Supernatural 10×01/02 – Black / Reichenbach

"I will save my brother or die trying."


I haven’t written about Supernatural in almost four years. In fact, I have an uber complicated relationship with the show.

I vividly remember loving the show the first few years. Yes there were far too many standalone stories, but season three (featuring the lovely Katie Cassidy) was a wonderful serialized creation. Then somewhere around season seven, I began to lose interest. With so many brilliant shows on the air, I had to make some sacrifices and Supernatural was the first to go. But a¬†few days ago, something odd happened: I missed the Winchesters… a lot. After all, the show always had a cozy road-trip feel, and the brothers’ dynamic was always well explored. I tried watching the season eight premiere, and got quite bored. It just seemed too overwhelming to have to catch up with three whole seasons. So last night, I gave season ten a try. Some stuff were undoubtedly confusing (Who is Metatron? Dean was in purgatory? etc….) but all in all, I quite enjoyed the first two episodes.

The reason they worked so well is actually quite obvious: Demon Dean. There’s no doubt that Jensen Ackles is the show’s secret weapon. Unlike Jared Pedelicki (who if we’re being honest, can barely emote), Ackles knocks every scene out of the park. Watching him play straight-up evil is actually a revelation, as you can see him completely relishing the opportunity after ten seasons of playing the same role. More of this please!

I was also intrigued by Cole, the new character with a personal vendetta against Dean (who killed his dad for some inexplicable reason way back in the past). I’m curious to see this subplot unfold, and I particularly loved seeing a menacing Dean make short work of his attacker without breaking a sweat.

Finally, I know I’m probably the only person on Earth, but I never liked Castiel. He’s one of the reasons I eventually dropped the show. Does no one else feel his storylines bring the show down?

I think I’m back on board with Supernatural. I owe it to myself to keep watching. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Nad, I share your complicated relationship with the show. I loved it during its first five seasons. Season six held some of my interest but it began to dwindle during season seven and part of season eight. The second half of season eight brought my interest back a bit when Sam was taking on those trials to close Hell. Then my interest went back down during Season 9 and most of Season 10 (you'll see why in time). The biggest reason why my interest in the show declined from time to time is because of the overuse of brotherly angst. I didn't want Sam and Dean's relationship to be perfect. I just got fed up with the numerous amount of times one brother keeps a secret from the other creating friction or one brother trying to save the other from the darkness of his affliction. It was one thing to go through that during the show's first five seasons. Back then, it felt like part of a larger, unfolding story Kripke was weaving. But it's been TEN seasons now and it appears to me that the writers have become overly reliant on brotherly angst as a source of character drama.

    Nad, you're not the only one who sees Castiel as a burden to the show. I feel he has stayed on Supernatural longer than he should. His turn to the dark side in Season 6 was compelling. But if he had stayed dead in Season 7 after he went into the lake, I would have been fine with that. Sadly, the show keeps bringing him for one thing or another. Castiel is no longer a character but a vessel for writers' ideas to keep him occupied. I have also grown tired of Crowley. He should have been taken out by the Winchesters years ago. Like Castiel, the writers keeps him bringing back, largely due to the popularity of the character which escapes me.

  2. Fascinating stuff Justin. Yes the first five seasons were great (and apparently the show was only supposed to go on for five years, that was Kripke's plan). But then I just really lost interest too. I also very much agree about the brotherly angst. Enough is enough! Not to mention the brothers' various deaths over the course of the show. It just got too repetitive (an aspect that also seems to recur with regards to Castiel and Crowly not dying already).

    Ugh so frustrating. I'll try to finish season ten and hopefully the show will end this year (doubtful, CW wants it around for a LONG time it seems)!

  3. I hope the show is put out of its misery this coming season too. But if I were to rewatch the show from the beginning, I would finish by Season 5, the true ending to Supernatural.

  4. I just realized (and I don't know if I'm entirely right) that Season 5 is the last season Sam and Dean never kept secrets from each other throughout the whole season. They've had disagreements while dealing with the weight of the world on their weary shoulders. But there weren't any secrets between them like they have been, more or less, since then. Am I wrong, Nad?

  5. Nooo idea Justin. The show's conituinty is such a mess for me since I skipped so many seasons and such! But yeah it always feels contrived with their secrets and numerous deaths :S

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