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How To Get Away With Murder 2×03 – It’s Called the Octopus

"How do you sleep at night?" - "Alone. On very comfortable sheets."


This show has grown so much in its second season by focusing on a much narrower plot and shying away from messy, contrived storylines (I’m looking at you, Rebecca). But it was obvious the writers would resort back to some weekly cases in order to fill the gaps between present-time and the flash-forward we’re all dying to arrive to.

This has never been a serious show from the start, so it wasn’t exactly shocking that Team Keating (name still under consideration) would take over a case as ridiculous and insane as that of Tanya’s, a woman who throws sex parties for a living. And with every passing scene, the case continued to get more and more comical, and it was a very refreshing change for a show that sometimes tries so hard to take itself seriously (you know, with all those murders happening every now and then). I can’t say if I’ll enjoy seeing a new case every week from now until the finale, but if there’s anything this episode proved it’s that there’s no harm in having a little fun.

The same can be said about all the characters on this show right now. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed seeing Bonnie and Laurel in the same scene together, but something about their drunken connection was a pure delight to watch. The same goes for the gang’s amusing banter about orgasms. It was all just very fun (the reveal that Michaela has never had an orgasm was hilarious), especially as it resulted in Annalise storming in and interrupting their dirty thoughts.

Not that this hour lacked some soapy twists and shocking revelations. We finally find out who Levi is (he’s NOT Egg911; that was actually Rebecca’s nickname) and I applaud the writers for not dragging this storyline any further. There’s no way the Eggs911 nickname wasn’t going to have a ridiculous story behind it (hint: it involves a carton of eggs), so it’s good to finally get that out of the way. It’ll be interesting to see how Rebecca’s foster brother will factor into the story moving forward. Also, seeing Nate in the final scene is a huge surprise, as is the closing shot of our runaway students jumping into his police car after he found them in hiding. What’s also quite surprising and equally troublesome is whatever he and Wes are planning in the present-time behind Annalise’s back. These are two men who have been lied to and betrayed by Annalise (a possible lover to both) constantly in the past and are now both seeking answers. That’s only going to bring more problems to Ms. Keating, but boy am I excited for it.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– To prove just how weird and confusing their relationship is, Annalise calls Wes in the middle of the night to kill a mouse for her. Typical stuff.

– Caleb and Catherine continue to be weakly developed, but at least we were all right: they’re totally lovers! I don’t care how many times they’re going to deny it.

– It’s hilarious that Eve and Annalise communicate by email.

– A lot of people don’t seem to like Asher, but I honestly loved his sexual innuendos in court. The guy is a funny douche, nothing more, which makes me a little worried about this whole Tiffany/Trotter Lake storyline. Seems a tad serious.

– Michaela and Connor attending the sex party was hilarious. More of these two together, please.

– I can definitely see Frank spilling the beans about killing Lila to Laurel soon. He’s been such a discreet weirdo so far, but this seems a little obvious by now.

– Hilarious fake-out with Annalise receiving an invitation for the sex party and getting dressed, only to end up at Nate’s place instead. I just wish the show would never try to pair these two again, especially after seeing the kind of chemistry Annalise and Eve have.

– Annalise turning the charges from Tanya onto the wife was glorious and badass, but exactly the kind of soapy, unrealistic legal shenanigan that only this show can pull off.

– Asher having to lie to Bonnie about the girl on his phone ends in them breaking up. Was anyone actually rooting for these two freaks?

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Annalise: Get me some chocolate-chip cookies. I hate all this healthy food!

Witness: I’m a loan officer at True Heritage Bank. Tanya came to me with a business proposal.
Asher: An indecent proposal.
Lawyer: And what was the nature of this business?
Witness: She wanted to open up a holistic center where her clients would have privacy during their healing.
Asher: Ah, sexual healing.

Connor: Well, if you’re gonna incest your brother, y’might as well look like Caleb.
Laurel: I know. Those eyes, right?

Bonnie: I made you promise not to see Frank and then I go and hook up with doucheface? And the worst part, I fell for that putz!

A lighthearted, delightful episode that’s still entertaining from start to finish.

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  1. One little detail that annoyed me in this episode was how Annalise went from being super drunk and barely making it up the stairs in one scene to being perfectly alert when checking the basement seconds after.

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