Scandal 4×21 – A Few Good Women

"Oh, you're gonna ruin my day. You're gonna ruin the White House's day, aren't you?"


Raise your hand if you knew Foxtail was a person, and that it was MELLIE of all people. Anybody?

I gotta say, that was one heck of an effective twist. Seeing as how the First Lady is my favourite character on Scandal, placing her at the center of the show’s latest conspiracy is a genius move. It personalizes the stakes, and gets me completely invested in the upcoming season finale (whereas I had zero interest in repetitive B613 drama). I loved everything about Mellie’s journey to President this week – from that outstanding speech in Virginia where she finally “threw Fitz under the bus”, to that jaw-dropping final moment where she shook hands with her new “donor”, Rowan Pope. Well played Shonda (I only wish I could say the same about your recent Grey’s Anatomy shenanigans).

Aa for our case-of-the-week, it was an absolute joy to watch the ever-hilarious Susan Ross step in and take charge of the rape case, and then follow it up by recruiting Olivia to the cause. The storyline had its fair share of twists, and after justice was served, I was suitably taken aback with the reveal of Dan Byrd being one of Papa Pope’s minions (as he proceeded to viciously take out Huck). Terrific bit of casting here.

Finally, can I just say that I can not stand Quinn, Huck and their incessant torturing? I get what Shonda is going for; Liv’s lackeys aren’t necessarily “good” people and they’ll do whatever it takes to get results, but their twisted ways only serve to make them even MORE unlikeable. Plus, they actually enjoy drilling people’s knees and licking their faces (okay that was an old one). Sickos.

Scandalous Bits

– The look Mellie gives Fitz when he said he couldn’t interfere in the rape case. Knowing everything she’s been through at the hands of his twisted father, it was a remarkably powerful moment.

– I must reiterate how glad I am that the show keeps referencing Olivia’s traumatic kidnapping. Too many shows forget about continuity and how the impact of past events on present-day decisions.

– Absolutely loved the scene with Jake and Russell bonding over Papa Pope and the ways in which he’s messed them up. Plus they both imitated him incredibly well!

– Insightful moment: Liv talking about the smelly bathroom (which gave her refuge) during her captivity.

– If I have to hear the Liv-Fitz love score one more time I just might blow my brains out. Talk about cheesy.

– So where can I sign up for a”PHD in Olivia Pope”?

– Although Abby continues to be majorly underused this year, I love that she came to the rescue and had the White House order the logs for Liv (which allowed them to win the case).


Quinn: (to Russell) You’re pretty damn hot. I hope that’s okay to say,’cause it’s true. You’re in amazing shape, incredible core. I mean, I could work out every day all day, and I’d never be in the kind of shape you’re in. I hate that about dudes. Oh, well.

Cyrus: You stole a United States Servicewoman?!
Susan: I removed Ensign Martin from an unsafe situation.
Cyrus: On whose authority… the Captain of Crazytown’s?

Cyrus: Let me get this straight. You, the vice president of the United States, a largely powerless figurehead, are sent on a photo OP to shake some hands on a boat. Then, while there, you decide, out of thin air, that one of the people you’re there to take a picture with was raped? Not because she told you or her commanding officer or anyone else, as far as you know, but because you, the largely powerless figurehead of the United States, are some sort of sexual-assault bloodhound in your spare time?

Cyrus: What about murdering your vice president? How long has that been illegal?

Russell: I mean, I love retro as much as the next person. But, bitch, please. Why are we pretending it’s 1973?

Jake: He needs her to know that she is never safe from him, never out of his grasp. When her guard is up, he waits. He waits… and he waits… Until she starts to believe he’s gone. And she relaxes. And then he sends us in. But she has to know. That’s how he lets her know Papa Pope is in charge.

Liz: If we want their votes, we have to appeal to them on a more… emotional level.
Mellie: By exploiting my son’s death?
Liz: By leaning into it.

Fitz: My job sucks.
Olivia: Mine, too.

A riveting hour of Scandal with a first-rate ending. Bring on the finale!

Nad Rating


  1. Hahaha loved the review! Thank god the face-licking days are over!

    This was a truly great episode, loved the Mellie twist in the end! Although, I think the fact that I bingewatched the show makes me still kinda love the Olivia/Fitz score. Or maybe I'm just cheesy like that 😛

    It'd probably get REALLY annoying to listen to for 4 straight years.

    Can't wait for the finale!

  2. I've never been a fan of Huck and Quinn, to be honest. I like the bond Olivia and Huck seem to have and the moments Huck has with his family are sometimes touching. But overall, as characters, I don't find Huck and Quinn much likeable and the fact that Olivia continues to employ such damaged, dangerous monsters boggles the mind. I understand it is likely because of how emotionally attached she is to them and how they are good at their jobs. But there has to be a line. I wonder if Olivia would meet that line if ever she finds out about Huck murdering Sue.

    The Jake-Russell scene was nice and the reveal of Dan Byrd as a B6-13 spy caught me by surprise as well as the reveal of Mellie as Foxtail. I just hope the finale brings an end to Rowan and B6-13 for good. It has to end.

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