Quantico 1×02 – America

"Take a good look at the people around you. Do you trust them?"


I really want to love Quantico. But before I do that, I need to accept the fact that the show will never be as suspenseful as 24 or as creative as Alias. It’s just a whole different breed: a silly terrorist thriller with a jarring pop soundtrack and soapy relationships. And most of the time, it’s just plain ridiculous.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s hard to take relationship dramas seriously when the fate of innocent people is hanging in the balance? Grey’s Anatomy was able to balance these two worlds when it first began, but considering the subject matter, Quantico’s job is a tad more difficult. Nevertheless, the show KNOWS how to keep things moving. Much like the pilot, I never found myself bored in America, and I’m certainly invested in seeing how flash-forward Alex gets herself out of her predicament. It’s a bit too contrived to have EVERYONE believe so strongly that she’s guilty (shouldn’t spies always wonder if someone is being framed?), but I guess that’s what makes good drama.

The parallels between the team’s Quantico assignment and Alex’s future plight were suitably heavy-handed, but they did a good job of illustrating her training and her instincts (particularly with regards to going back to the crime scene). I could have certainly done without her repeating the “I’ll find the needle” shtick in both time-periods, but these moments are to be excepted with a show still trying to find its feet (God knows Arrow used to do this on a weekly basis).

Fresh off his turn on The Flash (and The Vampire Diaries before that), Rick Cosnett joined the show this week as a gay analyst who flirts with Simon and then later makes it his mission to investigate his Gaza past. Cosnett is a peculiar talent; he always has this sly grin on his face even when the scene doesn’t call for it. But it works for this role as everyone seems to have a secret (or five) on Quantico. 

Bits & Bombs

– So Caleb is back, but as an analyst. Not really feeling the sparks between him and Shelby (and let’s face it, that’s definitely what the writers are building towards).

– Loved Alex casually taking out the coffeeshop girl.

– So Quantico’s first ever one-on-one fight is between Alex and Natalie (her newly-minted arch-rival), and it’s vicious but kind of choppily edited. I did like the rooftop chase though.

– If I hear the line “evidence lies” one more time, I’ll blow something up myself!

– Does anyone else think that Jake McLaughlin (who plays Ryan) is a terrible actor? He’s dreadfully boring on screen.

– I fail to see how Ryan lying and saying that Alex did indeed shoot him will buy her more time.

– So Liam confirmed that Alex’s dad was in fact in the FBI. I gotta say, I don’t really care about this storyline. Thankfully, there are a dozen other plots running all at once to distract me.

– Lots of last-minute twists were thrown in this week: Natalie’s scar is fake, Shelby speaks Arabic, and Simon doesn’t even need glasses.

– Alex being outed on TV at the end will certainly make the flash-forwards even more exciting. Now how about she gets rid of the FBI jacket and hat? Way to call attention to yourself!

Quotes From Quantico

Liam: I’m going to plaster your face all over the news! You won’t last a day!
Alex: A day is all I need!

Miranda: Tell me Liam, when you look at her, what do you see: the recruit you fell in love with or the terrorist who rejected you?

Must-Download Tune
Monster (feat. Avelino) by Jacob Banks

It might be overstuffed and preposterous, but Quantico is still very entertaining in a brainless sort of way.

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  1. I actually didn't notice that Shelby was speaking arabic until you pointed it out. LOL I went back and listened to it.

    Anyway totally agree with your review. I am enjoying this but not really sure why.

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