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The Flash 1×21 – Grodd Lives

“You know anything about gorillas?”


I keep saying this every week, but I am seriously mind-blown by how utterly FANTASTIC this show has become. I feel so spoiled by The Flash and its writers now, and I have the biggest smile on my face because of it. What a breathtaking hour.

It’s safe to say we no longer have to compare this show to any other DC adaptation on the air right now because it’s standing on its own and making Gotham look like crap (okay, just this one funny comparison). And the best thing about this episode, at least for me, wasn’t even that damn gorilla.

Surprisingly, Iris was absolutely delightful to watch this week. It’s always been obvious that the show would benefit from her finding out the truth about Barry, but I didn’t think it would make her character seem any more interesting. I have to admit this storyline surely exceeded my expectations as Candice Patton portrayed a perfectly realistic and angry Iris. I loved her scenes with Barry, telling him how she should have been in the loop, and I loved her presence at STAR labs even more. I am so relieved this horrid subplot is finally over and Iris can become a real part of the team now. It’s about time, damn-it.

And then there’s Grodd. My goodness, that was one epic showdown between this terrifying gorilla and The Flash. I don’t understand how this show is capable of delivering such incredible special effects and graphics on a television budget because the episode packed a whole bunch of gripping and stunning visuals. It was all so impeccably done, I did not have time to blink.

The super-sonic punch returned! But it was easily shot down by Grodd (damn monkey!) as he later threw Barry into a brick wall, ultimately defeating him. I am beyond thrilled by how everything transpired here, even with the breathtaking ending of Grodd climbing up that building. It’s so exciting to see him undefeated and how he uses his telepathic abilities to control people, and even more exciting is the team’s realization at the end that this was all Harrison’s plan in the first place: to distract The Flash with a frightening telepathic gorilla while he keeps Eddie hostage even longer.

With only two episodes left before the season ends, I have to admit The Flash has been exceptional as of late. It’s gotta be one of the most entertaining, fast-paced and compelling shows on TV right now. This is how you do a genre show, ladies and gentlemen. Just…wow.

Speedy Bits

– I loved that General Eiling returned as a villain (sort-of). The team’s conversation with him after they locked him up in the metahuman prison was extremely fun to watch.

– More awesomeness: Grodd holding The Flash up in the air by the neck. That was just terrifying, but in a good I-want-to-see-more-of-that kind of way.

– I loved Iris so much, I didn’t even find her motivational speech to Barry through the speaker (which ultimately brought him back on his feet) cheesy or lame.

– Eddie and Harrison’s scenes were exceptional as well, especially when Harrison got fed up of his prisoner always saying that The Flash would come to his rescue.

– Absolutely brutal: Harrison showing Eddie that Iris will become Barry’s wife in the future. I literally screamed here, and I’m not even sure how I feel about Eddie. That line though: “You don’t even get the girl”. Ouch.

– More brutality: Joe screaming for help as Grodd pulled him out.

– If I have any complaints about the episode, it’s Cisco’s overload of movie references. I usually love them, but they were a little too much here.

– That ending though…is that the particle accelerator? Oh boy, the finale is going to be EPIC.

– This episode only makes me more excited about Supergirl (which is headed to CBS) and the Arrow/The Flash spinoff. You gotta love TV right now.

Red Blurs & One-Liners

Eddie: I don’t suppose you brought lunch.
Harrison: Do you know human beings can survive up to two months without food?
Eddie: Is that how long you plan on keeping me here?

Barry: What is a grodd?
Joe: It’s your monkey.

Barry: Oh, Grodd is a gorilla.

Cisco: If I hadn’t seen Jurassic Park, I wouldn’t be nearly as frightened right now.

Harrison: Eobard is a distinguished name for a distinguished member of a distinguished family.
Eddie: It’s depressing to think all of my descendants are as crazy as you.
Harrison: You are the only Thawne to be all but forgotten by history. Waste of a life, waste of a man and oh no. You don’t even get the girl.
Eddie: What’re you talking about?
Harrison: Observe, if you will, the byline. Barry marries Iris and not you. We’re just gonna have to give this ring back to Grandma Agnes.

Cisco: I think we know what happens when a super-intelligent ape who’s pissed off at humans escapes captivity.

Grodd: Grodd hate banana.

A pulse-pounding and thrilling hour from start to finish. So damn fun.

Chris Rating


  1. WORD! This was just mind-blowing on every level. Nothing else I would add, you mentioned everything I loved about it. THIS was the episode that made me truly LOVE the show. I had my reservations about cheesiness before, but not anymore!

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