Scandal 5×05 – You Got Served

"She's actually managed to go from being a slut to an everywoman to your sister-wife in under 48 hours."


I’m happy to report that Scandal is on an upward spiral again.

I don’t know how long it will last, but this is the second episode in a row that I enjoyed a great deal. No one was outright unlikeable, and things made sense (well, in Scandal‘s ridiculous world at least). In fact, this episode actually made me like TWO characters I’d previously hated, and isn’t that quite the accomplishment in its own right?

The first of these characters is Leo Bergen played by Prison Break alum Paul Adelstein. The character has always irritated me in the past, but his arrival in You Got Served was actually kind of perfect. It makes sense that he’s the only character who can truly provide the damage control that Liv needs, and watching him navigate our gladiator back to prominence (well kind of) was pretty darn enjoyable. Everything from his questioning of her food and wardrobe, to setting up that incredible interview was spot-on. More Leo please!

Speaking of that interview, how fantastic was Kerry Washington here? I’m often harsh on the actress (it’s hard when you’re one of the weakest links in a stellar cast), but she did a magnificent job here. It felt like that interview was four seasons in the making, and I found myself completely satisfied from a character perspective in every way. I think we all agree that we wish she never “laid eyes” on Mr. Commander in Chief.

And then there’s Cyrus! This episode should singlehandedly win Jeff Perry an Emmy for his astonishing performance – particularly that speech to Fitz in the Oval Office. It was yet another scene that felt like it was a long time coming, and it had a beautiful reversal with Fitz revealing that he in fact does know the name of Cyrus’ mother (among other personal things). Awesome!

Interestingly enough, even Jake is more likable now that’s not desperate for Liv’s attention. Sure Mia Maestro didn’t get much to do this week, but at least Elise finally got to meet Liv and plant a little jealousy in the heart of our heroine. Funny how you suddenly want the thing you can’t have eh Liv?

Scandalous Bits

– I freakin’ loved the continuity with A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot and a Liar.

– Fitz’s lawyer, Patty, is quite odd isn’t she? I did like her no-nonsense attitude (not so much when she was bullying Red though).

– Cyrus gorging on brownies was just a priceless site. I particularly enjoyed seeing Mellie sleeping in his lap.

– Another moment that was very earned after so many seasons: Cyrus apologizing to Mellie for bringing Olivia on to the campaign. Her response is also perfect: thank you.

– Who else felt like having burgers with Jake and Liv? It just looked like such a cozy meal.

– I loved hearing Cyrus list so many of the show’s milestones (Defiance, Remington, Amanda Tanner). I guess I’m a sucker for strong continuity.

– So is Lizzy leaving the show for good? Do I care?


Leo: (to Huck and Quinn) Thing 1 and thing 2. And a new addition to the bestiary.

Leo: If this bunch is your go-to, you obviously called me just in time. “Grant’s groupie!!” “Sidepiece-in-chief!” “Olivia Poke!” “Here we ho again”? Mistress mania has taken the nation by storm, making you, Olivia, the delusional paramour, the wily home wrecker who snaked her way into the president’s bedroom.

Leo: Where’s all her food?
Huck: You mean her wine and popcorn?

Patty: What? Did someone give you a list of buzzwords when you took this job? Things to say so that you sound like you knew how to help run a country? Stuff just spitting out randomly to people? Do you say these buzzwords to Putin?

Cyrus: I got sparkling wine. I got five different kinds of cheeses. Prosciutto, pâté. I’m gorging on brownies.

Jake: She’s a lot like you?
Olivia: Not sure how to respond to that. Guess that means you have a type.
Jake: So do you. Married guys.

Cyrus: I know why we’re sitting here… to fill in this Olivia Pope masterpiece.

Another solid and satisfying hour from Scandal. For the first time in a while, I’m optimistic about the show.

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  1. What a great episode indeed! I too am shocked by how much I liked Cyrus and Leo here. That final speech…epic!

    I really liked Fitz's lawyer because she really put him in line with her hilarious speech. That whole “buzzwords” thing cracked me up! I hope she stays, but yeah no more bullying Red please.

  2. I like the touches of continuity in this episode too. Olivia's emotionally powerful interview in which she recaps much of her relationship with Fitz without going into all the scandalous details reminds me of Emily's interview on Revenge which she exposes as much of what happened in the show before that point as she can safely go into. Like Emily, Olivia uses the truth with manipulative intention which is to gain public sympathy. I love it.

    The scene between Fitz and Cyrus was perfect. For a moment, I thought Cyrus was going through with his rejection of Fitz, continuing the new status quo of him no longer being by Fitz's side which would interest me. But I'm glad that scene took a different turn with Fitz showing how much he knows Cyrus personally, that he doesn't consider him a political tool for him to simply use and throw away. It's clear Cyrus and Fitz are using each other to get what they want. However, that has often been a part of their complex relationship. I knew Cyrus would return to the White House, sooner or later. I just wonder how Mellie will react to the shift after starting to embrace Cyrus as her one true friend during her marital troubles with Fitz.

    I don't think we'll be seeing the last of Elizabeth. I think she'll be around on the show this time as a revenge-driven thorn in the White House's side, most likely Cyrus's.

  3. Love what you said about it reminding you of Emily's interview on Revenge. I didn't think of that at all! That's perfect parallels actually!

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