Revenge 4×22 – Plea

"I don't know which Victoria Grayson you met, but my mine was the most manipulative human I've ever known."


Why does Revenge have to get so good just as it’s about to end?

But that’s a positive thing I guess. After floundering about for so long, it’s refreshing to see the show (possibly) go out with a bang. I just pray they can stick the landing because this was a superb penultimate episode.

Kudos to the Revenge crew and Madeleine Stowe for playing an impeccable PR game. After Victoria Grayson committed suicide a few weeks back, Stowe gave numerous interviews confirming the character’s death and silencing naysayers who thought it was all an act (myself included). That was a brilliant move on her part, because it made Plea all the more impactful. Sure I still had my doubts, but the fact that one of the show’s leading actresses had confirmed her exit, not to mention badmouthed the show (which she rightly believe should have ended a while ago), made the episode all the more exciting and satisfying. Truth be told, there’s no way Revenge could have ended without one final face-off between Emily and Victoria, and I’m glad that the show’s writers recognized that and didn’t deprive us of this climax. Plus the fact that White Gold finally returned and stabbed Ben to death already has me highly optimistic for next week’s closer. Goodbye Ben, you were terrible in every way.

As for the rest of the episode, I still have major issues with David Clarke’s cancer storyline. It just feels so unnecessary and needlessly depressing. And now it’s spread to his brain as well? Must Emily really go through all this after everything she’s endured? On the bright side, the sequence where Emily broke down and promised to help her father was a thing of absolute beauty; Emily VanCamp did some outstanding work here – perfectly capturing her character’s desperation and vulnerability. It’s a pity VanCamp was never recognized for her stellar work on Revenge. 

It’s worth mentioning that I hate how the writers dragged out Emily and Jack until the end. Although they always lacked chemistry, it was obvious they were the endgame couple, and it’s so very contrived to have her finally ready to commit just because the show is about to end. Part of me will always wish the writers took a risk and paired Emily and Daniel. That would have been one twisted duo (with sparks to spare).

Finally, a moment of praise for my favorite scene of the hour: Emily casually strutting out of her cell and entering Margaux’s. As far as I’m concerned, watching Emily threaten and ultimately choke Margaux was two seasons in the making. The latter is just a horrible character on every level, so this was a joy to behold. I just wish Ems punched her around a bit too.

Vengeful Bits

– Louise’ sadness over Victoria felt so fake as they barely had a relationship. Or maybe that’s the point? Cause she’s cray-cray?

– As Ben placed the ankle monitor on Emily, I so wanted her to bash his smug little face in.

– Even Jack kissing Emily has been postponed till the finale (with Nolan walking in at the wrong second). Lord.

– Speak of the devil, Charlotte is back! And she wasn’t annoying! It was actually refreshing to see her somewhat rehabilitated and aware of how evil and vindictive her mother was. Plus, props for continuity with the mention of Vicky’s first “death”.

– Hilarious moment with Emily putting the ankle monitor on David. And his reaction as he runs after her and aimlessly stands at the door has to be the single WORST PIECE OF ACTING I’ve ever witnessed. How is this guy even employed?

– Margaux having lunch on her own. Can we say loser? Sorry, cheap shot.

– I appreciate the fact that the police weren’t imbeciles and they sensed that the power break was Nolan helping Emily trick the monitor.

– How satisfying was Margaux getting arrested at the jewellery story by Jack’s bodyguard friend?

– Loved Emily describing Victoria’s entire plot to Ben, complete with all the various flashbacks. So it was Margaux who attacked Vicky in the lot!

– Funny how Ben “recognized’ the hoodie. Don’t all hoodies look the same? They really had to make him (and Louise) downright idiots for this entire storyline to work didn’t they?

– Courtney Love was seriously creepy in those final moments. Here’s hoping for a big fight between her and Ems in the finale. We need one more great action sequence.

Devious Delights

Emily: I was five minutes too late. Or maybe… four years too late. But… I wanna be with you. That’s why I need all of this to work, why I’m going after Mason, if I have to cut my damn foot off.

Emily: He built a second monitor, and he’ll use the diversion-
David: I don’t care if he builds a damn laser beam that turns you invisible.

Louise: Victoria Grayson was my own personal guardian angel.
Nolan: Louise-speak. Well, let’s put that through Google Translate and… You’re here to help clean up after your late vindictive friend and tie up any loose ends in her crazy-ass attempt to frame Emily.

Louise: You will not disrespect her memory while standing in her home.
Nolan: Well, I can’t stand in Emily’s home because your guardian angel blew it up!

Margaux: Morning? No, no, I need to get out today. What do you mean morning?!
Emily: It means you were framed at the worst possible time.

Emily: You don’t have to get hurt. Just answer my questions. How did Victoria set me up? Whose body was in my house? And extra bonus points… Where’s Victoria? I know she’s alive.
Margaux: You are delusional.
Emily: Delusional with nothing to lose. The guards schedule gives us exactly 11 minutes, which is… four minutes longer than I’ll need.
Margaux: What is all this?
Emily: I trained comprehensively to get revenge for my father. During my schooling, I learned a little something called “practical munitions.” The art of taking anything from your immediate environment and turning it into a weapon.
Margaux: You’re bluffing.
Emily: Batteries from a flashlight a guard misplaced, a set of steel keys… There you have it. One weapon, no waiting.
Margaux; What is the matter with you?
Emily: What is the matter with you, Margaux? You filled the empty space in your life with a lying, dangerous fanatic, and that is what you became. I don’t have sympathy for you. You brought this on yourself.
Margaux: I don’t know anything.
Emily: And I don’t believe you. Now you listen to me. My father is ill, and I refuse to spend the last days of his life in prison for something that I didn’t do. So last question, Margaux, and then I start with the cheekbones. I’m only gonna ask you once. How do you want to spend the next seven minutes?

Ben: (to Emily) No, it… It’s not that I don’t think you’re telling the truth. It’s that I don’t think you know how to tell the truth. All right, I don’t think there’s any difference in your head between the stories that you spin and actual facts. And that is what makes you dangerous.

Emily: You don’t know anything. There are clinical trials, experimental drugs. I have money to spend on this. Nolan has money to spend on this. If we have to fund our own damn lab, that is what we will do.
David: How did you learn to fight so hard?
Emily: Say it, Dad. (her voice breaks) Tell me that is what we will do.
David: That’s what we’ll do.

Although so many of its parts were frustrating, the overall narrative worked exceptionally well in setting up the hopefully-explosive series finale. Fingers crossed people.

Nad Rating


  1. Nad, I agree with you. Having Emily be ready to commit to Jack just when the show is about to end is contrived. I also love your thinking about Emily and Daniel as a twisted duo. Their relationship would be ten times exciting and interesting than whatever Emily and Jack could conjure up together.

    Victoria being alive threw me for a loop. I was completely fooled by the after-show interviews. But it makes sense for the show to end with Victoria and Emily having one last showdown.

    I loved Charlotte's reaction to her mother's death and her talking about Victoria faking her death once making Louise suspicious. Louise is beginning to open her eyes about the woman who she believed to be her idol and friend. I hope it continues through the finale.

  2. What caught me off guard and was the most surprising thing ever was how much I didn't despise seeing Charlotte back on the screen! But just to be on the safe side, let's not see her in the finale 🙂

    Loved the review Nad. Keeping my fingers crossed for that explosive finale.

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