Revenge 4×17 – Loss

"Well, you mess with Emily, you get the thorns."


Crazy but enjoyable.

First off, I absolutely loved Emily and the team churning out a very season one-esque revenge plot against the corrupt judge who Margaux had in her pocket. The DUI using Ben, the flashback reveal, Lady Justice’s phone call – it was all brilliantly executed and incredibly satisfying. In fact, the only thing missing was Emily striking out a name with her signature red sharpie. More of this please!

However, am I the only one who wanted Margaux to die? We still would have gotten the same end result – Victoria with a renewed purpose to destroy Emily – and we would have been spared having to deal with Margaux in the future. That final lie about Emily pushing her was admittedly effective, but far too soap-opera-ish and predictable. Ugh.

I was pleased to see Jack’s mom Stevie return. Gail O’Grady was outstanding in her past appearances on the show, and she just elevates the material to another level. Revenge genuinely feels like a more mature show when she’s on board, so I do hope she sticks around for a while (doubtful). Watching her navigate the intricacies of the law was highly amusing, and she also had a thematic benefit by highlighting to David that his daughter still needs him (as evidenced by that final breakdown on the porch). Could there be some romantic sparks between Stevie and David going forward? God knows he needs an exciting subplot to distract from his overall uselessness.

Also on the plus side, Loss did an excellent job of illustrating the endless cycle of hate and revenge that has permeated throughout the show. For once David made some sense (instead of mumbling random gibberish), and I enjoyed his trying to persuade Emily to stop the violence before there’s no one left. It feels like the show is gearing up towards an endgame, so let’s hope it comes to a close this season.

Finally, I want to say I’m intrigued by Louise’ murder cover-up, but I’m finding it exceptionally tedious to watch. It distracts from the main plot, and Louise feels watered down (whereas she was batshit crazy and enjoyable in the first half of the season). Major fail.

Vengeful Bits

– Great touch with the parallels between young Amanda and little Carl screaming for their daddies.

– There were several surprisingly touching scenes between Margaux and Vicky this week. The ultrasound one was on-point, as was their bonding over the crib when Margaux revealed she had voted against Vicky.

– It’s funny, whenever Emily faces off with Margaux, it’s like she’s looking into a mirror and facing off with season one Emily.

– Fight fight fight! I’m a sucker for fight scenes on Revenge because we don’t get NEARLY enough of them. That’s why I loved Emily kicking ass during the face-off with Margaux’s thug. Plus the ending was pretty creative with his throwing Jack’s blood vial in the air and Emily catching it only for him to escape. The cinematography during the fight was also top-notch with some great use of light and shadows.

– Love that Emily made Ben sneak the sample into the lab and risk his badge in the process. Oh Ems, you really don’t care.

– Interesting backstory reveal: Nolan’s dad kicked him out of the house as a kid because he caught him with a boy.

– Seriously Emily, you were going to give Margaux your birth certificate? I find that out-of-character and extremely hard to believe.

– Oh great, Nolan and the social worker are hooking up. That was not telegraphed at all.

– Pretty heartbreaking moment with Margaux crying down in Vicky’s arms after losing the baby. And I loved the shot of Vicky sobbing outside the hospital room before regaining her composure.

– I must admit, I actually jumped out of my seat when Margaux was hit by that taxi. Damn! Let’s put that on repeat!

Devious Delights

Margaux: I guess congratulations are in order.
Victoria: Oh, you heard about the inheritance.
Margaux: No, but that’s the dress we’re putting on the cover of Voulez’s September issue, and it’s only July.
Victoria: Well, it’s a small gift to myself.

Emily: Take care of her, or I will.
Victoria: Spoken like a true pacificist.

Emily: I have to…
David: Punish her for what she did. And then what? And then someone that loves her comes after you or someone you love and then on and on until there’s just no one left.

Although I wasn’t too fond of some of the narrative choices this week, I was certainly amused by this whacky hour.

Nad Rating


  1. Nad, I agree with you. Margaux dying along with her unborn child would have the same desired effect of putting Victoria back on the warpath against Emily. It would have been more effective that way. Unfortunately, the show still feels it has a need for her character. The scene when Margaux reveals she lost the baby was heartbreaking.

    I like how David was the voice of reason, fighting to keep her daughter from being dragged back into the darkness. It has to be the only time I actually liked him on the show.

    Did not like how Nolan and the social worker were paired up. The social worker doesn't seem that interesting to me compare to Nolan's previous love interests.

    I did enjoy how the corrupt judge was dealt with. Only shows how good it is to have Emily as a friend than an enemy.

  2. Once Margaux stepped into the street, there was only one possible outcome… blamo. And since she was pregnant, there was really only one possible outcome there as well, but I wish that she'd passed as well.

    I too miss batshit crazy Louise, and I'm tired of batshit crazy Margaux.

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