Supergirl 1×03 – Fight Or Flight

"It's like riding a bike, or severe childhood trauma; you never really lose it."


Well that was disappointing.

After an okay pilot and a solid second hour, Supergirl pretty much flopped in its third outing. This was a cheesy episode and it was far from thrilling.

The biggest issue with Fight of Flight is that the show completely forgot about Kara’s aunt and Big Bad: General Astra. My question is, WHY? It just robs the momentum right out of the season when we have to focus on a lame villain of the week (who’s not even an alien I might add). Of course Kara was going to fail the first few times she went up against him, only to discover some deux ex machina in the end and kick his ass. It’s so formulaic it’s cringeworthy.

On the bright side, the cast is still top-notch. I continue to fall in love with Melissa week after week, and I’m thankful that Cat Grant is receiving even more layers instead of playing the stereotypical boss. Calista Flockhart is one of my favorite TV actresses (and this is from someone who never watched Ally McBeal but adored Brothers & Sisters) and she’s an absolute hoot on Supergirl. Sure she’s mean to Kara, but she’s just so devious and witty that she owns every single scene.

And can we please mention Superman’s two appearances this week? First he saved Kara (which we saw from her blurry perspective), and then he praised her via chat with smileys and all. I get that the Man of Steel is important, but it just felt unnecessary to keep referencing him so often. Hopefully the writers got it out of they system for now and we can focus exclusively on Kara’s journey.

Super Bits

– Talk about paying off your cliffhanger in the lamest way possible. That interview was the pits.

– Loved Kara flinging the door at Reactron. In general, the action scenes are pretty great.

– As unbelievable as the show is, it was even more annoying to see that Kara and her gang set up a base INSIDE the CatCo building. Seriously?

– Winn’s jealousy of James is kind of funny. Also, James was pretty careless with Clark’s identity!

– If I hear the phrase “my cousin” one more time, I might blow up Earth myself!

– So Cat previously dated Maxwell? I really don’t like him. Uber sleazeball.

– I see Alex’s boss (whose name always eludes me) still has glow-y red eyes. Hmm…

– So we’ve got a new character: Lois Lane’s sister Lucy, played by Jenna Dewan. And she’s got history with Jimmy! Yay love triangle *cringe*

– Nice little bit with Kara telling Alex not to watch Homeland without her.

Kara Quips

Cat: Any plans to start a family?
Kara: Nobody ever asks my cousin these questions.

Kara: She’s like a villain. She’s like a super interviewing villain.
Winn: That is literally the most boring power ever.

Kat: The Daily Planet can suck it. I scooped them.

Cat: Kerah, I am very proud of the fact that in my many years of being a CEO I have never thrown a phone at an assistant. I would very much like to keep that record intact.

Max: How did you manage to get an exclusive with Supergirl?
Cat: Girl knows power when she sees it. She flew right to me.

Kara: If that pot sticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, I will melt your face.
Alex: I hope you get fat.

Must-Download Tunes
Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness

A weak and uninspired hour. Let’s hope the show bounces back next week!

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  1. It's so weird that I actually liked this!! Hahaa we don't usually disagree but I guess I had low expectations and I definitely think this is the weakest of the three so far, but I still enjoyed it a whole lot.

    All the “cousin” talk was WAAAY too much, it was absolutely cringeworthy. But at the same time I freaking loved every Superman mention. I grew up watching Lois & Clark when I was a kid, so I was literally waiting (call it delusional hope if you want) for Dean Cain to show up!

    Other than that, I agree it was off how no one mentioned the aunt (it wasn't even in the 'previously on' segment!). Maybe they're trying to set up the show with some one-time villains at first or something. Hope next week's better!

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