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The Good Wife 6×17 – Undisclosed Recipients

"What's the point in having power if you can't use it?"


What excites me most about Alicia’s win is the fact that The Good Wife is going to be an entirely different show next season with our heroine as the State’s Attorney. This is a show that thrives when it shuffles the status quo, and having Alicia and her former partners on opposite sides will be immensely exciting.

As for Undisclosed Recipients, it was a hoot to watch Alicia navigate the intricacies of her new position. The fact that she hasn’t officially assumed the post and already has to balance Bishop, Redmayne and Castro made for some hilarious interactions. In addition, Eli’s whole “keep my options open” advice felt like the perfect culmination to his teachings. And the cherry on top? Alicia cunningly using the line on Eli himself in the episode’s final moments. Perfecto.

I do wish however that Carey, Diane and the firm’s general animosity towards Alicia was better established. The remarkably stingy deal they offered Alicia at the end came a bit out of left-field, and didn’t feel as earned as it could have been. Nevertheless, we did get my personal favourite moment of the hour with Alicia casually stating that her new position would not affect the firm’s cases (obviously a threat). I just love it when our girl gets devious, and this encounter was a prime example of how Alicia has learned to play dirty with the best of them.

While I enjoyed this episode immensely, I found the whole email hack thing to be far too implausible. I get the appeal since the Sony hacks were notorious this year, but I just didn’t buy that the firm’s seemingly cunning lawyers were idiotic enough to put so much bad blood in writing. It doesn’t feel true to the show’s characters, and The Good Wife amplified this sitcom-y subplot with random bits of employees punching each other and spitting on walls. It was all a bit much for me.

Finally, what is up with Alicia’s love life?  Is Elfman gone for good? And Finn is suddenly back on the table? It feels like the writers themselves haven’t decided. Also, I seriously doubt Finn won’t end up being Alicia’s number two next year unless he really can’t commit to the show (due to his supposed scheduling conflicts with Downton Abbey).

Bits & Cases

– Loved David giving Alicia a congratulatory hug before mumbling that he’ll be taking her office. So deliciously evil.

– The one hilarious thing from the email hacks? The fact that David had to deny that he was gay.

– Brilliant Kalinda playing the American Sniper card with customer service during the deposition.

– Seriously, every time Redmayne comes on to the scene I feel like barfing. He’s supremely disgusting (particularly the way he gropes and talks to Alicia). And when he threatened to take all her power away? I was ready to jump through the screen and kick his ass.

– I hope Marissa never leaves the show. Seriously I freakin’ adore her as Alicia’s “executive assistant”. Muffins!

– Howard and the pornography killed me! As did his fantasy broom-closet experience with Kalinda and how irritated she got. Spinoff with these two now!

– Very awkward moment with Alicia apologizing to Finn for calling him “soft”.

– Although I wasn’t a fan of the hacks storyline, the montage with everyone reading them out loud was incredibly fun.

– The emails confirmed that Alicia and Elfman did in fact have a one night stand. Woohoo! At least we have that.

– Did anyone else pause and read Will and Alicia’s kinky emails? I sure did and they were beyond naughty.

Good Lines

Eli: No, shut up. Listen to me. You know the truth. Here, in your heart. Good, be a Disney princess, but don’t tell moneymen like Redmayne anything but what they want to hear.
Alicia: Even if it’s a lie?
Eli: Yes, because it won’t be a lie when you tell it. Absence of yes times time equals no.
Diane: Respectfully, Alicia, our interests have not been aligned since you used our office as a staging ground for your political career.
Redmayne: Let’s go, doll. You know, this, um, this may seem like power to you, but it isn’t. You give me 20 hours, I’ll show you power.

Carey: Alicia… you should take it.
Alicia: I’ll consider it. And I want you all to know… that this offer does not in any way impact my consideration of your criminal cases when I’m SA.
Carey: (after she leaves) Was that a thinly veiled threat?
Diane: Nope. Very clear one.

Although it had its missteps, I still found this to be a fascinating hour that capably set the stage for a brand new chapter in The Good Wife’s journey.

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  1. I thought the email hack came out of nowhere though I enjoyed the comical chaos it stirred up like Diane's reaction to Cary saying he has a stick up her butt, Kalinda's reaction to Howard claiming he and her had a fling, and David Lee defending his heterosexuality. But I worry about how the email hack will be used in future episodes based on the promo of the next episode. I hope this isn't used to keep Alicia from fully becoming State Attorney after everything she's gone through to get the job. I would hate it if that's the direction the show is heading towards. It would make the entire political storyline a massive waste of time.

    I think Elfman is gone for good. I think last episode, he realized he and Alicia don't have much of a future together beyond the political and that's something he can't live with so onto the next job. I'm glad Finn is back onto the table. Him becoming Alicia's deputy director feels right and would be interesting to explore with the underlying romantic tension between them despite Finn having a girlfriend which I feel won't last.

    I enjoy the double act of Alicia and Marissa. I hope she becomes a series regular.

  2. So cool watching Alicia being evil and using her power as state attorney! Her snarky little threat to her partners at the end was brilliant! I definitely want them to go against each other soon.

    So true how this show thrives when it shuffles its status quo! It's funny how it has the exact OPPOSITE effect on every other show in television (Revenge's awful fourth season comes to mind)

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