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The Good Wife 6×16 – Red Meat

"If I were to set off a bomb in this room, we'd have democratic presidents for the next 30 years."


A part of me was absolutely terrified that Alicia would lose the election. But our girl kicked ass and it was glorious!

The really irritating (albeit realistic) aspect here is the fact that Peter’s influence guaranteed her win. One quote from the Governor put Alicia on the losing end, and one strategically-located speech ensured the turnaround. It’s frustrating that he still wields so much power over his wife’s journey, but that still doesn’t take away the awesomeness that is Alicia’s victory. I know many fans had a problem with the election storyline, but I thought it was impeccably handled from start to finish. I was completely absorbed all the way through, and it was fascinating to watch Alicia’s navigate the intricacies of her campaign and the media spotlight.

Wasn’t Diane just outstanding this week? Christine Baranski hasn’t had this much screen-time in so long, and she was tremendously lovable. It was great to see her in a different kind of environment, and even more satisfying to watch her ensnare the fourth richest man in America as a potential client. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I adored the dynamic between Diane and R.D; the two have a ton more chemistry than Diane and Kurt. Here’s hoping we see more of Oliver Platt going forward. He’ll make one heck of an amusing client.

But what will happen to Alicia’s personal life now? Is Elfman really leaving for good? I seriously hope not because I had really grown to love the chemistry between Margulies and Pasquale. And what of Finn? After building these two up all season, we get the reveal that he’s dating someone else? I’m at a complete loss here, but I have faith in the show’s brilliant writers and that they have Alicia’s endgame totally mapped out. Just please, never bring Alicia and Peter back together. That scumbag has put her though enough, and his likability has pretty much dissipated this season.

The Kalinda/Bishop shenanigans produced an effective twist this week; the people following Kalinda and Dylan were actually after our investigator (thanks to Geneva Pine). I definitely didn’t see this bombshell coming, and I’m now more certain than ever that Kalinda will be killed off by the time the year comes to close. More intriguing is Lemond’s desire to use Alicia through Kalinda to leave the drug trade a free man. This is gonna get messy folks!

Bits & Cases

– How wonderfully awkward was that car ride in the beginning? Alicia and Elfman obviously slept together after Open Source. And that playful vibe excellently contrasted with the tense car-ride alongside Peter.

– Cute moment: Diane checking her hunting gear out in the mirror in the lodge.

– My personal favorite gem of the hour: Alicia staring at the donuts in a hypnotic daze, then scarfing one down and practically orgasming at the “sugar in her brain”.

– My second favourite gem: Alicia obsessively playing Halo. I bet she kicked ass the entire way though.

– Please writers, keep Marissa on the show forever.

– I actually felt bad for Bishop when Alicia cut off the phone call. And he seemed even more sympathetic since he was preparing Dylan’s lunch during that moment.

– So Kalinda basically lives at Bishop’s now?

– Diane’s reaction at having to go to the spa with the Republican women? Priceless.

– Mandy came back! For like two minutes…

– Loved Alicia’s realization that Peter in fact didn’t want her to win.

– Epic twist with Gil’s wife turning out to be his “call-girl”. Oh Georgette…

– The teacher thinking Kalinda was Bishop’s wife was painfully awkward.

– So Kalinda basically got Lemond’s son kicked out of school didn’t she? Because that red-light kidnapping debacle was basically her fault.

– The robocall with the actress from The West Wing was extremely random and out of place.

– Diane shooting the deer was actually pretty sad. But the reveal that she actually “liked” it? Woah.

– David wanting to hold Alicia and Marissa’s hands before the win announcement – Ha! He’s really grown on me.

– Very insightful moment with Alicia offering Prady her second-in-command, and his refusal since he doesn’t agree with her principles. So is Alicia really “pessimistic”?

– Amazing moment with Alicia and Prady sharing a heartfelt look at her celebration. But then Peter arrives and steals Elfman’s thunder. That’s when Elfman decides he won’t be staying and asks Marissa to “take care of her”. Pretty heartbreaking. Plus the final shot from his perspective as he stares at Alicia and the elevator door closes is terrifically on-point.

 Good Lines

Peter: So, you don’t personally think I’m a racist, but saw a political advantage in calling me a racist?

Diane: Aren’t you having fun? You hunt deer. I hunt clients.
Kurt: Mm, but which head are we gonna mount over the fireplace?

Alicia: Oh, my God! Sugar in my brain.
Marissa: I know, cool, right?

Diane: You’re seriously thinking of leaving me alone with all these Republican women?

Marissa: Okay, so we set up your avatar.
Alicia: Wow! I look good.
Marissa: Yeah, every girl’s bra size increases a letter when they become an avatar.

Alicia: You don’t want me to win.
Peter: I don’t want you to win? Really?
Alicia: Yes, I suddenly just realized. You want to be the only winner in the family.
Peter: Alicia, I have done nothing for the last three months but work to get you elected.
Alicia: Yes, like banging Ramona.

Finn: You ran a great race.
Alicia: No. I didn’t. The right man’s winning.
Finn: Well, did you write a concession speech?
Alicia: I did that months ago. It was the first thing I did after declaring. And the thing is, losing is actually a relief.

David: Will you stop it with the cappuccino?
Marissa: Hey, at least I have a skill to fall back on if this falls through.

An expertly-crafted and engaging hour of The Good Wife. Stellar.

Nad Rating


  1. I was surprised that Alicia won. I just had this feeling she was going to lose and that the story would then focus on how this affects her. But her winning (though I wish it wasn't because of Peter's influence) opens up an interesting new direction for her character, especially when Bishop is under the impression that he seems to own her due to his unwanted contribution to her PAC. The season seems to be heading towards conflict between Alicia and Bishop with Kalinda in the middle. I look forward to it and I wonder how the show is being look like with Alicia as State Attorney and no longer a partner in the law firm she and Cary built together.

    I'm glad that Elfman left. He was a good character and, yes, the chemistry between him and Alicia was sizzling. But what future did he have by staying on the show? He and Alicia having some forbidden relationship while working alongside each other until the relationship reaches some crossroads due to certain complications like the limits posed by Alicia's marriage to Peter? Doesn't that sound like a repeat of Alicia and Will's relationship in Season 3?

    Finn having a girlfriend does surprise me. But I haven't yet given up on him and Alicia.

  2. Oh Nad– how I miss our weekly Nikita conversations…

    And the fact that we agreed on practically everything. Seriously! How can we have such similar Alias / Nikita thoughts and polarize one another when it comes to The Good Wife?

    My hate for the writers, my love for Kalinda and hoping Alicia would lose the race???


    Although we do both love Diane. Then again, it's pretty hard not to. And the 30 years worth of democrats moment? Amazing.

    I think it's appalling how the writers are phasing Kalinda out. Unjust for someone who was such a fabulous character in the beginning. Before Will died he had loads of screen time and in Kalinda's case it's a few minutes here and there max. Sigh.

    Maybe I'm biased towards her because she's the reason I started watching the show. (I personally though I was channelling my inner Nikita but apparently I've been acting like Kalinda the whole time. Leave it to me…)

    Not to mention how they've changed Alicia's character for the worse. I used to really look up to her. But now there are moments that are completely off. Where was Grace when Alicia won? And– are you telling me the woman who in practically every season put her children before her every step of the way just cut her son off because his girlfriend had an abortion? Completely out of character. And don't get me started on the fact that she and Kalinda haven't had a clip together in like 45 episodes? I'm pretty sure they made up way back when and now there's suddenly animosity between the two? Unlikely.

    I don't know. Perhaps I was too big a fan of watching the old “TGW” and this politics driven repertoire is driving me mad. It's just… speaking as a lone wolf who observes interactions between others meticulously, Alicia (among others) has become very one dimensional. I believe TGW's greatest fault is exploring a character's sexuality in effort to replace both their humanity and personality.

    Cheers, Nad. I don't like where this is going.

    Oh and I'm terrified for Cary. I read an amusing article in which the writer joked Cary and Kalinda should just take Dylan and run away. Sometime I think the only safe way out for the three of them would be to pan together.


  3. Hey Alex 🙂 It is indeed hilarious how much we differ on this show! Haha I never expected it!

    All fascinating points that you made. By the way, have you heard the rumour that Juliana Margulies and Archie can't stand each other in real life? I'm starting to believe it, because as you mentioned, they haven't shared the screen in over two seasons. That's just beyond insane. We better get a scene featuring the two former best friends soon. It's really unacceptable as far as I'm concerned!

    You're not the only one who hasn't enjoyed the race this year. I know I'm in the minority but I loved it!

    Always a pleasure to read your thoughts Alex 🙂 Keep 'em coming!

  4. I have to agree with Hank. The political storyline had some interesting moments but it was the storyline of Cary's trial that hooked me. For a moment, they thought they were going to have him go to prison and then use the time jump to skip ahead his time there so it wouldn't drag the show.

  5. I totally get your point. It is the story line that has dwindled. Not necessarily any one character but the overall wavelength.
    I still miss my Kalinda though. Although this episode was significantly better and surpassed my original expectations.
    — Alex

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