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Cougar Town 6×13 – Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Series Finale)

"If you feel like you've seen something before, it should be déjà view."


I can’t believe it; it’s really over.

Cougar Town is undoubtedly one of my most favorite comedies of all time. The characters, the music, the setting – it managed to overcome an extremely off-putting title (and less than stellar first season) with its downright lovable ensemble and quirky brand of humour. Moreover, the show routinely infused its episodes with a whole lot of heart that few comedies could replicate. Thankfully, unlike the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, the Cougar Town series finale produced an ending that was befitting of the show’s amazing journey.

Thematically, the show ended on a glorious note with Grayson orchestrating Jules’ funeral, and her poignantly realizing how she brought out the best in all of her friends as they gathered around her (with all those neighborhood lights). This kind of morbid funeral twist would only work on a show like Cougar Town with its unique combo of humor and heart. Funnily enough, I knew there was something off with everyone suddenly needing a reason to leave, but I was still caught by surprise. That’s how much this show’s charm and inherent likability throws me off.

Also, the show’s final scene was completely perfect: the gang drinking wine in Jules’ kitchen (like they always have), as our protagonist wonders if this is how it will always be. It’s incredibly heartfelt as they all cheer and kiss (except for Ellie who doesn’t let Andy near her lips of course), and the camera slowly zooms out the window. That tracking shot is an inspired choice because it’s usually Tom’s perspective, only this time he’s finally included and part of the gang. Perfection.

Drinks & Pieces

– The show’s final title card is “Sunshine State”. They finally got a new title! And you know what, I prefer Cougar Town!

– The finale paid tribute to so many iconic, long-running bits from the show: Ellie killing herself and hurling the imaginary knife at Grayson, “imaginary hat/confetti”, everyone saying “what?”, Jules needing a baby fix (via sniffing), Jules saying weird phrases (“you need to slap out of it“), Penny Can (in a nightclub), everyone shivering at the thought of Travis-Laurie sex, deja-view (love Jules’ reasoning behind it), and my favorite.. “change approved!”

– I’m really glad they never killed off Chick (with his Alzeimers and all). It would have been too heartbreaking.

– Coconut water gives Jules fruit farts. Noted.

– How odd was it to see the gang in a NIGHTCLUB of all places? It’s such a bizarre setting for them. But the highlight here? Jules asking for Big Chuck and purposely dropping it. Ah the memories!

– Although it’s unfortunate that Brian Van Holt couldn’t return for the series finale for whatever reason, it was still somewhat satisfying to have him included in all those group scenes via iPad.

– Great little bit: Jules trying to keep Travis by telling him Laurie isn’t good enough!

– I would have loved to have seen Laurie and Travis move into the neighbourhood. But I can imagine not much will change.

– Charlotte Lawrence, who sings the finale’s gorgeous end tune (see below), is the daughter of Christa Miller (who plays Ellie) and Bill Lawrence (the creator of Cougar Town). Super cool no? Adopt me please!

– Seriously I can’t praise the show’s cast enough. Every one of the Cul-de-Sac Crew was flawless, providing that special something that made Cougar Town so darn special. The dynamics between each of them elevated the comedy on a weekly basis. I can’t wait to follow all of their careers, and I do wish the Emmy Awards had recognised their remarkable efforts on this show.  But hey, at least we got six seasons!

Priceless Sips

Jules: The last owner murdered his family here. I mean, not all of them in the house. The wife made it to the street.

Grayson: He’s calling me pony boy because he sleep-walked into our bedroom last night and tried to mount me.
Jules: It was adorable.
Ellie: Wow, you finally had a threesome with Grayson and a family member. I always thought it would be Travis.
Jules: Me too. I love having family around. You know what would be amazing?
Grayson: Besides your dad not sleeping nude?

Grayson: As usual, I assume you are going to do everything in your power to ruin it.
Jules: Well, I’ll try not to, but it’s probably gonna happen.
Tom: That’s exactly how I feel about killing you all.

Travis: Well, maybe it would be easier if you didn’t ask for presents that were impossible to get.
Jules: I’ve seen a baby tiger. I know they exist.
Laurie: They do. I tried to steal you one at a circus last year and ended up in circus prison. You know those little, red train cars with the bars like in “Dumbo”? That’s what they use for their jails. And FYI, if an animal misbehaves, it gets thrown in the same cell. There was this adorable little monkey– apparently he went nuts under the big top and started running around and ripping the earrings off of women, you know, lobes and all.

Ellie: The elementary school in Gulfhaven is terrible.
Laurie: No, it’s not. I went there. I got straight O’s. They only give two grades– “Okay” and “Not Okay.”

Jules: Can I get a glass of wine for the walk?
Grayson: It’s only like 50 feet away.
Jules: Oh, right. Give me two.

Jules: Is everyone from that ocean race okay?
Laurie: Let’s just say that they eventually found everyone.
(Ellie runs in)
Jules: Are you all right?
Ellie: I-I can’t catch my breath.
Laurie: (handing her wine) Here, drink this.
Travis: Babe, that’s how things went bad at the ocean race.

Andy: And with that jacuzzi in the master, we can finally take a bath together again.
Ellie: Did you say “Again”?

Travis: You’re the best mom I could ask for.
Jules: That is so sweet. Do you want Laurie to leave so you can bring that thought home and tell me I’m the most important woman in your life?
Travis: Please don’t make me.

Tom: The love between you and Trav is truly beautiful.
Jules: I really feel like he’s my soul mate.

Tom: I’m just dropping by to let you know that, uh, my girlfriend, Mary, thinks I should stop hanging around outside your window. Something about missing our anniversary to watch you drink coffee.
Jules: But that was such a fun morning.
Tom: Wasn’t it? You know, I never had a friend like you before. You’ve always made me feel included. I’m so grateful for that. I brought your robe back.
Jules: Why do you have my robe?
Tom: Must have got mixed in with my mail.

Grayson: I can’t believe I married someone with a family member named Pootie.

Mary: Is this some sort of virtual hillbilly app?

Jules: Travis slow dances with me!

Jules: They’re taking the chair.
Ellie: I know you’re sad, but do you have to be sad about each item.
Jules: They’re taking the other chair.

Jules: (to Travis) You’re a nerd. Find a science-y way for me to live in your blood.

Laurie: You know, you were the first person who ever believed in me. You showed me that I was more than just a hot piece of townie tail with legs that won’t quit and an ass that’s like ba-pow and a face that says, “You know you want to.”

Jules: Why is everyone leaving me?
Grayson: I would never leave you. I mean, I’m leaving right now. I’m gonna go to work. It’s my birthday. I figured this night was so shot to hell, might as well go make us some money.
Jules: This is the worst birthday of my life. My heart is broken. And I’m sorry, okay? I don’t want to live on Grayson Island. I mean, I want you. I do. I love you. I want you forever. But you know me. I have way too much love to give. You couldn’t handle all that love.
Grayson: That’s stupid.
Jules: Really? All the love that I give everyone directed at you 24/7.
Grayson: Yeah, that would not be good.
Jules: Grayson, the most important thing to me in my life are the people in it. It’s everything to me. And now they’re gone.
Grayson: Yeah, you know, I actually miss them, too. You know, I spent my entire life building these walls around myself, but then my wife, Jules, she broke those walls down. I love Jules so much. My life didn’t really start until after I met her.
Jules: Why are you talking about me like I’m dead?
Grayson: Well, isn’t that what you wanted as a birthday present?

Chick: Junebug, we don’t have a cousin named Pootie. No one does.

Jules: Do you guys ever wonder if this is what we’ll be doing for the rest of our lives? I mean, we’re all adults, so the odds are, not that much is gonna change. We’re gonna probably do this for the rest of our years, just drinking wine and hanging out, doing nothing. (She pauses) We are SO lucky.

Must-Download Tune
Ever After by Charlotte Lawrence

A touching and uplifting series finale for one of television’s finest comedies. Thank you Cougar Town, for going out on top.

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