Scandal 4×20 – First Lady Sings the Blues

"Some people have bark, some people have bite. I have both."


50 stabs to the chest and still alive? Yup, must be another day on Scandal. 

Maybe I just get too excited at the prospect of a dull character biting the bullet (unlike Shonda’s recent ill-advised murder on Grey’s Anatomy), but I was disappointed to see Jake survive Russell’s brutal attack. Scandal needs to shake things up a bit; ever since Olivia’s kidnapping, the show’s been in a kind of a rut, and we’re starting replay the same B613 story beats over and over again.

On the bright side, Olivia proved she wasn’t a total buffoon by seducing Russell and then turning a firearm on him in the episode’s final moments. Here’s hoping her brand new initiative will end with Papa Pope’s death and the ultimate end of the B613 debacle. The show’s integrity depends on it.

As far as I’m concerned, Mellie’s storyline is what’s keeping everything afloat. I’m completely invested in her desire to become POTUS, and all the developments revolving around that storyline were fascinating to watch. Whether it was Cyrus’ epic face-off with Sally on live TV, to Olivia cracking the narrative and pushing Mellie to use her marriage to the world’s most powerful man as a strength, it was all impeccably structured and absorbing.

Interestingly enough, I actually felt bad for Black Sable when Liv stumbled on to her murdered body (alongside her grandkids). It was a harsh sequence, and while I was a bit irritated by Kerry’s over-the-top facial expressions, the move effectively showcased Papa Pope’s ruthlessness. Now it’s time for this entire disaster to be over.

Of COURSE Shonda can’t get rid of B613 without supplanting it with another ominously-titled conspiracy theory. Her next web of lies? Foxtail. I miss Defiance.

Scandalous Bits

– Words can’t express how much I enjoy Sally Langston as a villain. That woman’s got snark, and Kate Burton can do no wrong.

– Papa casually shooting Russell made me laugh.

– Fitz screaming at Cyrus and forcing him to go on Sally’s talk show was wonderfully satisfying.

– Seriously, the debate between Cyrus and Sally was SO well written. And the fact that he used Daniel Douglas against her? Genius.

– I gotta say, it was nerve-wracking to see Jake wake up (unable to speak) and spot his “killer”, Russell, right beside him. Talk about intense.

– So Fitz told Liv he’s trying to make amends for his sins. That’s the first likeable thing he’s done in a while. I guess Shonda is trying to rehab the character now? Because for over a year, he was severely unlikeable.

– Liv’s line about never leaving the island REALLY made me think about Lost. Shudder.

– The visual of Liv sitting beside her two wounded men (both of whom she’s slept with) was just plain funny.

– So not only does Olivia find Black Sable and her grandkids dead, she finds Kotsya stuffed in her trunk. Wow, thanks Pops.

– Just when I started liking Cyrus again, he went on ahead and started planting seeds of Mellie-doubt in Abby’s pretty little head.


Rowan: You failed, and Jake Ballard is very much alive.
Russell: If he’s alive, he’s hanging on by a thread.
Rowan: Then find him and cut the thread.

Sally: A private chef? Now, I’ve tasted that fried chicken myself, and I can personally vouch for its value.
Cyrus: So, you’re saying that women should get paid in fried chicken now? Are you being paid in fried chicken to host this show?

Cyrus: If this were a man we were talking about, if this were the First Gentleman, that’s exactly what we would be doing. I mean, tell me, Sally, if you’d been elected president, would you have stopped Daniel Douglas, rest his soul, from working outside the home?
Sally: It has been wonderful having you here.
Cyrus: The pleasure is all mine.

Mellie: Fitz and I are a team. We came in as a team, we are going out as a team.

David: We have Huck and Charlie!
Charlie: You don’t have me. I have me. And the me I have enjoys being alive. No.
David: We have Huck. We have Quinn.
Charlie: She was in b613 for like five minutes. She barely qualified for the health plan.

Enjoyable like most Scandal episodes, but ultimately sort of tiresome and redundant.

Nad Rating


  1. I knew Jake wasn't going to die. For some reason, Shonda feels the need to keep him going, a need that is beyond my understanding. Especially when she could let Jake live and Derek from Grey's Anatomy die.

    This season better end with the fall of Rowan Pope and B6-13. And I hope that whatever new conspiracy replace it fits the nature of Scandal as a political thriller and not some rip-off of Alias.

    I knew what's been driving Fitz has been a desire to make amends with him supporting Mellie's dreams and fighting to be a better President this time around in honor of his son which hasn't always been a success. But I wonder how long this peaceful truce between Mellie and Fitz will last. Not I don't find it an interesting change. I just suspect, at some point, those two will be going at it with each other like before.

  2. You're so right about Alias. I know Shonda is a fan of that show but Scandal rips it off HORRIBLY sometimes. Especially with the whole parents thing. (SPY MOMMY!)

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