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The Good Wife 6×19 – Winning Ugly

"There've been more remakes of this case than Spiderman."


So that’s it? Is Alicia not going to be State’s Attorney anymore? While the manner in which this development was executed was admittedly shocking and effective, I’m going to be extremely disappointed if this is what Alicia’s political run amounted to in the end. It just feels like we devoted far too much time for her to lose and┬áreturn┬áto the state quo at the law firm. Still, I have faith in Robert and Michelle King, so I won’t judge until I see what else they have up their sleeves. I do hope however, that Alicia doesn’t step down without a fight; her journey demands a kicks resolution to this storyline.

Alicia’s downfall was particularly memorable because it featured the introduction of the immensely talented Ron Rifkin (of Alias fame) as Spencer Randolph. The man was a downright iconic villain on my favorite spy-show, so it was a real treat to see him pull a 180 and throw Alicia, his client, under the bus in the hour’s final moments. This powerhouse scene lead to a broken Alicia confronting her supposed idol, before falling into Peter’s arms and sobbing it all out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nothing is more gut-wrenching than seeing Julianna Margulies cry her eyes out.

As for Kalinda’s metadata debacle, it all came crashing down after Diane was alerted of the truth. We’ve rarely seen Diane angry at our favourite investigator, so this was a highly welcome turn that grippingly culminated with Lockhart facing the possibility of jail time if she doesn’t testify against Bishop. I always found it bizarre how Carey was suddenly pushed to the sidelines after a story arc that took center stage in the first half of the season, so things undoubtedly feel like they are coming full circle again. Will Carey indeed testify instead? Has Kalinda’s final sacrifice almost arrived? Crazy things are coming people! Let’s hope this season doesn’t drop the ball in its final hours.

Bits & Cases

– Typical cool Good Wife touch with Alicia lowering and increasing the volume on her TV set as we listen to bits and pieces alongside her.

– Amazing moment with the waitress asking Alicia if she screwed Will. Even better? Alicia apprehensive of drinking the coffee.

– Love the satire videos of the old men reading the kinky texts between Alicia and Will. And then their talking continues over the opening credits. Genius. “Dot dot dot.”

– Very poignant moment with Alicia apologizing to Grace, and the latter asking her if she was ever with Will. Thankfully, Alicia was honest with her daughter.

– Ernie Nolan is quite the scumbag isn’t he? I genuinely cheered when it was revealed that Alicia had recorded their conversation.

– The judge saying that he “needs a drink” – hilarious.

– I really, really don’t like Geneva Pine.

– Superb twist with the hacking device being used for the Senator and not Alicia (or Peter).

Good Lines

Spencer: Don’t you agree, ma’am?
Marissa: Yes, I do. Oh, you mean Alicia.

Waitress: So, did you do it?
Alicia: Do what?
Waitress: Screw your boss.
Alicia: I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s any of your business.
Waitress: You don’t get to decide when it’s my business.

Alicia: You didn’t tell me you were going after Peter.
Randolph: I’m going after Peter.

As far as I’m concerned, The Good Wife can do no wrong. Another top-notch hour from my favorite drama.

Nad Rating


  1. Nad, I would hate if this is how Alicia's State Attorney storyline ends because it make much of the season a big waste of time unless it leads to a new status quo that won't have her return to just being a partner in a law firm. Maybe being this close to a State Attorney position makes her realize that she is no longer content with running a law firm. She wants more in her life and that could lead to her finding a different path to achieving it.

    Alicia breaking down in tears after being ruthlessly betrayed broke my heart. I hate how she was screwed over in this episode.

    I like where the Kalinda storyline is going. Things are really heating up.

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