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How to Get Away with Murder 2×05 – Meet Bonnie

“We’re losing, don’t you see that? And I don’t know how to fix it this time.”


At this point, we can all agree that this show has turned into exciting must-see television this year, but this episode was more twisty, more shocking and more thrilling than I could have possibly imagined.

Bonnie lying to Asher about killing Sam adds a lot more complexity to an already crowded narrative, but somehow and for some reason it’s not messy. It’s brilliant actually, the way the writers have added Asher into the main story arc without making it feel forced or complicated. He’s been finally brought into the fold even though he remains the guy who knows absolutely nothing about the truth. But the brilliance of this new development is the way it makes Bonnie look. It’s been clear from the start that this shady character is eerily loyal to Annalise in more ways than one, but taking the blame for a murder that Annalise herself isn’t responsible for (directly, at least) is a whole new level of devotion. I just wish we didn’t see that final video of young Bonnie and her father because that was painful.

I’m glad everyone knows about Levi and Nate now because their sneaky little plans have been the least intriguing parts of the season. Still, it was amusing as hell to watch Michaela freak out as she found out she’d been sleeping with Eggs911, as were the scenes of the Keating Five discussing a possible orgy while Connor takes on day drinking. These fun, lighthearted moments planted into heavily dramatic scenes are making this show wittier than most of the dramas on television right now, and they’re part of what’s making this season such a thrilling and entertaining ride.

Speaking of thrilling, that sequence of Annalise crying at Nate’s front door and telling him the new lie (in which Bonnie killed Sam) as we watch Wes simultaneously open the suitcase that Rebecca should have been locked in was pulse-pounding perfection. This show is so unpredictable that I kept thinking to myself “she’s in there, no she’s not” every five seconds.

One more thing: those flash-forwards. I’m not sure what to think exactly, but Bonnie can’t be the shooter, right? That has to be red-herring, but I can totally see Asher going through with his final snitch and actually bringing everyone down with him. It’s so difficult to piece everything together right now, and that’s why this show is becoming such a fascinating hit. Is it Thursday already?

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– There are so many hilarious one-liners in this episode, but I loved the one when Annalise tells Frank that she caught Wes and Nate, and he asks in all seriousness “screwing?”.

– Sure, Connor was drunk and all but I actually really liked when he confessed his love to Oliver. I wasn’t a big fan of these two, but I might start rooting for them now.

– Hilarious bit: Oliver saying he should get paid for all the illegal hacking he does for Annalise. Michaela and Connor’s reactions to this are icing on the cake.

– There was no weekly case this time, thank God. But I was genuinely surprised when Annalise wasn’t allowed to use that tape of the siblings’ aunt because of the illegal means she’d received it. There’s a serious legal drama trapped inside this show, I’m telling you.

– When the students kept talking about an orgy, my mind kept going to that one particular Sense8 scene. You know which one.

– So, Laurel and Frank did it. In the house. Where everyone works and people die and others get drunk. Cool.

– How cool was the nifty twist that Frank was one step ahead of Wes with the whole storage room locker thing? Making Levi turn out to be a drug dealer was a hilarious bonus.

– I still really want to know what drives Annalise to protect these kids so much. Her relationship with Wes is still the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen.

– I love the continuity here when Asher asks Bonnie if she came over to his place on the night Sam was killed (aka the night of the spinning cheerleader) just to cover for herself for (supposedly) murdering Mr. Keating. It’s such a clever little bit that’s perfect and makes perfect sense for Asher.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Annalise: I caught Wes and Nate.
Frank: Screwing?

Frank: Where are you going?
Annalise: To kick some ass.

Connor (talking about Wes): Screw the puppy, he’s a snake.

Annalise: You want to know the truth? Asher was going to testify against everyone in this house, so Bonnie told him that she killed Sam in order to save your asses! Because that’s what we do around here. Ruin everyone’s lives to save yours. Nate’s, mine and now Bonnie’s.

Michaela (about Levi and Wes): Are you two gay for each other?! I’ll cut your balls if you’re lying!

Annalise (to Connor): You think I don’t notice what’s happening here? Day-drinking, acting out against me. I miss that man I first gave that trophy to.

Wes: It’s a suitcase full of cash. Clearly, it has something to do with Rebecca.
Laurel: Or it has nothing to do with her.

Another exciting hour of HTGAWM full of shocks, twists and just the right amount of wittiness.

Chris Rating


  1. Perfectly stated. I can't get over how much I'm loving the show now. And that “Screwing” line killed me! hahahahahaha.!

    You're right all the humor is taking the show to another level and a perfect contrast to all the darkness!

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