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The Walking Dead 6×03 – Thank You

"We all have a job to do."


This was only the THIRD episode of the season? It sure felt like a season finale!

It’s interesting that I haven’t reviewed an episode of The Walking Dead since the season five premiere. Of course I’ve watched every episode, but I just lost the will to analyze everything about the show like I used to. Thankfully, although the season six premiere was a total borefest, last week’s explosive episode singlehandedly reignited my love for the show. And to be sure, JSS was a brutal and relentless hour thanks to Carol’s exhilarating slaughter of Alexandra’s attackers. And what of this episode? Well Thank You was just as impactful (well, almost).

First off, is Glenn really dead? As much as I tried to avoid spoilers about this week’s “shocking death”, social media proved too much for me and I was spoiled on Glenn’s demise. However after watching this episode, I certainly have my doubts. Thanks to some very tricky camera angles, it’s very possible that all those guts being eaten were that of Nathan (who shot himself in a gorgeous POV Sequence). Nathan did fall on top of Glenn after all, and his remains will certainly mask his scent as those Walkers chomp on their dinner. Moreover, I seriously doubt the writers would take Glenn away from Maggie after robbing her of both her dad and her sister. Is The Walking Dead that grim? You tell me.

And just when we thought we could take a breather, Rick was attacked in his truck. Not only did he quite efficiently deal with his attackers in a blood-pumping scene, he picked up a rifle and shot a load of incoming attackers through the vehicle’s walls. I love that The Walking Dead is so unapologetic with regards to Rick doing WHATEVER it takes to survive. It’s refreshing, and it further cements the unrelenting quest for survival (through any means necessary) as the show’s primary theme.

The cherry on top? After everything Rick endured, the van didn’t wouldn’t turn on and his vehicle was promptly surrounded by a horde of Walkers. It’s worth mentioning that Andrew Lincoln’s wordless performance here is top-notch; he conveys so much hopelessness as he desperately tries to turn on his ride. After seeing Rick kick ass so confidently, that wide panning shot of his dire situation is heartbreaking, and oh so very powerful.

Zombie Bites

– There were real stakes throughout this hour with multiple people in Michonne’s crew getting killed throughout the journey. I appreciated that.

– I loved the splatter of Nicholas’ blood on Glenn’s face. That entire sequence was so cinematic and claustrophobic. Kudos!

– Does anyone else every wonder how much it takes the makeup team to paint on so many Walkers? I know they use CGI for the large hordes but there’s still a lot of practical effects on this show. It’s such a monumental production.

– How stunning was that overhead shot of Darryl meeting up with the car and the hordes of Walkers behind them? In fact, this whole episode had a ton of marvelous landscape shots, particularly with Daryl zooming on his bike like a badass.

A pulse-pounding and thrilling hour of The Walking Dead that maintains a welcome dose of intensity throughout (for the second week in a row). This is shaping up to be a hell of a season!

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  1. This episode and the previous two together have been a powerful opener to Season 6. None of the other season openers have ever been this intense. I look forward to the upcoming episode which seems to be centered on Morgan who's been a excellent addition to the cast this season so far.

    I love the Glenn character. But I hope he actually died this episode. Him dying this way is better than the way he died in the comic book series which I fear, if the show did come up with some way of Glenn surviving, may eventually happen on the show. That is not something I want to watch at all. If Glenn is dead, maybe there'll be a twist revealing that Maggie is pregnant with Glenn's child, giving her something of him to hold onto and a new family to start.

  2. Negan, a villain in the series that I know will eventually show up on the TV show, beats Glenn to death with a bat. The thing that haunts me the most about that scene is Glenn begging for his life during the brutal act.

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