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Gotham 2×08 – Tonight’s the Night

“You see an abyss and you run towards it.”


It’s hard to come out of this episode feeling anything other than discomfort because it was an exhilarating, entertaining hour from start to finish on one hand, but equally frustrating on the other. And the worst part is knowing that literally ANYTHING can happen on the next episode of Gotham.

While other shows definitely benefit from this unpredictability, this show just can’t seem to be consistent. A Barbara-centric hour was going to be terrific this season no matter what the writers decided to do with the story because Barbara (and Erin Richards by proximity) has gone through a massive change this year. Turning the iconic character into a crazy, badass villain certainly helped the show in the short-term because Richards absolutely nails every single menacing scene she gets. Her perfect dose of vulnerability and creepiness is an awesome welcome change that’s done wonders for this season. But it does make you wonder where in the world they’re taking this character if she’s ever supposed to become the future commissioner’s wife that everyone loves.

The best parts of Tonight’s The Night happen when Jim and Bullock are in the police car with a chained Barbara in the back leading the way. Everything suddenly feels well-structured and developed because Barbara knows that Jim doesn’t trust her anymore and she’s already crafted her plot to capture him. The car crash literally gave me chills and I’m willing to call that the most shocking thing that’s happened on this show thus far, especially as it leads to Babs (wedding dress and all) locking Jim and Lee up in a church (even if questions like where and how Barbara was able to capture Leslie are up in the air). In fact, this was such an outrageously shocking episode that I thought the show was even willing to kill Barbara for the sake of the story, but she survived that dreadful fall (thank goodness).

Sadly, I haven’t been enjoying much of Bruce lately because the writing is absolutely horrendous on this show. This character has become the dullest one alive (next to Selina Kyle of course) and it didn’t help to see him squirm under Galavan’s little ploys. Plus, the envelope that contains the name of the Waynes’ killer was so contrived, it hurt to watch a little. What a cheap subplot that only ended even worse than it started: Bruce screaming at the envelope burning on fire.

The Nygma stuff was as detached from the rest of the show as always, but the final scene certainly has potential. The Riddler and Penguin teaming up is exactly what this season needed to up the stakes a little more and add some game-changing tactics to a suffering show. I’m indeed hopeful, for once, but I surely know better than to expect anything spectacular from Gotham anymore. Let this show die as painfully as it started; there’s no way it can ever be as good as it wants.

Bat Bits

– I’m hate-watching this show so much, it hurts to write “bat bits” because this show just doesn’t deserve it.

– How epic was the teaser? Yes, it was obviously a dream sequence, but what a fantastic way to start an episode!

– So why did Jim kiss Barbara in the interrogation room, knowing that Lee was on the other side of that window?

– Speaking of which, how creepily awesome was Barbara when she stood up and stared at Lee in the face from across a two-way mirror?

– The part where Jim looks at Barbara through the rear view mirror of the car was sloppy and clearly fake.

– I just wish Tabitha was with her in that church, causing even more trouble for Jim and Leslie.

– The way Bullock discovers where Jim and Lee are held captive is cringe-worthy.

– Leslie has been extremely sidelined this season, it’s a true shame. Everything she said and did when Babs had her imprisoned was lame.

– Hysterical: Barbara also capturing Father Callahan and a bunch of other witnesses.

– I actually kind of felt bad when Barbara told Jim she loved him as she fell off the building.

– Anyone else notice Nygma’s license plate “RIDL LOVR”?

– Galavan gets locked up in the final 5 minutes, but there’s no way we’ve seen the end of this character. Who else bets on Tabitha and Barbara breaking him out?

Cracks From Gotham

Bullock: No one’s ever accused me of getting sucked into mind-games.

Alfred: Wayne Enterprises isn’t Thomas and Martha Wayne’s legacy. That legacy is standing right here, with me.

Barbara [to Leslie]: Hey, girlfriend. We really need to talk about this bad boy.

Barbara: I’m gonna prove that I love him more. I am going to carve your pretty face off your skull. And then you will both understand what true love is.

Even with all of its many faults, this show can still produce a gripping hour of television.

Chris Rating


  1. I highly doubt this Barbara is meant to be Commissioner Gordon's future wife unless they plan on giving her an extensive rehabilitation arc in which she climbs her way out of insanity and makes up for the terrible things she's done. That would take several seasons to be successfully carried out.

  2. Right? Redeeming Barbara seems absolutely impossible at this point. She's too far gone I guess.

    I certainly hope the show doesn't last several seasons!!! It doesn't deserve it AT ALL.

  3. “I certainly hope the show doesn't last several seasons!!! It doesn't deserve it AT ALL.”

    Chris, I know which is one of the reasons why I doubt Barbara will become Gordon's future wife.

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