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The Good Wife 7×03 – Cooked

"My mother hated my laugh. She forced me to eat a garlic clove every time I laughed."


Wasn’t that just excellent?

I was positively fascinated by Cooked‘s case of the week with Alicia handling the synthetic drug. The various turns were wholly engrossing, and the twist with her client being an undercover FBI agent hellbent on arresting Judge Schakowsky was brilliant. Even more impressive was the show’s clever use of the case in advancing the main story arc. Having Eli tip off the judge (without Alicia’s knowledge) effectively brings Schakowksky into the political machinations (against Frank Landau). It’s always a good thing when different subplots comes together. Exceptional work writers.

It also feels like the show listened to my complaints last week about Diane being given nothing to do, because they wisely brought her into Alicia’s orbit once more. The great thing about watching her forgive Alicia only to turn on her again at the end, is that you could argue that both are right, and that’s the kind of grey area that The Good Wife excels at exploring.

It’s funny that it took the show so long to FINALLY utilize Howard and Jackie in such a perfect manner. Pairing these two together is actually a stroke of genius, and it has me wondering how the show never thought of hooking these two up seasons ago! Jerry Adler and Mary Beth Peil are both enormously talented performers, and it was an absolute hoot watching them flirt and dine. More please. Lots and lots more!

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve never truly loved Alicia’s mom Veronica. I’ve always felt like out of all the guest-stars on the show (and they are all incredible), she’s always been sort of miscast. Nevertheless, watching the two women argue on the cooking show was a hoot, and it was made even better by the fact that Eli didn’t even try to control the situation (since he wanted Ruth to suffer for interfering).

Cases & Bits

– I absolutely loved Howard going to Alicia for legal advice to deal with that “gerbil”.

– How priceless is Jackie’s robotic telephone answer (“Hello who is this please?”). I think I’m going to start using it.

– Very amusing scene: Diane trying to mentor a new protege who cares more about her brand new boyfriend than her career.

– More priceless moments: Howard writing down Cary’s nasty joke (“Someone had a good nap”) and then proceeding to reply with that EPIC pun: “Carry on”.

– As if I needed another reason to love Grace even more this season, she reveals that she knows how to use facial recognition software.

– It’s a small moment when Diane visits Alicia’s home-office, but it’s beautifully played by Christine Baranski when you realize that she seems jealous of Alicia doing it “on her own”.

– Lucca attacking Alicia (“screw you”) took me aback! She doesn’t pull any punches does she?

– It can’t be a coincidence that Howards tells Jackie she has the face of an opera singer, and he takes her to a restaurant with an opera singer. Right?

– David calling Alicia a bitch – not cool!

– Jackie helping Howard bring new business to the firm was glorious!

– Heartwarming moment with Alicia giving Lucca some cases. I do love me some Cush Jumbo!

– I KNEW the judge grinning at Alicia was sneaky!

Good Lines

Jackie: Oh, you look so stern in these pictures,Alicia.

Eli: Have you heard of Mama’s Homespun Cooking?
Alicia: Do I…? What?
Eli: Mama’s Homespun Cooking. It’s a cooking show. I need you go on it with Veronica tomorrow live. I know, that’s what I thought, too, at first.
Alicia: Okay, Eli. I’m a little too busy to deal with just random words spouting out of your mouth.

McGrath: You screw me like that and I will screw you back.
Lucca: Have at it!

With sharp performances and impeccable plotting, Cooked is a skilfully-produced hour of The Good Wife. 

Nad Rating


  1. I wonder what Eli is up to exactly with his intentions towards Frank Landau who I hope gets rightfully punished this season.

    Diane and Alicia's one-step, two-step back this episode frustrates me. Does it mean with the way things are left between them by the end of this episode, Diane is going to war against Alicia out of righteous anger? On the one hand, it would make things less boring at Lockhart Argo, etc. like they have been since the season began. But, on the other hand, as you know, Nad, I'm tired of the overused firms-going-to-war concept. It would have been nice if things between Alicia and Diane had continued to improve with Diane going through with her offer to share some of the caseload with Alicia to help her practice. It may raise an issue if Diane finds out that Canning is also sending some cases in Alicia's direction. But that would be something to deal with down the line.

    Alicia's mom isn't among my favorite guest-starring characters either. While she does provide insight into Alicia's past, I think it's because there's only so much I can take regarding characters having dysfunctional mothers. It gets old sometimes.

    The Howard-Jackie pairing was so unexpected. Yet it felt right in some weird way. I wonder how it will progress in future episodes.

  2. I also like how the Alicia-Lucca friendship is coming along and how Lucca doesn't take crap lying down which is evident by her “screw up” to Alicia.

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