Suits 5×10 – Faith

"For the record, if you do come work here, we're gonna be family, too."


This has been an outstanding season of Suits – my favourite in quite a while.

Although I still hate that they split up the seasons in half (we won’t get the second half of season five until December), the past ten episodes have done a bang-up job of showcasing Suits‘ best qualities: witty banter, strong dynamics, and a healthy focus on character development (instead of legal mumbo-jumbo). Harvey’s arc in particular has been top-notch; the panic attacks have given the character some much needed vulnerability, while further enlightening us on his traumatic past and wide array of insecurities.

Faith tried to enlighten us even more with a series of flashbacks focusing on Harvey, Mike and Jessica. Mike’s scenes weren’t the most absorbing, but they did let Patrick Adams deliver a hell of a breakdown when he discovered all the childhood books his Grams had retrieved for him. In fact, I’ll argue that those scenes were necessary because they reminded me how much Mike had been through as a character, and why I should be rooting for him as our lead. So often when we think of Suits, we think of Harvey Spectre as the lead, but it’s important to remember that Mike is the beating heart of the show, and he’s overcome inspiring odds to get to where he is. That also makes the episode’s final scene an effective shocker: Mike’s secret is now apparently OUT.FOR.GOOD. His arrest probably won’t last very long, but the show needed to finally reveal his secret to the world after five years of fake-outs.

As for Harvey, it was hard for me to buy Gabriel Macht as a 20-year old when he looked exactly the same, but it was certainly intriguing to see his dynamic with his father (although the boxing scene was a bit too heavy-handed). Honestly the most engrossing moment for me was seeing him ask Jessica of all people if he could stay at her house. Miss Pearson was softer in the past, and that scene between the two of them was heartwarming on every level. Less successful was the painfully rushed moment that revealed Jessica’s divorce, but I honestly think Gina Torres can do no wrong; every one of her scenes is always an acting masterclass in one way or another. Seeing her smash her office to bits? Bone-chilling. This woman needs to be recognized more in the awards circuit.

Speaking of Jessica’s troubles, part of me was really hoping the show would shift up the status quo and remove Jessica from power. Actually, I kind of wanted our core six to leave the firm and start new somewhere else. I know it’s drastic, but I’ve realized that Suits has never REALLY altered its core premise in any significant way. Wouldn’t it freshen things up? It’s not like Harvey will actually resign in the long term, and I have my doubts on what they will even do with Mike going forward.

Pearson Bits

– The flashback with Mike on the morning his parents died was gut-wrenching. I could barely watch!

– Gretchen standing up to Jessica was awesome. Love these two. Spinoff please!

– Scottie reference!

– Hardman threatening Louis with his sister’s company was beyond evil! Speaking of Amy Acker, she was phenomenal this year. I hope she becomes a regular!

– Jessica with short hair! Not bad at all!

– Louis and Jessica had a turbulent year, so it was satisfying to see him take her side.

– Props to John Ferguson who plays Jack Soloff. I often watch The Last Ship and Suits back to back so it’s hilarious to see him play two extremes (he’s very likeable on the other show).

– Donna visiting Harvey’s therapist (whose name I can’t even remember) was spectacular. Is there anyone this woman can’t outsmart? Take a risk show; put her and Harvey together for good.

– I must sound like such a broken record, but I’m still waiting of the day that the writers decide to give Rachel a meaty worthwhile storyline that has nothing to do with being Mike’s girlfriend.

– It kind of felt like a series finale with Mike and Harvey hugging. And I love that the big guy was proud of his apprentice for quitting.

Firm Quips

Gretchen: Ms. Pearson, every Sunday I lay out all my outfits for the coming week, and I have no intention of not wearing one of those babies tomorrow.

Louis: Shut your mouth. You’re not fit to lick her boots.
Hardman: Good, because that’s your job, Louis, not mine.

Jessica: Listen, Harvey, I know what it’s like to be living in a home that’s not right, and I also know that you might be tempted to fix things. But it’s not up to the children to fix things.

Jessica: I asked Gretchen to find Harvey this morning. I asked the wrong person.
Donna: I’ll find him.

Donna: And thank you again for what you’re thinking.
Therapist: And what is that?
Donna: That he never would have come to see you if it hadn’t been for me.
Therapist: You really can do that.
Donna: Yeah, I can. In fact, I can tell you what you’re thinking right now.
Therapist: What is that?
Donna: You’re thinking two things, actually. One, this woman would make an excellent therapist. And two… Harvey has no idea what he’s missing.

Mike: You really are so beautiful.
Rachel: No one’s beautiful in fluorescent light.

Harvey: Jessica, please, you’ve given up everything for this firm. It’s time someone gave up something for you.

Must-Download Bits
River by Leon Bridges

It might not be as brilliant as some of this season’s other hours, but this was still a terrific summer finale.

Nad Rating


  1. Donna and the therapist's scene was EVERYTHING. My favorite Suits scene in a long, long time. And to end it with “Harvey doesn't know what he's missing”, wow!

    I don't like Mike, let's just get this out. And in five seasons, I've never found a single episode of him being a likable character but I definitely teared up when he saw the bookcase and broke down. Really showed what a terrific actor he is. In fact, the show really has the best cast ever.

    How awesome was Jessica trashing her office, though?! Love her.

    I don't think I can wait till December.

  2. Glad to see I'm not th only one who wasn't a fan of Mike… until this episode. Really fantastic!

    I can't wait either 🙁 But on the bright side, we're never without Suits for more than a few months. There's no one-year wait. It always feels like it's on!

  3. I was moved by Mike's breakdown scene in this episode that I actually thought was the season finale before learning otherwise. I hate split seasons too, to be honest. And Nad, like you, I find myself wishing Hardman had actually won, taking over the firm and forcing the characters to go out on their own and fight against him by creating a firm of their own. That would be a compelling change in status quo for the show more than Louis finding out Mike's secret or Donna leaving Harvey as an assistant which I'm surprised the show didn't go back on after a few episodes.

    Speaking of changes in status quo, I truly hope Mike's arrest for fraud is for the fraud he committed by claiming he graduated from Harvard and not some other fraud he may have committed during his career because that would be such a copout. Mike being exposed as a fraud in the law practice would lead to some great drama for the show which won't hopefully undermine Mike's decision to resign from the law firm. Him going back after this would be unrealistic, and just a repeat of what happened when Mike left the firm at the end of Season 3 only to go back later in Season 4.

    One person on SpoilerTV proposed the theory that Robert Zane was behind Mike's arrest after coming across some inconsistencies in his background. If that is the case, I imagine some heated scenes between Rachel and her father.

  4. I so hope it's not a cop-out either Justin! It's time of the show to REALLy face Mike's lies. I heard about the Robert Zane theory as well and I like it very much 🙂

    I so wish the status quo was flipped 🙁 missed opportunity if you ask me!

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