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How To Get Away With Murder 2×06 – Two Birds, One Millstone

“Annalise takes care of everything.”


Another exciting and thoroughly entertaining episode.

I’ve been enjoying this season so much because, along with all the thrilling and jaw-dropping twists and turns (and this hour sure packed a lot of those), there’s some sharp, witty dialogue particularly between the Keating Five and Annalise herself that’s absolutely hilarious to watch. Just check out some of the amusing zingers and one-liners in the quotes section below to see for yourself.

But the constant twists and reveals are definitely still a huge part of what’s making this show so riveting to watch. Frank’s little charade in the opening scene was a shocker, if only to be followed by the image of an unconscious Catherine (what?!) in the back of his car. This man has got to be the smartest villain on this show so far because while Annalise has done some pretty shady and questionable things in the past, she hasn’t hid them nearly as well as Frank (who, in case you forgot, is Lila Stangard’s killer but no one seems to know or care about that anymore). Plus, that transition from Frank carrying Rebecca’s body in the present to the shot of him carrying Catherine into the woods in the flash-forward was some pretty fine editing on the show’s part. Is Team Keating trying to frame Caleb and Catherine for shooting Annalise and Sinclair?

Elsewhere, we had a very quick case of the week which involved the story of a transgender woman who killed her abusive husband. Quite surprisingly, the entire storyline ends abruptly without even getting to court (a rarity for this show) but that swiftness makes it more impactful. HTGAWM has never shied away from heavy topics like that, but the beauty about the way it tells these stories is that it gives these one-time characters the chance to be more than some stereotypical personalities whose only purpose is to deliver an exposition-heavy message. They didn’t beat us down with a hammer about the fact that Jill was previously a man, and the conversation she has with Annalise about losing an abusive husband (and the parallels to AK’s own traumatic marriage) more than makes up for the lack of a more climatic ending to the case. That’s downright impressive.

Even more impressive is how Viola Davis continues to prove how worthy her Emmy win was earlier this year. Annalise is one complex character, that’s for sure, but Davis’ performance makes it feel so easy and relatable, it’s absolutely fascinating to watch. It was utterly heartbreaking to see a hopeless Annalise outside Nate’s door after learning about his wife’s death, and to go from that to a powerful confrontation with Wes where she continues to lie and manipulate him (quite convincingly, too) both within the same episode is mind-boggling.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– Annalise saying “I have to go handle a bitch” and then we immediately cut to Sinclair is just epic.

– The promos last week weren’t just misleading, they were simply fake. There was a scene where Annalise walks in and tells everyone they’re fired in the promos, which was changed to “you’re all garbage”. Not complaining, though, because I like this one a whole lot better.

– I do need a GIF of Annalise saying “you’re all garbage”. Fits perfectly with our current trash crisis in Lebanon.

– I was disappointed (and shocked) they killed Nate’s wife so soon. Even more twisted: Nate gave her the pills! This show sometimes…

– Speaking of which, Nate had no right screaming at Annalise. If he really wanted to spend more time with his wife, he should’ve thought about not screwing someone else on the side.

– How weird was the camerawork and suspenseful music during the scene with Frank’s family? The whole thing screamed “Italian mob”.

– I was legitimately scared at the sight of Oliver and Connor through that guy’s computer screen. Sadly, I can only see this going down in one way: Oliver’s death.

– Gang rape? Really, Asher? Just when I thought he might be redeemable.

– I love the terrified look on Asher’s face as he realized Annalise is taking on his father now. This guy is officially in way over his head now, and I’m glad.

– Oh, Catherine, why did you have to wake up? You’ve been pretty useless since the premiere.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Michaela: Did your mother drop you on your head as a baby?

Asher: Sorry I had to go all Jason Bourne on you guys, but your heads would literally kerplode if you knew about all the crap going on in this house.
Laurel: Really, you can’t tell us anything?
Asher: No, not a peep.
Connor: Good, I don’t want to know anything that could get me into trouble.
Michaela: Seriously, don’t tell us anything.
Asher: I mean, I won’t. You know, AK really wants to keep this genie in a bottle, so it’s that intense.

Annalise: I don’t know what’s more idiotic: bad-mouthing our clients in their own home or getting caught doing it.

Annalise: You’re all garbage.

Annalise: Juries love a secret baby.

Jill: I don’t blame myself. A good person would cry right now, grieve, but I can’t. I let him win for far too long, and I believed him when he said he was the only one who could ever love me. I’m so glad he’s dead, Annalise.
Annalise: I’m glad Sam’s dead too.

Must Download Tune
Care by Robot Koch (feat Julien Marchal)

The show continues to grow with another witty, charming and exciting hour.

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  1. I really don't want to know more about that gang rape. Sounds immensely disturbing!

    Also, I'm going to handle a bitch! Killed me!

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