Revenge 4×19 – Exposure

"For the first time... I have no idea what's coming next."


This felt like a series finale.

I don’t know if the show’s writers had received word around this point that Revenge would not make it to season five (even though ABC has yet to make a formal announcement), but Exposure felt like the beginning of the end. All the various flashbacks and montages were impeccably edited, and they did an incredible job of touching on the core emotional points that made Revenge so addictive even in the midst of some atrocious storytelling (particularly in season two).

I especially loved the throwbacks to Tom Kingsly and the rest of Emily’s takedowns, which helped illuminate just how far she and Nolan had come throughout the course of the show. However, it was painfully contrived to see that Nolan had kept so much proof of Emily’s misdeeds. He’s far too smart to leave such a trail, and the reasoning behind it (that he wanted to be part of something “bigger”), wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. But hey, at least we got to see Emily go completely berserk on her best friend (which she’s rarely ever done).

Now let’s discuss that final scene. Who’s the mystery figure who circled Emily’s face? My bet’s on Lydia, although with David Clarke being alive, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers threw in Conrad as the final villain just for the heck of it. God knows this show’s completely jumped the shark more than once at this point. Guesses people?

Vengeful Bits

– Louise comparing Emily to Monte Cristo felt like a very meta-moment for the show; Revenge was marketed by ABC before its debut as a modern retelling of the classic tale.

– It’s funny how through all the flashbacks, no mention was made of Declan or Emily’s mom (who’s name I can’t even remember). That’s how useless those two characters were. Oh look Charlotte! (cringe).

– Margaux finally told Vicky that Emily didn’t push her in front of the cab. Well that fizzled out faster than it ever gained any traction.

– Emily’s live TV interview was awesome! She even brought along her infinity box. Heh.

– I had completely forgotten about Nolan’s iconic whale camera!

– Seriously the editing in all the montages this week was masterful.

– Loved Emily saying that Vicky was born with a dark soul as we see the queen of darkness watching our heroine in Times Square on the big screen.

– Thank God Jack didn’t listen to Nolan when he told him to go after Emily AGAIN! The man has embarrassed himself enough!

– Although I’m not Margaux’s biggest fan, her scene showing sympathy to Vicky and her journey was pretty insightful.

– Gorgeous moment with David and Emily sitting on the porch as he read the famous letter out loud (he even put his arm around her in both the past and the present). And Emily’s line about not knowing what comes next was pretty ominous.

– That island at the end was some cheap CGI. Shudder.

Devious Delights

Nolan: Twitter’s debating what people are supposed to call you now. #amanda or #emily?

Nolan: I wish the same could be said for all of our take-downs. I’ve been tracking them, and one’s been particularly busy, making calls to the rest of the Red Sharpie Society.

Victoria: You’re supposed to be the next Nolan Ross.

Louise: I mean, the news is calling her the modern-day Count of Monte Cristo.
Victoria: Oh, how fitting, since they’re both works of fiction.

A nostalgic and moving hour that sets the stage for the show’s swan song (hopefully).

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  1. I don't remember the last time any show has done a clip-show lol. But seriously, this was kind of amazing. I just wish the Tom Kingsley return wasn't resolved so quickly.

    Margaux has to die. She just has to.

    And could that mystery person in the end be Conrad?? That would be awesome but such a jump-the-shark moment (again and again). I hope the show ends with some dignity this year.

  2. I thought the mystery villain at the end might be Conrad. If it is, it only shows how desperate the show is for ideas although bringing back David Clarke might already be a sign of that.

  3. My first thought was Lydia. They mentioned her earlier in the episode and had a flashback as well. The last time she appeared after an extended absence, they'd name dropped her earlier in that episode too. And since she's still out there somewhere, she makes the most sense… unless it was Charlotte…

    I usually don't like clip shows, but I thought the flashbacks were well done in this one. Probably because the entire show wasn't clips.

    Margaux is getting more annoying and schizophrenic by the week – destroy Emily, don't destroy Emily… pick a side and stay there already.

    It would be nice if this show would wrap it all up on a high note, but probably not gonna happen. Too bad.

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