Revenge 4×18 – Clarity

"You know, when we get the baby, we should install a gate to keep the hyenas from dropping in with store-bought lemon tart."


Could it be? Did that just really happen? I want to say I was completely shocked by Clarity‘s game-changing ending, but ABC’s promo department effectively ruined that bombshell twist with Emily finally revealing her television on live TV. Still, it’s a development that’s been a long time coming, and it really feels like Revenge is revving up towards its endgame. It would do ABC a whole lot of good to confirm this season as the show’s last, allowing the soapy thriller to exit the airwaves with a satisfying series finale and its dignity intact (whatever is left anyway).

Last week I mentioned that Stevie’s return was very welcome, as she gives the show an added dose of maturity and logic. Although it was a bit sudden, it was sorely necessary to see her not only berate Emily for using Jack, but completely decimate David Clarke for putting everything into motion by sleeping with Victoria (way before Conrad let all hell break loose). I don’t know if the writers are still planning on putting these two together, but Stevie is definitely the breath of fresh air this show needs.

Also of note, Margaux’s thug hired Courtney Love (fresh off her Empire stint) to assassinate Emily. Apparently this “White Gold” woman is one of the world’s greatest killers (yeah right), and now that Margaux knows her identity, she might be next on the chopping block as well. I can’t really take Love seriously as a hit-woman, but if she kills off annoying media lady and has a badass fight with Emily, then I’m willing to welcome her into this universe with open arms (and a bouquet).

Although I have lost all interest in Nolan and Louise (not to mention Nolan’s new boytoy), I was at least glad to see Louise figure out that Vicky’s little visit wasn’t completely innocent. I think it’s time this whole subplot joins the main arc because it feels far too disconnected and slow. And why have the writers forgotten that Louise used to be FUN? She needs to go insane again, if only for our sanity as viewers (see what I did there). This is getting tedious.

Vengeful Bits

– Victoria in the men’s room was mildly amusing. “Bye boys.” She hasn’t been playfully evil in a long time.

– Interesting to note: Emily tells Ben’s brother that both her parents died in a car crash. I guess sometimes a lie is easier than the truth.

– Ben and his useless brother seeing Emily on TV with Jack was SO VERY LAME.

– Seriously, that final scene with Emily’s confession was impeccably executed and performed by VanCamp. I feel like she’d been waiting to play such a scene since the pilot

Devious Delights

Stevie: You come from two alcoholic parents. Make sure Emily’s not your glass of scotch.

Nolan: Do you know what could happen?
Emily: You’d think after four years, you guys would have a little faith that I do.

Emily: Nolan, I have to do something good.
Nolan: I mean this in the best possible way, but… Emily Thorne was not built for good. She was built to clear her dad’s name, which she did… Brilliantly.

David: You don’t know a thing about our relationship.
Stevie: I know enough! Stop fixing this damn boat and take responsibility for the fire you lit 20 years ago! Conrad framed you for Flight 197, but you slept with his wife first. Your bad choices knocked over the first domino.

Nolan: Emily wanted to redeem Grayson. These really must be the end times. Well, thank the revenge gods you said no, ’cause there could have been major fallout for both of you.

Nolan: Like, I want a family and a real marriage one day, but… with somebody stable. Not someone who… Not someone you pity.

Stevie: Jack’s been so reckless when it comes to Emily. It scares me. Emily’s his kryptonite, just like Victoria was yours.
David: Emily’s not Victoria.
Stevie: I hope to God you’re right.

Not the greatest of hours, but its bold ending certainly has me excited for the rest of the season.

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  1. So, I watch most shows on Hulu instead of live TV. One downside is that I end up reading reviews or commenting anywhere from a week to months later, depending on how enthused I am about a show. I'm not currently enthused by Revenge, as evidenced by how tardy this comment is.

    The upside is that I rarely see promos for next weeks episodes. I love going into episodes blind, so that I can be surprised at the twists that are usually given away ahead of time. So I was actually shocked when Emily actually revealed that she is Amanda.

    The delay also means I get spoiled every so often, which is a downside, but the spoils are probably far less frequent than “next week on” reveals.

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