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The Good Wife 6×22 – Wanna Partner?

"What is it with all these tough-talking women? You know a word you don't hear very much anymore? Demure. How about bringing that one back?"


Well that fizzled out quickly.

I don’t understand how after so much, Panjabi and Margulies can still refuse to film ONE scene together. It’s downright insulting to the audience; we all have to put up with people we’re not fond of at work (and unlike The Good Wife stars, we don’t make millions of dollars in the process). It’s exceptionally bizarre, and it robbed Kalinda’s departure of any emotional impact. While it was great to have the duo enjoy tequila together again, I was far too distracted by the green screen work and the fact that the shoddily put-together scene couldn’t even bring the two characters to make eye-contact. Ultimately, Kalinda’s ending was a mess, and perhaps that was only fitting since her character hadn’t been treated well since season two. Lord.

I also fail to see why the writers committed so much time to crafting the Alicia and Finn dynamic (which was stunning in many instances) only to have Finn simply reject Alicia (and her awesome partner offer) without even bringing the duo together once. It feels like the writers denying the fans everything they’ve been craving, and it’s the same issue that plagued the campaign arc; we watched Alicia endure trial after trial, only for her to lose. Why? And since we’re on the subject, the Elfman thing never materialized either. Why are Robert and Michelle King such teases? I’m at a complete loss, and I’m suddenly worried about my favorite show and its end prospects.

There was a point in time where I would have loved to see Alicia end The Good Wife as First Lady, the most high-profile female on the planet. But over the course of the past few seasons, I became far more enamoured by Alicia actually reaching the top thanks to her own skills. Moreover, I seriously doubt Peter can even win the VP spot with his tumultuous history.

Finally, are Canning and Alicia going to partner up now? The episode’s cliffhanger echoed Alicia and Carey’s pairing in the season four finale, but the difference is that bombshell was earned and exciting. NowI know the writers think this is a fresh dynamic, but we’ve already spent far too many episodes with Alicia and Canning bickering. I now find myself hoping season seven is the show’ last, and that’s not something I would have said only a few episodes go.

Cases & Bits

– Alicia’s lying about the panic button was genius. Her using Find my iPhone? Even better.

– The sight of Alicia in the middle of nowhere was pretty horror-movie-esque.

–  Alicia’s camera snaps transitioning into the credits with the sound effects was terrific.

– Grace asking her dad if he and Alicia will continue to “pretend” to be married was delightfully on-point.

– Loved Alicia and Finn pulling off the epileptic trick and getting the cop to call Finn (who pretended to be a doctor). I guess I should mention the case of the week, but it didn’t feel explosive enough for a season finale.

– I felt nothing when Kalinda apologized to Alicia. Maybe it’s because the actresses didn’t either?

– Canning s newly-acquired rage against Lockhart should prove useful I suppose.

– Epic moment: Alicia casually burning Kalinda’s note in front of Lester.

– I kind of wish Alicia partnered with Simone, Canning’s wife. I like her.

Good Lines

Judge: Can this be argued in less than five minutes?
Alicia: Yes, Your Honor.
Patton: No, Your Honor.
Judge: Well, let’s live dangerously and try.

Lester: You know, it seems that every time I come up here, this place – has a new name.

Judge: Rickter, finally! There was a Godot-like quality to our experiences.

Alicia: A great thing happened when I lost the election. I gave up. Anger, jealousy, what people thought – I just threw them overboard. It’s nice not to care.

Canning: You know, I’ve never, in all our years of struggle, I have never gone after any of your family members.
David: We have no family members!

A strong season is let down by a disappointing and unsatisfying season finale

Nad Rating


  1. Nad, I share your disappointment of the finale. I was too eager to be done with the last bit of the Kalinda storyline. And I was pissed that they didn't go through with Alicia and Finn running a practice together. I understand why Finn rejected the offer but watching those two navigate their complicated feelings for each other while running a practice as partners would have been interesting to watch. Instead, we are left with Canning as a potential partner which I think is a very bad idea. Alicia said that she wanted a practice in which she can help the right people and take on cases she believes in. If she join forces with Canning, her vision would not be a reality. Canning is not interested in taking on cases he believes in. He is interested in winning. Alicia joining him would not be the simple, pure thing she was yearning after the State Attorney case. Instead, it would only lead to a Bizarro version of the Florrick/Argos vs. Gardener/Lockhart status quo last season. And I think it's about time the show move onto a completely unique status quo that is not based off another. I was hoping Finn and Alicia as law partners would be that status quo.

    Speaking of last season, I have to say I enjoyed Season 5 more than Season 6. Season 5 just fit together in ways that Season 6 failed to do. I think of Season 6 as a mixed bag overall. The Cary on trial storyline was consistently great while the Alicia SA storyline had its ups and downs. I enjoyed the episode that took a peek in Alicia's mind.

    BTW I didn't notice any green screen work behind Alicia and Kalinda's scene. I actually believe they were filmed together in that scene. Nad, do you have evidence that green screen was involved in that scene?

  2. Hey Justin,

    Yup if you do a quick google search, everyone is convinced it wasn't a real scene and that it was green screen. Lots of people gathered proof of why that was. It's really unfortunate.

    OF COURSE season five was better. In fact, that season might be my all time favorite season of ANY television show. It consistently blew my mind on a weekly basis (much like Scandal season two, but better).

  3. Fascinating! I was fine with the season until the last few episodes. It just went out with such a whimper. So unfortunate.

  4. Truly sad to see a disappointing end to a fantastic season. Don't know why people hated this one so much, I thought it was amazing. Sure, not season five-amazing but still excellent, especially all the campaign stuff in the first half of the season.

    And I guess Canning going to Alicia was supposed to mean that he wants to get back at Lockhart & co for firing his wife? Whatever it is, I do NOT want to see him again next season, and certainly not with Alicia! I hope she doesn't agree to partner up with him.

    One more season left!! Can't believe how quickly I managed to race through this show (so proud of myself).

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