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Quantico 1×01 – Run

"Was he good? Was he bad? Was he both?"


Silly, soapy, and ludicrous. But then why did I enjoy it so much?

Quantico definitely feels like Grey’s Anatomy, but set in the world of the FBI instead of a hospital. Throw in a flash-forward mystery and you’ve also got a little bit of How To Get Away With Murder in the mix as well. Basically the show feels like a Shonda Rhimes production even though the mastermind had nothing to do with it.

The best weapon in Quantico’s arsenal is surely its rapid fire pace (a la Scandallook, another similarity!). The series immediately introduces us to the show’s central mystery, while getting us acquainted with the FBI’s latest gang of young recruits (each of whom has their own set of secrets to deal with). Our lead is Alex,  played by former Miss World and Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra. She’s certainly a confident and charismatic presence, and it’s obvious right from the opening moments that she will be more than capable of carrying the show on her shoulders. Although she has yet to display her action skills (the role will definitely require that), I’m almost certain she’ll prove to be a kickass lead for the audience to root for.

However, the pilot is a bit overstuffed. The upcoming terrorist attack is more than enough narrative to drive the show, and yet Quantico still throws in the whole Alex-is-searching-for her-father subplot. Her backstory is predictable, and her dad will undoubtedly end up being some sort of criminal mastermind in an Alias-inspired twist. Why must we needlessly complicate the narrative? Writers, you’ve got more than enough juicy material already!

The rest of the cast is uniformly strong. I loved Johanna Braddy on Unreal, and she’s got a lot of potential here (my money’s on her being the terrorist in our midst). I was also glad to see Josh Hopkins on my screen again after Cougar Town‘s unjust cancellation. He does an okay enough job as Liam, and the show hints that romantic sparks will eventually fly between him and Alex.

Bits & Bombs

– Interesting touch with Shelby carrying around a piece of the plane since her parents died on 9/11. A bit too unrealistic, but intriguing nonetheless.

– The investigative interviews were a pretty clever method for divulging a whole lot of exposition and backstory about our characters. Case in point: Simon is a gay virgin who lived in Palestine even though his parents are VERY Jewish.

– I was sure Eric would be a regular on the show for a long time to come so his brutal suicide was extremely shocking.

– Mind-blowing twist: Nimah has a twin! Yeah it’s extremely unrealistic to think that the two are living in the dorms without anybody noticing but it was definitely jawdropping.

– So Liam takes Miranda’s place as Assistant Director in the future?

– Is Booth dead in the flashforward (in Alex’s apartment)? I sure hope so; the guy has the charisma of a mop.

– Brilliant twist: Assistant Director Miranda saving Alex at the end. I like this woman already. Why was she dating Liam?

– The directing felt choppy in that final chase sequence. Something was just painfully “off” about it.

– Alex’s slow-motion walk in the crowd felt like it was lifted directly from Angelina Jolie’s Salt. Not that it’s a bad thing!

Quotes From Quantico 

Ryan: Ryan Booth. Nice to meet you.
Alex: We had sex in your car six hours ago.

Must-Download Tunes
All This Could Be Yours by Cold War Kids
First by Cold War Kids

Although it feels familiar and the dialogue can be ridiculously cheesy, Quantico still manages to be an absurdly entertaining ride. Here’s hoping the show can maintain that sense of fun and excitement going forward.

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  1. I don't remember seeing Grayson (yes, Josh Hopkins haha) in any of the previous trailers so I was quite surprised when I saw him in Quantico. Something is up with this guy's poker face! Is it just me, or is he more effective as a comedian?

    Anyway, I totally agree, Quantico seems very Shondaland (although it most definitely isn't), but I must admit that I was so entertained that I didn't realize 40+ minutes have already passed. I could've sworn Brian J. Smith (Eric) was gonna be a series regular and a possible love interest (come on, he looks waaaayyy hotter than the guy Alex had sex with), so imagine my surprise when he shot himself in the head!!!

    Show has a lot of potential, don't you think? I just hope it doesn't deteriorate like Revenge did.

  2. He's definitely more effective as a comedian 🙂

    Lots and lots of potential. I really hope it can maintain the thrills and not become overly crazy and lame. Or maybe we should hope that ABC doesn't milk the premise and force the show to run for SEASONS past its expiration date! Heheh glad you caught up with a NEW show for once 🙂

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