guys are a freaking romance-novel! And I, for one, am rooting for you two. Team MerDer!

Meredith: She was perky, and she sounded happy and tall. With a lot of great hair.
Alex: You saw her? How did you see her?
Meredith: I didn’t. I heard her voice. Her perky, happy, tall voice.
Maggie: I hate voices like that.
Alex: You can tell by the voice?

Meredith: He’s done this before.
Maggie: What?
Meredith: Moved to a new city, got a new job, ignored his wife’s calls, met a girl, fell in love, started over.
Callie: Wait. What are you talking about, met a girl?
Meredith: Me. He met me. He left Addison when the marriage got hard, moved to Seattle, met me in a bar. What if he’s doing the same thing now?

Must-Download Tunes
One by Ed Sheeran
Find a Place by IKO
Ex’s Oh’s by Elle King

As far as fillers go, this was another entertaining episode filled with emotion.

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