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The Good Wife 7×02 – Innocents

"You're being used." - "I know. Who isn't?"


Sometimes, all a show needs is an influx of new characters. Of course, it’s all about the casting, and The Good Wife KNOWS how to cast its guest-stars.

Last week I praised the show for the impeccable casting of Cush Jumbo as Alicia’s new lawyer friend Lucca, and Innocents saw another fantastic addition to the show’s exceptional cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As Jason the investigator, the chemistry between him and Alicia was electric, and that’s something the show is sorely in need of. If The Good Wife had any flaws last year, it’s that they completely dropped the ball in terms of paying off the relationships with both Polmar and Elfman. Hopefully this dynamic will culminate in something actually happening. Fingers crossed.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the writers know what to do with Cary and Diane this season. At least the former has an amusing albeit disposable war with Howard going on, because Diane was given absolutely nothing to do. Here’s hoping the feud amounts to something worthwhile because at the moment, it’s just a silly distraction and not much else. As two of Wife‘s most essential supporting characters, Cary and Diane deserve better.

I don’t know how to feel about the case of the week with the mother and the nude photographs. On one hand, it was awesome to see Nancy Cozier return because Mamie Gummer is phenomenal in the role, but I didn’t enjoy Amy Irving’s guest-starring turn or the intricacies of the case as much as I thought I would. Still, it gave us plenty of screen-time with Alicia and Lucca (I’m still loving this new friendship), while effectively bringing back one of the show’s most memorable judges (Dunaway).

Cases & Bits

– Hilarious bit with Eli telling Ruth about It Follows. I actually haven’t seen the movie but I’m dying to.

– Great little moment with Alicia asking a potential investigator if she knows Kalinda.

– Nancy Crozier pretending she doesn’t know Alicia was just hysterical (and so very bitchy).

– Love seeing Judge Dunaway back! But his rumbling stomach (since he’s a fasting Muslim now) was a bit too sitcom-y for The Good Wife. 

– Love that Nora had Eli’s best interest at heart and that she screwed over Ruth.

– So what does Frank Landau want Alicia to vote no on that the can’t even tell Eli about?

– I was so amused by Cary sending Howard to screw Diane over.

– The fact that Grace wants a salary makes me love her subplot this season even more.

– Ruth’s face when Peter asked her her to congratulate Eli: priceless.

– It was actually kind of adorable how Jason decided to go with Alicia after the negotiations even though Diane offered him way more money. I guess it is love at first sight!

Good Lines

Peter: He just came to apologize.
Ruth: Respectfully, Governor, you could hear the gears turning in his head.

Peter: No.
Alicia: No what?
Peter: No to Eli.
Alicia: Well, then we have a problem.
Peter: Look… I need Ruth. And Ruth won’t stand for Eli.
Alicia: And you need me. And I won’t stand without him.

Howard: You seen the yabos on that Mexican one?
Cary: Huh? Teresa? She’s American, Howard.
Howard: Either way, ay, caramba.

Not as impressive as the season premiere, but the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the show’s cast is definitely something to get excited about. Solid but unremarkable.

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  1. Not bad episode. The case of the week was mildly interesting. I felt for the guy who had to deal with naked photos of himself as a kid tormenting his life and his artist mother being too blind to see the damage those photos are causing.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character had some nice chemistry going on with Alicia. It's likely something will happen between them. But you never know with this show, especially after they dropped the ball with Finn like you said, Nad (BTW Finn's last name is Polmar).

    I think Cary largely stirred up things up with Howard out of boredom, out of the disappointment he feels about his current life. I think, at some point, Cary is going to make a big decision to free himself of his personal crisis and let's hope it's soon enough to give his and Diane's part of the show some much needed juice.

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