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The Good Wife 6×18 – Loser Edit

"If you don't want a story to be told, it's better to tell it yourself."


I know many people have been criticizing The Good Wife this year, but I’ve found this season to be beyond solid.

Loser Edit is most notable for the return of Lily Rabe as Petra, the ambitious and extremely sneaky journalist. Although I’d forgotten about her past appearances, her machinations this week were highly amusing. From the various scenes with her working with the editor on crafting the expose on Alicia, to Peter finally putting her in her place (in a most badass manner), the entire plot was awesome from start to finish. I was especially captivated by the fact that I myself wanted Alicia to be protected (because she’s the hero of the piece), but as Petra mentioned, the public has a right to know the truth about “Saint Alicia.” It’s this kind of exploration into grey areas that The Good Wife excels it on a regular basis. We also got a last-minute twist with Petra’s expose blaming Alicia for “rigging” votes. Obviously there’s something more going on here, and I wonder if this will eventually lead back to Peter’s vote rigging debacle (probably the case). Hmm..

Could it be? Was I actually riveted by a Kalinda plot? Andrew Wiley’s return added a sense of urgency this week and I found myself completely terrified for Kalinda by the time this episode came to a close. Loser Edit also benefited from pairing Kalinda with Finn (both haven’t been doing much lately), and I have no doubt that this dynamic will yield even more explosive results now that Andrew has confirmed Kalinda erasing the metadata. Even more unsettling? Diane might end up paying the price as well since she unknowingly used our investigator’s evidence. Uh oh.

Since I’m always a fan of Christine Baranski getting screen-time, I found Diane working the mock trial for RJ to be quite compelling. The wedding cake debate with the gay plaintiffs and the various facets of discrimination proved to be enormously interesting. I especially liked the many cutaways to gay couples of different ethnicities as Diane shuffled through the various possibilities. As always, this was a case of The Good Wife playing and tinkering with its visual palette for maximum results.

Cases & Bits

– Wiley’s rowdy kids are back, and they’re still causing havoc at every turn.

– Superb touch: text from Alicia’s naughty emails appearing over the opening credits.

– Loved Alicia snapping and admitting she had an affair with Will.

– What happened to the emails about Alicia’s one night stand with Elfman’s? Or the even naughtier Will ones which CONFIRMED the sexy times instead of ambitious “flirtations”. Pretty conveniently forgotten I suppose.

– How perfect was the Alicia/Peter wine scene? It got me wondering if Peter might end up being her one true love after all. Also funny: her saying that sex is absolutely not going to happen. Akh Peter you horny dog.

– Diane casting RJ’s nephew in the mock trial was a dirty move; loved it!

– I cheered when Peter dealt with Petra during the interview and then arrogantly told her that it “went well” before shaking her hand. Burn.

Good Lines

Diane: A lion’s den is perfectly safe when you have God on your side.

Peter: You have to control the narrative.
Alicia: To keep me from looking like the slutty wife.
Peter; Yeah. It’ll kill you.

Alicia: It’s kind of odd that we’re discussing this so calmly.
Peter: I’m hoping it’s maturity.
Alicia: Really? Is that what it looks like?
Peter: Talking calmly. Not yelling. Making sense. Yeah.
Alicia: Have we come through the other side?
Peter: What other side?
Alicia: Of anger. Jealousy. Disgust.
Peter: Did I disgust you?
Alicia: For a while. Actually, it’s kind of nice sitting here, drinking together. It’s like watching two other people drink.
Peter: And what do those two other people do?
Alicia: They used to be married. They like each other. They forgot that they’re supposed to hate each other.

Peter: I know you think I’ve been a dog, Alicia, and I know you think I’ve been a bad husband, but… I’ve never been as bad as you’ve wanted me to be.
Alicia: That’s probably true.
Peter: And I loved you. I still love you.
Alicia: I don’t know, Peter. “Love” is a word that is so exhausted. I wish it meant something to me.

Kalinda: Do I need to contain this?
Finn: That’s an understatement.

Another week, another inventive and absorbing hour from The Good Wife.

Nad Rating


  1. I actually liked the episode unlike some other people who have harshly criticized. The mock trial was an enjoyable battle of wills. The storylines involving Alicia and Kalinda had me on the edge of my seat. I liked that Finn is Kalinda's lawyer now. The more of Finn, the better.

    And, Nad, you forgot to mention the consequence Kalinda's actions would have on Cary since he was released of all charges based partially on the faulty evidence.

    Alicia being accused of rigging votes concerns me. I just don't want Alicia to lose her State Attorney position.

  2. Obviously I disagree with all your points and LOVED the hour (as well as the entire season). Thank God I still adore the show; sorry it's been such a disappointment to you!

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