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Gotham 1×19 – Beasts of Prey

“I’m gonna tell on you.”


No, this isn’t a line from a ‘90s kids show. This is a line from a grown-ass man who exists in the Gotham universe, unfortunately for him and us. Yes, Gotham is back after a very long hiatus—and it’s exactly the way we left it.

I’m not complaining that the show took a long break, but after being away for so long I realized how much I hadn’t missed this show. Or more precisely the Fish Mooney show because, sadly for everyone who still watches Gotham willingly or unwillingly, there was way too much focus on this dreadful character this week.

I’ve complained in the past that The Flash has an Iris problem, but that’s seriously nothing when you think of the Fish problem here. Her storyline felt so randomly removed from everything else that was happening in Gotham that it was so easy to get distracted with something else while watching. There were times I had to pause and rewind back a few scenes that she was in—not because I wanted to but because my mind literally goes somewhere else when she’s on screen. Luckily, if that final scene is any indication, her entire existence is coming to an end soon.

The other subplot the show tried to squeeze in involved an angry Jim Gordon which, at this point, just means Jim Gordon. I’ll admit I did slightly enjoy the case-of-the-week this time because it felt different than what we’re accustomed to and I always love seeing Milo Ventimiglia (even if he’s not trying to save the world this time). The flashbacks however were a bit random and silly (two words used to describe this show perfectly). Let’s hope this arc lasts longer than two episodes before it’s resolved because lord knows this show could benefit from some serialized storytelling, and the Ogre seems like a perfect villain to carry on that kind of commitment. If this show has taught us anything though, it’s to never get our hopes up.

The most entertaining subplot, also completely unrelated to everything else happening in this disjointed episode, involved Bruce and Selina tracking down Reggie to find out why he attacked Alfred. I can never get enough of this pairing, and knowing the kind of relationship future Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle will have made their final moment—the moment Selina confidently pushes Reggie to death—so much more riveting. It’s quite amazing how these two young actors are really the only ones at this point able to keep me from quitting this show for good. They’re so charismatic and talented, they make Jada Pinkett Smith look like a fool. A fool, I tell ya.

Also another word used to describe this show.

Bat Bits

– I’ve so far only seen the first episode of Netflix/Marvel’s Daredevil and honestly, just that one-hour makes everything I’ve seen on Gotham look pathetic.

– No one cares about the Dollmaker or the island or Fish’s extremely predictable escape plan. Okay, show?

– Seriously, when Reggie told Bruce and Selina “I’m gonna tell on you” I felt like the only way to describe my reaction is in the world of emojis. *facepalm*

-On the plus side, no Barbara!

– Penguin had a few scenes this week that involved a plan to buy a bar and take down Maroni. Yawn.

– Loved Bruce and Alfred’s scene at the Wayne mansion. Can we have a spinoff with just these two and Selina? And maybe sometimes Jim?

– Milo Ventimiglia as a villain or a “hero”? Honestly, I loved him on Heroes but he wasn’t menacing enough here. I hope he becomes ruthless next week.

– I still love Leslie so much, especially with Jim. But I’m scared she’s going to end up dead after that ending.

Cracks From Gotham

Harvey: Ed, question. Would you rather work more or less?
Ed Nygma: Is this a riddle?

Leslie: You had me at ‘homicide’.

Bruce: He said Reggie would be at a shooting gallery.
Selina: That’s not the same as a gun range, silly. You really need to get out more.

Jim: If I drop it, I’m letting a serial killer go free. The blood of his next victim is on my hands. Harvey: If you don’t drop it, that blood could be Lee’s.

The show returns after a long break and tries to juggle several unrelated storylines in another underwhelming episode. It must be Monday on FOX.

Chris Rating


  1. Good point about angry Jim Gordon. He usually does seem angry most of the time. I don't know if it's due to the acting or how the character's been written or both.

    I do love me some Milo Ventimiglia. He is fully capable of bringing on the darkness. Movies like Pathology and The Divide are evidence of that.

    Compare to Daredevil, Gotham seems like a toddler version of a show.

  2. ahahah Justin. Toddler version is the PERFECT way to put it. So pedestrian and amateurish when compared the brilliance of Daredevil!

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