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Humans 1×03 – Episode 3

“I don’t get angry, or depressed, or intoxicated. I am faster, stronger and more observant. I do not feel fear. However… I cannot love them.”


I LOVED this episode, and it’s only made me realize that this is already one of my favorite new shows.

When I’m watching Humans, I feel the same way I felt when I started The Affair earlier this year (not that this show can be compared to a brilliant, intoxicating show like that), but while the writing sometimes drags here, there’s just so much compelling stuff. It’s hard to look away for one second, or not to listen intently to every single word. And Anita is creepily riveting on every single level.

Her scenes with Laura here are executed perfectly, all thanks to some captivating robotic performances and an eerie musical score. I seriously felt the chills when the two of them talked about why Anita thinks she’s better at protecting Sophie—except that she can’t feel love. There’s just a lot to ponder here: was she lying to her again? Anita is obviously no ordinary synth, and we all know that, but what are her intentions exactly? Shouldn’t she just lay low until Leo and the gang find her instead of causing so much tension around the house? And seriously, how intense was her scene with Joe in the basement as she strips down naked in front of him? I was breathless and literally on the edge of my seat, but thankful that nothing sexual happened between them. I mean, we don’t want to get horny little Toby jealous, do we? For once, the Hawkins’ storyline was absolutely riveting this week, from start to finish. And I repeat, I cannot get enough of Anita.

Elsewhere, I was a little disappointed we didn’t get any answers on the Leo-front (is he a human, a synth or a cyborg?!), but at least we had Niska to entertain the hell out of this storyline. I love the idea of an out-of-control synth, as opposed to the slightly more “good” snyths out there, and Niska took her rage out on humans to a whole new level when she pretended to be “one of us”, using Candy as her fake name (hilarious), and planned on killing her date because she thought he was married and just using her for sex. It was a powerful and truly engrossing scene that further proves that the synths are far more intriguing than the humans on this show. Yes, I can’t get enough of Niska either.

To top it all off, we had another heartbreaking storyline for George this week as he attempted to run off with Odi (another remarkable robotic performance by Will Tudor) who, after crashing the car, is now out on his own in the woods. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming episodes integrate his story with the rest of the gang, but even when the show feels slightly overcrowded sometimes or juggling too many different subplots in one hour, everything is executed in a near-perfect, captivating matter. I couldn’t care any less about the fact that we had almost no plot development this week because despite being slow and quiet most of the times, this show is still spine-chilling and gripping on every single level.

Bits & Synths

-I love the opening theme song. It’s the perfect dose of creepy and absorbing.

-I like that Mattie finally has something to do, other than be a stereotypical angry teenager. But after seeing Mr. Robot, watching a screen full of rubbish green code here made me cringe just a little bit.

-Great scene with Niska, Leo and Max discussing their next moves, fugitives-style. It’s surprising that this reunion happened this early on, and even more surprising that it didn’t last the entire episode.

-Seriously, Niska with the knife… My goodness, why was that so terrifying?

– Laura and Anita’s intense conversation felt very genuine. But I already don’t care about whoever this Tom person is. The notebook in the closet felt slightly contrived. Of course your gorgeous, extremely intelligent, creepy synth is gonna look there!

Human Talk

Anita: For legal reasons, a syntheti appliance cannot self-examine. Damage must be reported directly to the insurance company by the primary user.
Joe: Okay. So, where do we start?
Anita: My clothes must be removed.
Joe: Yeah, I was afraid you were going to say that.

Max: We’re a family. You’re my sister.
Niska: Human words.

Laura: When you said “I will always keep Sophie safe”, it seemed like what you really meant was…I wouldn’t.
Anita: That was not the meaning I intended. However, it is self-evident that, in many ways, I can take better care of your children than you, Laura.

Perhaps one of my favorite episodes so far. I am highly impressed, addicted and eager for more.

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  1. Hehe. Good to see some action here cos its been so quiet recently. My only comment is that humans cant feel love anymore how about a synth or whatever you call it…

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