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Grey’s Anatomy 11×23 – Time Stops

“Look around you. Say hello to your competition.”


Well, that felt like a reboot.

For the second time in a row, post-McDreamy Grey’s Anatomy felt unsatisfying and underwhelming. A new batch of interns came in, and I’m already dreading this storyline because I know I don’t want a bunch of new actors joining the already-overcrowded show. Sadly, nothing about this storyline felt new or interesting. It felt like a very unwelcoming reboot. I don’t know if I’m prepared for this.

But luckily, Time Stops did a few things right. For some reason, I’m still waiting for these characters to deal with Derek’s death in a heartbreaking matter even though it’s been over a year since he died, according to their timeline. That’s part of the reason I loved Meredith and Amelia’s face-off near the end of the episode. Everything Amelia said about Mer not calling her to be with Derek as she coldheartedly pulled the plug on him was brutally true, and it was so damn satisfying to finally hear someone on the show actually say that.

I love how random that scene felt at first, so disjointed from all the craziness that was happening in the hospital (another catastrophe that makes Seattle look REALLY bad), and Caterina Scorsone played the brokenhearted angry sister in a truly outstanding matter. Ellen’s Meredith breaking down and throwing things away was the icing on the cake. What a breathtaking, wonderfully-written scene.

Sadly, everything else was too underwhelming in comparison. I won’t even begin to say how upset it makes me that Meredith wants to sell the McDreamy House and move back in with Alex, proving once again that Shonda has issues with everything Derek-related but has no problem pissing off longtime fans. A random patient gets a freakin’ two-episode arc (and this was one of those rare times I honestly didn’t care if the patient lived or died) while Derek didn’t. Sorry, still not over that.

I’m hesitant whether the show is going to completely fall off the wagon next year (yes, it’s been renewed) or try to find its way back, but so far I’m highly unimpressed. I feel like I’m just watching to get it over with, to finish this season, and there’s barely any entertainment out of it anymore. The show has never fell this low before, so kudos for always surprising us?

Bits & Scalpels

– Loved Richard reprising his speech to the new batch of interns as everyone else in the gallery watched and recalled it with him.

– 2 seconds of young George and Cristina! Aww.

– Seriously, I couldn’t care for the cases of the week at all. Or even Richard and Catherine calling off their wedding.

– Meredith, Maggie, April and Amelia showing up at the crash-site felt very reminiscent (or maybe an exact copy) of the season-three ferry boat crash episode.

– April on the ambulance in the closing moments of the episode was a bit superhero-ish, no? I literally laughed at that sight.

– Speaking of which, how are we supposed to care about Jackson and April’s fight if it was spoon-fed to us last week? This has to be one of the worst new post-killing-McDreamy storylines.

– I actually liked Stephanie a little more this week. I have a feeling the intern posing as a doctor will be a love interest for her.

– Bailey is still one of my least favorite characters right now. Bailey as Chief will probably look even worse on her.

– Seriously though, why didn’t Meredith call Amelia before letting Derek die like that?

– Funny little sidenote: Shonda Rhimes is STILL editing next week’s finale today. I have absolutely no idea what to expect but it’s safe to say I’m not expecting anything great.

Grey Banter

Alex: They look stupid.
Meredith: They look like babies. Were we ever that young?

Stephanie: I have three rules. One, listen to the nurses. Respect the nurses. Do whatever the nurses say. You may think you know more than the nurses. You do not. Two, your life is now all about me, not about you or your boyfriend…your fight with your sister…or your nasty little rash down there. So, when we are focused on me, we are learning to be surgical gods. When we are focused on you, we’re working at a gas station. Three, no complaining. You complain and you are out. Got it?

Richard: A month ago, you were in med school being taught by doctors. Today, you are the doctors.

Maggie: Why do people constantly feel the need to kill their arteries?

Amelia: What if I could have helped him? What if I had a chance? I pull off miracles for a living! I have proven that I can reverse the impossible! I should have been there!

Meredith: I came back, but I’m not home. And I really want to be home.

The show is undergoing a reboot, one that I am terribly conflicted with. Luckily, Meredith and Amelia’s scene saved the episode from completely flunking.

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  1. So true about the Ferry boat. Exactly what it reminded me of as well! I wasn't as annoyed as you were, but the show definitely feels weird. The Amelia-Meredith DEFINITELY saved it.

    And I enjoy everything Catherine Avery does. I wish she would be the new chief, but maybe that position will salvage Baily who has gotten useless this season!

  2. Catherine as chief would be REALLY fun. I hope the show goes there. And yes, the show feels very weird Nad.

    I hope the season ends with a bang.

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