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The Affair 2×03 – Episode 3

“Being alive is essentially a very lonely proposition.”


I’m starting to really hate Noah with every passing episode. The guy is a selfish jerk and a terrible father, but the worst part is that he genuinely thinks he’s a good person who deserves good things. So it’s confusing to see those flash-forwards in the end of this episode because I want Noah locked up behind bars, but at the same time it really doesn’t look like he’s responsible for Scotty’s death.

Way before any of that happens, we were treated to more Noah/Alison troubles this week as the couple contemplates whether their relationship will ever work. Yvonne and Robert’s presence on the show drastically changed its tone as their scenes with Noah and Alison (in both versions) were electrifying and lighthearted. It’s a welcome change from the grim nature we usually witness (particularly in Alison’s perspective). Even their constant bantering about the most trivial stuff was amusing to watch and managed to crack a smile on my face, quite the uncommon reaction I usually experience when I sit down to watch this show.

As always, Noah’s perspective wasn’t nearly as engrossing and emotional as Alison’s. Just two minutes into the second half of the hour and we already got several captivating discrepancies between the two sides. I might be watching this the wrong way, but I seriously find myself waiting to capture the way these characters view themselves and those around them just to spot the differences. There’s the question of who drank more wine, for example, where Noah sees Alison bluntly asking for a refill while he declines, but Alison grasps this the other way around. Moreover, there’s Noah saying no to future kids in Alison’s version, a conversation that doesn’t even happen in Mr. Selfish Jerk’s version. Even the way these two talk about whether or not they’re making a mistake is a huge question mark when you look at the way they’re handled in each of the perspectives. Once again, these little divergences don’t make our narrators untrustworthy or liars, but still speaks volumes about how they view themselves. God, that’s fascinating.

Even more fascinating is Alison and Robert’s scene in the woods. While the latter has been shady and creepy most of the times, he did manage to get Alison to freely open up about her son Gabriel’s death in what is perhaps the most heartbreaking scene of this season so far. The entire speech is just so sharply written and incredibly acted, it definitely makes it the highlight of the hour. And that’s a huge compliment as there’s never really a dull moment on this show.

Speaking of dull, Whitney made an appearance (or two) and her return was as annoying and lame as I’d expected. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand the character or the actress and I can’t help but feel worried that everything happening in the flash-forward is connected to her. Throwing in a very angsty teenage subplot like this is cheap for a show as riveting as The Affair, so I’ll be anxiously waiting for her to leave and never return. The only thing worse than seeing her for about five minutes in each hour is seeing her have her own perspective on this show someday. Please don’t let that ever be a thing, writers.

Unfaithful Flings & Bits

– The opening scene where Noah tries to force Alison into the pool after sex is another reason to hate Noah. The fact that he doesn’t understand her fear of the water is really disturbing.

– Noah and Alison are engaged, but it doesn’t seem like either of them really wants this.

– What’s with the weird nightmares Noah has? Who is the woman standing in the middle of the road and how is this connected to what’s going to happen in the future?

– Max giving Noah money is going to be hilarious when the latter finds out who Max’s new girlfriend is.

– A drunk Yvonne is hysterical! Joanna Gleason and Peter Friedman are doing fantastic jobs this season. They might be the only couple I like on this show.

– Seeing Whitney act all nice to Alison for about 5 seconds was disturbing.

– I was legitimately scared Robert was going to shoot his dog just because I know how crazy this show can be sometimes.

– Alison saying “it was beautiful” when Yvonne asked about Robert killing his dog is so messed up.

– Who’s the guy Alison spotted when she’s in the pool with Noah near the end? Is it Robert?

– We do find out that Scotty dies at Cole’s wedding. Any guesses on who the future Mrs. Lockhart is?

– Alison sure seemed uncomfortable at the lawyer’s office, no?

– I wonder how Helen and Cole’s perspectives are going to be placed next week, seeing as how these are two characters that never in the same scene together.

Adulterous Sayings

Alison: I just thought that if I could go somewhere else or be with somebody else, then… But it doesn’t leave you. And Noah tries to understand. I mean, he wants to, but he can’t.
Robert: You have to mostly carry your pack alone. Nobody gets as much help as they need. But in marriage, things get less lonely, just a little. But it makes a big difference.

Lawyer: You hit a deer? Was Scott Lockhart riding the deer?

While Noah continues to be unlikable, Alison more than makes up for it in her gripping part of the hour.

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  1. Love this. What a darn powerful and disturbing hour. Thank God the dog wasn't killed, and thank God Robert didn't rape Allison because he gave me SUCH a rape-y vibe especially in the woods.

    Also, I HATE NOAH. What a despicable and unlikeable man he is.

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