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Gotham 2×05 – Scarification

“Can we get a price check on brass knuckles in toxic green?”


Just when I was starting to get optimistic about this season after a streak of relatively solid episodes, the show comes out at us with a boring, lame episode like this one that is highly reminiscent of the kind of quality we used to expect last year.

This wasn’t a terrible hour per se, but God was it boring. It made me realize how much I miss Jerome already as no one seemed to fill the void of his absence. Learning the backstory of the Galavans (in cringe-inducing flashbacks of course) was a major yawn moment. The fact that these “warriors” are coming after young Bruce because of a contrived love story that happened 200 years ago has got to be the least creative storyline I’ve ever seen. Plus, to end the episode on the line “Bruce Wayne will die” doesn’t raise the stakes as much as the writers think it does because the idea of killing the Caped Crusader on this show is about as ludicrous as the entire show itself. How lame.

Even before any of that transpired, the show was failing to excite us with all the other subplots it was cramming into the hour. They introduced Firefly, but because this show is hell-bent on deviating from its source material in every way possible, they made the iconic character a girl by the name of Bridgit. There’s absolutely nothing intriguing about this supposed villainess because all of her interactions with Selina Kyle were cringeworthy and absurd, words also used to describe the future Catwoman herself. In fact, it’s safe to report that Selina has become the most insufferable character no this show.

Above everything else, this episode just seemed to transition the show into an unnecessary worrisome direction that makes me skeptical about where all this is going. I can’t be the only one sick of Jim constantly getting played by Galavan or Leslie becoming underused week after week. It’s a shame because she brings so much light to this show, and boy does it need it.

Bat Bits

– At least Penguin actually did something this week, and it involved chopping off Butch’s arm. I wonder if that means Butch will turn on him one day.

– One interaction between Selina and Butch really terrified me, as it brought up the prospect of Fish Mooney coming back. Oh dear lord, please no.

– How unnecessary was that slow-mo of the burglar getting shot? Very.

– Look at that, Ron Rifkin as Father Creel! I can’t say he doesn’t own the role because his face is just very fatherly, but that is one unexpected casting, I have to admit.

– Nygma is still being creepy and weird because that’s the only kind of character development Gotham knows.

– There are so many cheesy lines in this episode, it’s hard to keep count.

– Bridgit lights up the fuse and stands there, asking the guys what to do next. Because the characters on Gotham are so witty.

Cracks From Gotham

Harvey: Half of good police work is the ability to sit on one’s ass when it’s called for.
Jim: If that were true, you’d be commissioner.

Galavan: You’ve got Barbara to hang out with.
Tabitha: Yeah, she’s cool, but she sleeps a lot. She’s kind of crazy.
Galavan: That’s the best part about her.

A forgettable hour that marks a huge step back for what’s been an otherwise solid season so far.

Chris Rating

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