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The Good Wife 7×05 – Payback

"I see you're running an adult day care now."


I know that last week’s hour ended with Alicia potentially proposing to Lucca that they open a law firm together, but I certainly never expected them to get in business together so quickly. Talk about a pleasant surprise!

In fact, it was an absolute delight to watch Alicia, Lucca, and Jason work together as a well-oiled machine, out of Alicia’s house no less. The case with Coliseum got a bit messy and confusing at times, but the character dynamics kept it afloat. I’m not entirely sure about the romantic sparks between Alicia and Jason (I think I prefer the potential she had with both Finn and Elfman), but her friendship with Lucca is still on-point and growing in an organic manner. Props for that!

And I know it’s disposable storytelling, but I was immensely amused by Howard’s storyline. Sure it’s funny in the obvious sense, but watching him butt heads with Carey (and Diane) culminated in a most touching moment as Diane realized just how much their negative work culture had impacted Howard. (adult diapers, really?). Her apology was surprisingly touching, no doubt fuelled by her being of an older generation (as opposed to all the young blood in the company). The writers are definitely displaying a much better handle on Howard that they ever have before in recent weeks. But where is Jackie? Pairing those two together was comedy gold!

Cases & Bits

– How nifty was that opening shot with the ultra-zoom in on the voice recorder iPhone app as it slowly zoomed out? Too funky!

– Marissa is back! It’s always great when she can knock some sense into Eli’s kooky brain!

– I’ve said it a million times this year and I’ll say it again: it’s so refreshing to see the writers utilizing Grace in such an intelligent manner. I particularly loved her wondering how they could start taking on bigger cases.

– Another visual treat: the overhead shot of the lawyers meeting at the tables.

– Hilarious bit with Lucca asking the teacher to answer her own final exam.

– Super odd yet amusing: Marissa asking Alicia for cereal during her visit.

– Cotton balls in noses and corn in the shoes – I didn’t even know sensitivity training existed.

– How devious was Eli’s plan with the debt strike that got Peter under fire? Poor little Ruth.

– I’m eager to see Alicia learn more about Jason and his dark tendencies (he did after all get violent with a pipe this week).

– Loved how casually Eli returned to Alicia and she allowed him back in after “firing” him (in line with Marissa’s wishes).

– Another episode ends with a question. This time it’s Alicia asking Jason: “What do you drink?” Kinky times are coming people!

Good lines

Eli: I’ve never been fired in my life.
Marissa: I know. And it hurts.

Grace: Is there any way to turn the smaller ones into the bigger ones?
Alicia: Well, um, I don’t know how, but that sounds good.

Howard: Why does he get to go first?
Diane: I’m doing it alphabetically.
Howard: Eh. Convenient.

Cary: He’s embarrassing in front of clients.
Howard: That’s code for “old.”
Cary: And he sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong.
Howard: That’s code for “Jewish.”

Howard: Geezer, gargoyle, old fart, Flaccido Domingo. That one hurt especially, given my devotion to the opera. And, uh… and my sexual prowess.

Another week, another delightfully crafty episode from The Good Wife. 

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  1. Alicia, Lucca, and Jason make quite the team. I look forward to seeing more of it in future episodes.

    I think Marissa is right about Eli. Battling with Ruth was enjoyable for a time but it can't go on forever. Something needs to change. However, Eli hasn't accepted that yet based on his manipulation of Alicia and Peter.

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