Arrow 4×03 – Restoration

"Feels like old times, the three of us. The OGs. The Original Gangstas."


I know that Legends of Tomorrow is coming soon, but did the writers have to make Sara’s return so rushed?

First off, let me just say that bringing Sara back (as awesome as it is), really negates the impact of her death last season. Her demise gave a lot of performers (namely Katie Cassidy and Paul Blackthorne) a ton of meaty material, not to mention brand new journeys (hello Black Canary). Nevertheless, we have to accept the fact that Arrow is a franchise now, and that Legends needs a female buttkicker (and Lotz IS badass). I just wish her return didn’t happen so fast; Laurel only got the idea last week, and the resurrection is already done with. The whole thing felt more like an afterthought instead of a driving narrative.

Sadly, a lot of the acting felt off this week. I don’t know if it was the material, but I couldn’t take Willa Holland seriously as she bickered with Malcolm and got him to allow Sara’s restoration (after he was so hellbent on the opposite). Still, I’m intrigued to see where the writers take the bloodlust angle. It’s definitely not going to end well.

As much as I love Katie Cassidy, I didn’t like her acting this week either. The scene with Nyssa confronting Laurel over the coffin was particularly bizarre as Cassidy barely seemed to emote. Since both her and Willa weren’t up to par this week, I’m just going to go ahead and blame the script for their awkward performances.

Although it’s so great to see Katrina Law back on my screen, I wish the writers would give Nyssa more to do. It boggles my mind that she’s still not a full-time cast member, and the writers wasted an enormous opportunity to develop her bond with Laurel further. We barely saw the assassin train her protege last year, and then she was shipped off back to Nana Parbat when we could have had some fantastic comedy gold with her adjusting to the real world (hint: milkshakes and fries). Nevertheless, Law was superb this week as she hurtfully pleaded with Laurel not to bring Sara back; hopefully she’ll get tons more to do this season (and finally kill Malcolm in the process).

Unsurprisingly, the flashbacks were a step back this week with not much happening except Oliver protecting a woman in the labor camp. I haven’t lost hope yet, but I’m anxious to see where this storyline is moving. It can’t possibly be worse than the Hong Kong mess last year can it?

Bits & Arrows

– A pity Mina Fayad was killed. Arrow needs female villains.

– What was the villain’s name again? He was quite forgettable, and I had a hard time believing that Ollie would run off and retreat after the much-scarier foes he’s endured and subdued over the course of the past four seasons. Contrived much?

– Felicity screaming at both Diggle and Oliver was quite fun wasn’t it?

– So what is “Genesis”?

– Badass scene with Thea waking up and killing Malcolm’s two assassins.

– Felicity probably had her coolest moment ever this week while saving Curtis. Not only did she throw in a well-placed kick, but she tore the house down (literally) with that machine gun! I like brave Felicity!

– I can’t believe Diggle actually said the line “you took a bullet for me”. How cheesy. At least Ollie’s response was amusing.

– Loved the margarita scene at the end, and I can’t wait to see the lair 3.0 (Ollie’s surprise).

– So I guess Ray is the one trying to contact Felicity through her phone?

– Did anyone else laugh at the sight of Laurel’s converse in the middle of Nanda Parbat?

– Thankfully the Lazarus Pit is gone for good (good job Nyssa), Death can finally mean something again (I’m looking at you TVD).

Starling Quips

Felicity: If you two haven’t figured out your issues by the time I get back, I’m going to find a bunch of Mirakuru soldiers to knock some sense into you.

Oliver: I get it. I understand that I crossed a line. I understand that I lost your trust. What I do not understand is why you won’t give me a chance to earn it back.

Curtis: Doesn’t look mass-manufactured. Where’d you find it?
Felicity: Casino.
Curtis: You gamble?
Felicity: Oh, yeah, all the time. Poker’s my jam.

Felicity: I hope we learned a lesson of the benefits of trusting our friends with our problems.
Diggle: You mean like your boyfriend?
Felicity: You’re supposed to be more evolved than him.
Oliver: Hmm?
Felicity: Sorry, but he is.

Curtis: Since when are you such a bad ass?
Felicity: Since always.

Diggle: You took a bullet for me.
Oliver: They were… meta-human tattoo playing cards.

An entertaining yet clunky transitional hour.

Nad Rating


  1. Laurel's converse!! Oh my God hahahaha. I thought I was the only one. How weird!!

    Even though this wasn't a superb hour for all the reasons you stated, I'm still shocked by how better this season is. It's all due to Oliver, I think. I really HATED him last year but something about his facial expressions and the smiles on his face and even the light shirts he's wearing now is making him an extremely likable lead. I also really find Stephen Amell improving much more this season as I've grown to loathe how dark and gritty he was last year.

    I wasn't as annoyed by Katie's performance as I was by Willa's. Her screaming at her dad was very, very off and awkward. But it really does boggle my mind too why Nyssa isn't a regular on this show yet. She's easily the best thing about this episode, to be honest. Glad to see the pit destroyed, even if I saw it coming (I think I read about the writers wanting to make the future death permanent by destroying the pit). Again, it's all these things that we already know (like the whole Sara resurrection thing) that I feel also made this hour underwhelming. How would we react if we didn't know about Legends? I'd think I would be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Sara will come back to life, especially after Malcolm kept saying it might be impossible and whatnot.

  2. Yup so ture. They really ruined all the excitement and momentum by revealing everything about Sara so long ago. It just felt like we were going through the motions.

    I agree about Amell. He's much better this year being all light and likeable. The angst just got exhausting after three seasons!

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