Suits 5×01 – Denial

"Promise me, no matter what is going on in my life, you won't feel bad about telling me all the good things in yours."


Wow did I miss Suits.

There’s just something about this show that keeps me coming back no matter what. Maybe it’s the cozy office setting, or the fact that the characters have genuinely started to feel like family over the years. That’s even more impressive considering the fact that I often don’t know what the heck they’re talking about (all the legal shenanigans can be downright confusing at times). Unlike so many legal dramas, Harvey and company are multi-dimensional and so very real – and that’s always been the show’s biggest strength.

I’m pleased to report that the aftermath of Donna and Harvey’s falling out was given the weight it deserves as Donna indeed left Harvey and started working for Louis. It would have been far too unsatisfying of the writers to solve the drama within the span of one episode, and the repercussions of their complicated history is certainly going to be a focus of the season going forward. Obviously Donna will leave Louis eventually as I don’t know how long the writers can keep Harvey and Donna apart in a believable manner, but so far so good. Plus the storyline gives Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty some great material to work with; whether they’re flirting or bickering, the two still bounce off each other beautifully.

Most importantly, the drama offered us a deeper look into Harvey’s vulnerable side. While a case could be made that the therapy sessions were a bit too convenient, it was fascinating to see Harvey so heartbroken and alone.We rarely delve so deeply into his psyche, and the panic attacks were a realistic and powerful touch, culminating in interesting fashion as Harvey flushed the pills down the toilet. Anyone else get the vibe that Harvey and his therapist might became an item sometime soon? Hopefully the writers won’t go down the predictable route.

Pearson Bits

– Rachel answering an overwhelmed Harvey’s phone was a pretty sweet moment.

– Hilarious sexual innuendo between Donna and Louise over lunch as she discussed organizing his calendar.

The Silence of the Lambs quotes were really weird weren’t they?

– I loved seeing Jessica be there for Harvey and even offer to return Donna to him. More Gina Torres this season please! She was definitely last season’s VIP!

– Lovely moment with Donna getting Louis the cake he once got Mike.

– Although Rachel continued to be underused, she had a poignant scene with Donna at the end. Their friendship has always been one of the show’s highlights.

– Loved the uplifting ending with Harvey gifting Mike with the bridal magazine and inviting him to the game.

Firm Quips

Rachel: Oh, come on, there’s room for Donna in the bubble.
Mike: You realize I get to sleep with whoever’s in the bubble, right?
Rachel: So long as you realize that my dad’s in the bubble.

Harvey: Listen to me, The Flintstones is an iconic classic that clearly conveys the fact–
Mike: – That you’re old?

Client: You’re a son of a bitch.
Harvey: That’s exactly what I thought of myself when I came up with the idea.

Jessica: I know you and Donna aren’t me and Jeff, but you are as close as two people can be without being “that”.

Louis: That’s the same exact cake I got Mike.
Donna: I know.
Louis: How did you know?
Donna: I’m Donna.

Mike: Is Jay-Z gonna be there?
Harvey: Yeah, right next to me.
Mike: Next to you? Wait, this my gift, hey.
Harvey: I don’t care whose gift it is. I’m not doing that to Jay-Z.
Mike: Oh, you know what, I’ll just sit next to Beyonce.

Must-Download Tunes
First by Cold War Kids
Shine by Elmo

A highly enjoyable return from Suits. I’m optimistic this year will be a great one.

Nad Rating


  1. The Suits premiere was incredible. It's interesting seeing Harvey Specter unravel. Gabriel Macht must be pretty happy to have some new material to work with, other than Harvey just being perfect all the time!

  2. I like how the show is exploring the impact losing Donna is having on Harvey. But, like you Nad, I hope Harvey and the therapist don't hook up. I think the show would do without that sort of drama.

    I hope the Harvey-Donna therapist last a bit longer than the Mike-Harvey rift at the start of Season 3 to give the characters room to grow and reevaluate themselves before they reunite.

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