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The Flash 1×22 – Rogue Air

“If they stay in there, they die. And if we let them go, they destroy the city.”


After a PERFECT episode last week thanks to a super-strong telepathic gorilla, I had high hopes for this episode. After all, it was the penultimate episode. Sadly, it wasn’t the epic adventure I was expecting.

There were highs and lows this week, the lows ultimately being the amount of stuff that was crammed into this 40-minute episode. While I usually love Captain Cold (and Wentworth Miller’s performance), I didn’t enjoy how disjointed his presence was from the Flash/Arrow/Firestorm team-up. After all, this episode was hyped for weeks as being the epic trio team-up hour, but it ended up only happening in the final five minutes. And it wasn’t even connected to the main plot of Rogue Air.

I have gotten used to the Snarts’ cheesy one-liners, but for some reason Lisa was more annoying here than the last time she stopped by Central City. I really didn’t dig her sexual innuendos with Cisco—a fairly unpopular opinion if you’ve read other reviews online—as their awkward scenes only seemed to slow the episode down while we had far more important things to see instead.

Like the metahumans being released. We’ve all been expecting that (I had my money on a season-finale sort of reveal though), and while it was great to see them all team up and try to take down The Flash, did it feel slightly underwhelming? For starters, Barry was acting way too naive, trusting Captain Cold and all, and it was a little hard to remember all the villains at once. There was just so much happening here and it was a bit breathtaking—in a way that’s more infuriating than fascinating.

Not that Rogue Air lacked in the thrills department. The final showdown between Flash/Arrow/Firestorm as they take down Harrison Wells was rather too good for words (even if Oliver’s presence raises a large question about how he even showed up, considering how much he’s got on his plate on Arrow), but it was nevertheless thrilling and compelling. From Oliver firing a nanite-arrow and Ronnie flying over Reverse Flash’s head to Barry outrunning him for the first time ever, the show embraced its total geekness (I mean, you saw the ring, right?) and it all perfectly culminated in a phenomenal, albeit slightly short-lived, action-packed scene. There’s definitely more Harrison Wells coming our way in the season finale next week, and you can’t fathom just how excited I am for it. Damn you, The Flash. You have had an exceptional first season, and I say that regardless of what the finale has in stores for us.

 Speedy Bits

– I just have to say that Tom Cavanaugh’s voice creeps the hell out of me. His opening voiceover was thrilling and simply breathtaking (in a good way this time).

– Iris continues to be likable (sadly a little too late), this time saving Caitlin! Although, someone should really look into the security system at STAR labs. It seems like breaking in is way too easy.

– I even loved the Eddie/Iris scenes this week. It was heartbreaking to see them break up (even if I never cared for this random pairing), but I’m worried about Iris and Barry hooking up soon as I still don’t see the chemistry between them.

– Cisco discovering the battery in Harrison’s wheelchair which he used to power himself and keep him faster than The Flash was a great continuity bit.

– The prisoners turning on each other when locked up in the back of a truck powerless was somehow very entertaining. But it seriously took me a while to remember who these villains are.

– I was expecting Oliver to be like: “Harrison Wells, you have failed this city!” But then I remembered that Mr. Queen isn’t wearing the green suit anymore.

– With Captain Cold taking on role of a baddie, I’m very curious how the spinoff will tackle this character.

– So, are Central City, Starling City and Nanda Parbat like 5 minutes away from each other?

– Loved Barry, Oliver and Ronnie’s little chitchat after they took down Wells. Very amusing.

– Geek alert: a Green Lantern reference! Barry mentions that the Ferris Aircraft test pilot disappeared (aka Hal Jordan). So are we in for a Green Lantern series anytime soon? Not complaining. The more, the better.

– At the bar where Barry went to see Cold, ironically “Cold as Ice” was playing in the background. Very subtle, guys.

– Oliver tells Barry he’ll probably need his help soon, so we should expect The Flash to pop up in Arrow’s season-finale. Yes, this review was written before the Arrow episode aired.

Red Blurs & One-Liners

Harrison: I want you to take a moment and think of all the things that define your life. All the people you love, your job, your coworkers, your home. And now imagine if one day, in a flash, all of that vanished. Would you simply accept your new life and continue on? Or would you do whatever it takes to get back what was taken from you? Because, I can assure you, I will get everything that was taken from me.

Joe: What the hell’s a Lian Yu?

Caitlin: I am not uptight! (Pause) You can’t call me uptight.

Caitlin: You kissed her?!
Cisco: Under duress, calm down.

Joe: You know the difference between right and wrong and you weren’t willing to blur the lines between the two. That’s what kind of many you are, and that’s what makes you different than the Arrow. So please no more walks on the dark side.

Barry (to Oliver): Nice haircut. And I see we’ve abandoned our traditional green.
Oliver: Trying something different.

While the Snarts failed to fascinate, the Flash/Arrow/Firestorm team-up showed up to the rescue and provided a riveting end to a solid (yet slightly underwhelming) penultimate episode. Bring on the season finale!

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  1. The scene with the rogues escaping from their prison and Iris saving Caitlin who was getting her ass kicked was MARVELOUS. I was on the edge of my seat. WOW! Agreed with the rest 🙂

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