Scandal 4×18 – Honor Thy Father

"We're the good guys. But you won't always be able to tell."


What a fantastic ending!

I often forget that Jake killed James, and that he’s no better than the rest of the murderers and psychopaths on Scandal. I bring this up because I was more than ready to see him get killed off this week as Quinn and company tried to hunt him down, only for that uber-effective bombshell to drop in the episode’s final moments. So not only was David’s assistant a B613 agent, but Papa Pope returned (with Liv’s one night stand in tow) as the screen cut to black. I of course shudder at the thought of yet another horrendous Rowan Pope monologue, but something in my bones tells me that Shonda Rhimes is finally ready to put B613 to rest, and that this is her final endgame. A guy can hope right? Cross your fingers people.

Honor Thy Father also introduced Mellie’s “half-sister” Harmony played by True Blood alum Lauren Bowles. Honestly, I think I enjoyed this subplot way more than it deserved, but Bellamy and Bowles displayed a casual chemistry that proved highly enjoyable as they bickered and argued. In addition, the subplot was a huge step forward for Mellie and Fitz’s relationship; I loved seeing the latter really step up and play the role of First Lady for his wife by tending to Harmony and her insecurities. It’s just extremely refreshing to see the duo on the same side, and even more exciting to see Fitz so confident in his wife’s chances of winning. Can Mellie just take the Oval Office already?

As for our case of the week, the convicted dad taking one for his son wasn’t exactly fresh, but it at least gave Liv some room to breathe and an opportunity to show off her chops. Her speech (“let him go”) was impeccably delivered by Washington, and it provided a satisfying resolution to an otherwise predictable plot line.

Scandalous Bits

– How great was Jake’s fight with Charlie amongst all the dead bodies? And the reveal that David’s assistant was there hiding under that table? Awesomesauce.

– The dinner scene with Harmony calling The President “Fitz” was an absolute hoot.

– The scene with the four assassins on the steps discussing Jake was great. I especially liked Charlie kissing Quinn goodbye.

– I am genuinely loving Mellie and Liz’s partnership. Well done writers.

– It’s just hilarious that Jake murdered yet ANOTHER person right in front of David (and splattered him with blood in the process).

– Even better touch to that final twist: Liv was there standing next to Jake as he listened in on everybody. Super cool!


Russell: You shout… in your sleep. About a red door and a ring in other languages.
Olivia: You have to go.
Russell: French, Russian, Farsi, mandarin, and I want to say… Swahili? Zulu?
Olivia: Both.

Liz: When was the last time you went to church?
Harmony: You are down South, honey. You are in church right now.

Liz: Mellie, she smiles. She’s polite. But right under the surface, she is 50 Shades of Angry. I saw it. It would take a top journalist less than two days to open her right up. Add in fame… if Oprah showed up, it would take 15 minutes.

Cyrus: Team Fitzmel or Mellitz or whatever the hell it is will be over, because if there is one thing Fitz hates… and I’m using the word “hates” here… it’s the messy, petty, bitchy craziness that overtakes Mellie when her dirty laundry of a family is exposed to the open air.

Cyrus: You look… festive.
Harmony: How’s it going with that prostitute of yours you got mixed up with?
Cyrus: We got married. Thanks for asking.

Huck: Do you wanna know what I would have done if that were my kid?
Quinn & Olivia: NO!

Fitz: What are they made from?
Harmony: Mostly deer fat, sometimes a little duck. Of course, if I don’t have anything else on hand, I’ll just use plain old bacon.

Fitz: (to Mellie) You want to do my job? Every day, you have to decide between something terrible that you hate and something horrible that you hate.

Huck: You don’t know Jake. You don’t know me or Charlie. You don’t know us until we’re making you scream.

Fitz: You just have to make her feel welcome.
Mellie: That was your job. I am the candidate now. You were supposed to be me in there, not the sullen, beleaguered leader of the free world, but the chipper first lady, quick with a distracting anecdote to dissolve the tension and flatter the visitor.
Fitz: You’re gonna win this race, Mel. And I’m gonna be right by your side when you do.

David: You’re like the president, declaring war to save her. You’re making the wrong decision. She will not like this. That’s not how she’s built. How come nobody knows that but me?

Must-Download Tunes
Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers
Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) by The Family Stone
I’ve Got Dreams to Remember by Otis Redding

Although the ending was quite the jawdropper, the rest of the hour was solid albeit unspectacular.

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  1. Nad, I share your hope of an impending B6-13 endgame. And I've been enjoying Fitz and Mellie's relationship this season as they seem to come to a new understanding about their marriage. It makes me wonder how long it will last until those two are butting heads again.

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